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Nursery Theme Inspiration

Nursery Theme Inspiration

One of the many fun things to do while you are waiting for your little one to arrive is putting together their nursery!

Nowadays there are so many different ways to go about it. With a million different options it can be hard to choose.

Today I’m excited to share with you 5 nursery themes I have put together to help inspire you in your decision-making.

For your convenience I have provided links to all of the nursery decor, just click on the pictures below.

Good luck, and I hope your little bundle’s nursery turns out as beautiful as they are sure to be!

Nursery Theme Inspiration

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Nature Nursery

A great way to start your baby off with a love for the outdoors is with this calming nature nursery.

Nature Nursery Decor

Stone Tabletop Fountain

Nature Nursery Decor

Not only is this stone fountain beautiful to look at, the sound of trickling water is sure to help your little one sleep.

Wood Print Laundry Basket

Nature Nursery Laundry Basket

Bedding Set

Nature Nursery Bedding Set

Wall Decor

Nature Nursery Wall Decor


Nature Nursery Glider

No nursery is complete without a big cozy glider to feed your baby and rock them to sleep.

Plush Moroccan Rug

Nature Nursery Rug

Putting baby on this cozy rug for tummy time sure will be comfortable, and the fun texture should keep his hands busy for a while.

Fox Lamp

Nature Nursery Fox Lamp

Changing Pad Cover


Nature Nursery Changing Pad Cover

Nautical Nursery

Set sail into motherhood with this nautical nursery!

Nautical Nursery Inspiration

High Seas Lamp

Nautical Nursery Lamp

Toy Baskets

Nautical Nursery Toy Baskets

Bedding Set

Nautical Nursery Bedding Set

Life Saver Wall Decor

Nautical Nursery Wall Decor


Nautical Nursery Glider

Metal Sign Wall Decor

Nautical Nursery Metal Sign

If and when I have a son, this will be his nursery them.

And yes, this will be going above the changing pad.

If you don’t think that’s funny, it’s time for you to leave.

Fish Netting

Nautical Nursery Fish Netting

I love this fish netting for a nautical bedroom decoration, but I also thought it would be a great idea to use it as one of those stuffed animal hammocks that hangs in the corner of the ceiling!

Navy Plush Rug

Nautical Nursery Plush Rug

Changing Pad Cover

Nautical Nursery Changing Pad Cover

Floral Nursery

Bring your perfect little bundle home to this sweet and subtle floral nursery.

Bedding Set

Floral Nursery Bedding Set

Lamp Shade
Floral Nursery Lamp Shade

I was annoyed that this was only the lamp shade and not the whole lamp, but I do think it’s the best style for this theme.

Toy Bins

Floral Nursery Toy Bins

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Floral Nursery Tisse Paper Pom Poms

Polka Dot Hamper


Floral Nursery Grey Glider

Floral Curtains

Floral Nursery Curtains

Moon And Stars Nursery

Baby is sure to sleep soundly in this moon and stars nursery.

Moon And Stars Nursery Inspiration

Bedding Set

Moon And St ars Nursery Bedding

Changing Pad Cover

Moon and Stars Nursery Changing Pad

Hanging Moon And Stars

Moon And Stars Nursery Hanging Moon

Wall Decor

Moon And Stars Nursery Wall Decor


Star Print Laundry Basket

Moon And Stars Nursery Laundry Basket

Wall Poster

Moon And Stars Nursery Wall Poster

I felt like this was the piece that really made this nursery. The contrast of the bright glowing moon against the dark background will really make this nursery pop!

Navy Glider

Moon And Stars Nursery Glider

Light Blue Shag Rug

Moon And Stars Nursery Rug

This rug matches the light blue in the bedding set and really helps tie that color into the theme.

Royal Nursery

Every princess needs a castle, here is everything you will need to build it.

Royal Nursery Inspiration

Bedding Set

Royal Nursery Bedding Set


Royal Nursery Chandelier

Play Tent

Royal Nursery Play Tent

While I do think it looks nice to put these around the crib, I’m super paranoid and fabric next to a sleeping baby is a big no-no for me.

I think a better and safer option is to put it in the corner of the room as a play tent.

Gold Wall Decor

Royal Nursery Wall Decor

Purple Shag Rug

Royal Nursery Shag Rug

Gold Laundry Basket

Royal Nursery Laundry Basket

Decorative Pillows

Royal Nursery Purple Pillow

Royal Nursery Silver Pillow

Just like when I put my baby’s nursery together, I had so much fun making these themes! I hope you found the useful!

What is your babies nursery theme? Did you chose one of these? I want to know in the comments below!

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