The Not So Pretty Postpartum Care List

The Not So Pretty Postpartum Care List

Postpartum Care List

It can be tricky preparing for the postpartum period, especially if this is your first pregnancy and you don’t know what to expect. Every woman’s experience is different and can vary with each birth. The best you can do is be prepared for any and all circumstances.

As you probably gathered from the title, this list isn’t going to be pretty. I’m going to be real with you, the postpartum healing process is gross and uncomfortable. The good news is, with the right tools, you’ll get through it just fine.

Below you will find everything you could possibly need for your postpartum care. Keep in mind, because every woman’s experience if different, you might not need all of these products. There’s really no way to tell until you’re there.

You can always return what you didn’t use, if you keep your receipt. Or gift it to a pregnant friend! Either way, I recommend you stock up on these items just incase.

For your convienience I have provided links to these products. I’m shy, so I opted to buy these online instead of going to checkout with the worlds most embarrassing shopping cart.

If you do decide to buy online, don’t forget to use Ebates to get cash back.

The Not So Pretty Postpartum Care List

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Breast Pads

Breast pads come in handy if you plan to breastfeed and you leak. Not all women leak, but if you do they are a must.

I used disposable pads in the early days when I was leaking a lot. Then, to save money I switched to reusable pads when I started leaking less.

Nipple Cream

Again, only if you plan to breastfeed, you may want nipple cream if you experience dry or cracked nipples.

Nursing Bras

Another breastfeeding must, I recommend getting 4 or 5. The more the better, especially if you leak a lot and are constantly soaking through.

Squirt Bottle

To use for cleaning up after going to the bathroom, because you can’t wipe for a while. I think it’s pretty standard for the hospital to send you home with one, but if you think you’ll want another there’s this one too.

Maxi Pads

Postpartum bleeding can last two to six weeks. You can’t use tampons, so stock up on maxi pads.

I used these in the beginning. When the bleeding slowed down I switched to these because they are so much more comfortable.

Disposable Underwear

I found these helpful for sleeping in instead of using a pads because they offer more coverage. There’s nothing worse than being a sleep deprived new mother and waking up to a mess in bed because your pads failed you.

Dermoplast Spray

You’ll want to spray this down there for relief of pain and itching after birth.

Large Underwear

To fit the huge pads you’ll need in, and for comfort. Go for some with a loose waistband, especially if you’ll be having a c-section.


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Mattress Pad

Depending on how much postpartum bleeding you experience, you may want to use a waterproof mattress pad to put under you while sleeping or while sitting on the couch feeding the baby.

It’s a lot easier to throw this in the washer than it is to scrub the bed and couch when you have leaks.

Stool Softener

After pushing out your baby, your body is not going to be ready to do any more pushing for a little while. You will need to take a stool softener at least a day or two after giving birth, but sometimes longer. This one is safe to use while breastfeeding.

Hemorrhoid Cream

Yea, hemorrhoids, such a pretty word right? 🙈

Some women experience them during pregnancy and after birth, especially if you push for a long time. Hemorrhoid cream can help heal them and ease the pain.

Witch Hazel Pads

Another pain reliever for hemorrhoids but also for tearing. I tore giving birth and putting a few tucks pads right on my maxi pad felt amazing.

Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is another pain reliever for hemorrhoids and tearing wear you sit on a basin filled with water and sitz bath soak.


You will experience some degree of swelling and a postpartum icepack can help reduce it, and feel pretty good too.

Nursing Nightgowns

I lived in my nightgown (for longer than i’d like to admit) postpartum. You will need one while you are in the hospital, I recommend getting your own because there’s aren’t very comfortable.

Postpartum Belly Wrap

There is a lot of controversy as to whether belly wraps do anything to tighten up your tummy after birth. Even if they don’t , it still feels nice to have something tight around your stomach after birth while everything’s going back to normal.

Pain Relievers

I was prescribed pain relievers at the hospital, but when those ran out I still needed Ibuprofen.

Pretty Clothes

While I did find a lot of comfort in my nightgowns and sweatpants, it really did feel nice the first time I put on something pretty after birth.

It might take a little while before you fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Getting some “in-between” clothes can help you feel a little more comfortable in your postpartum body.

What items are you adding to your postpartum care kit? I want to know in the comments below!

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