13 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

13 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

Lets just get one thing straight, being a Mom is HARD WORK.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! But you need to hear this because sometimes it’s easy to see other moms that look like they have everything together and life is a breeze for them.

You see these other moms and you start to feel like “What am I doing wrong?”

Every mom has their moments, has their bad days. You’re not alone.

I’m telling you this because when I hear another mom friend talking about how challenging being a mom is, it makes me feel better.

It’s a nice reminder that you’re not doing it wrong, it’s just THAT HARD.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about making this mom job a little easier.

When you find out you are having a baby, like me, you probably went searching around for all the things you would need to take care of your new little bundle of joy, right?

You’ll come across all of the essential and common sense items like a crib, clothes, car seat, etc.

However, throughout my first 16 months of being a new mommy, I have come across a bunch of helpful lesser-known baby products that can make life with your little one a little bit easier.

I’ve dug deep into the internet my friends and have compiled these baby products in a list for you below. Enjoy!


13 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

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13 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products


1.) Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder





I am not judging you if you use those mess bag feeders. If you are like me though, something about mixing food with fabric just grosses you out, so I never got Alexa one. If I had known about these silicone feeders I definitely would have tried them out.


2.) Pee-pee Teepee



I don’t have any boys yet but I have changed a few boys diapers in my day. If you have too then you know all to well that it can be a messy job. Save yourself from getting peed on and try out the Peepee Teepee!


3.) NoseFrida



Way more effective than the bulb syringe, the NoseFrida uses your suction to remove snot from your poor babies stuffy nose.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a gross joke because it looks likes a straw for drinking snot. I assure you, you will not end up with a mouth full of snot, but a much happier, and less stuffy, baby.


4.) Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer



Oh if I had only known about this when Alexa had arrived. This nifty gadget keeps track of your babies last diaper change, last feeding, last nap, has an additional miscellaneous timer, and keeps track of which side you nursed on last.

Great for sleep deprived parents who can’t remember a thing, or leaving it with a babysitter or daycare provider.


5.) Warming Baby Food Bowl



I found out about this one from a family I babysit for. It makes heating up baby food sooo much easier!

Remove the cap, poor in hot water, put the cap back on, and the metal bowl heats up the puréed baby food.


6.) Blooming Bath



The blooming bath is a great alternative to the hard cold plastic infant bath tubs.

Bath time can be scary for a new baby so you might avoid some tears setting them in this comfy fabric flower that sets right in your sink.


7.) Anti Flathead Pillow



Infants spend a lot of time on their backs. This can lead to developing a flat spot on the back of their head.

This pillow is made to prevent flat head, and judging from the five-star reviews I am guessing it does just that.


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8.) Tooth Tissues



These cloths help prevent bacteria and sugar buildup in your baby’s mouth.

I use to use a wash cloth but I bet these are good to stash in the diaper bag for cleaning up on the go.


9.) Baby Tracker Journal



A great alternative to the pocket nanny for my pen and paper friends.

This journal helps you keep track of your babies schedule. Also great for leaving with babysitting and daycare providers.


10.) Baby Teething Gloves



If I had only known! This one kills me.

So many times did I have to stop what I was doing because Alexa dropped her teething toy and wanted it back. Oh how much easier my life would have been 🤦‍♀️


11.) Windi The Gaspasser


I think I’m starting to understand the Fridababy’s companies marketing strategies.

Yes, it seems a little silly. However if your baby does suffer from gas and colic these windi gaspassers are definitely worth a try.


12.) Baby Bottle Labels




These labels are great for putting your child’s name on bottles for daycare.

I would have loved to have them for putting dates on bottles and baby food jar. I never could trust my memory.


13.) Boon Squirt Spoon



How convenient this would have been for on the go feeding?

The baby food goes into the spoon and it dispenses one bite at a time. Brilliant.

So many great baby products I had no idea about, that could have made life so much easier! I’m sure there are more out there too. If you know of any please share them in the comments!

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