3 Mobile Apps You Need When You’re Pregnant

3 Mobile Apps You Need When You’re Pregnant

I so miss the weekly updates I would get from my pregnancy mobile app when I was pregnant.

Seeing how my baby was growing each week added so much to the excitement of being pregnant

Today I would like to share with you my favorite mobile apps to use during pregnancy.

These mobile apps will give you:

    • information about your pregnancy
    • help you save money before baby comes
    • help you document your pregnancy with beautiful pictures you will cherish for years to come

3 Mobile Apps You Need When You’re Pregnant

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What To Expect Pregnancy Phone App

What To Expect

I looked around before I chose an app to track my pregnancy and I found What To Expect to be the best.

I also recommend their books. I read this one and this one.

They made me feel so much better and more prepared for pregnancy and becoming a mother.

What I Love About The App

      • Personalized daily tracker shows your week and day of pregnancy, baby’s development measured in fruit sizes, and a countdown to your due date.


      • Informative week-by-week development info, helping you understand your changing body and the latest on baby’s development through each stage.


      • The best week-by-week pregnancy videos help you understand your changing body and the latest on baby’s development through each stage.


      • Chat rooms categorized by groups for you based on your birth month, location, interest, medical condition, parenting style and more!



Baby Pics App

You can never take enough belly photos when you are pregnant and I can promise you you’ll treasure those pictures forever.

You may not be feeling your best and not want your picture taken but I’m telling you TAKE THE PICTURE!

When I was pregnant I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest and used the free version of picmonkey to create my bump updates.


Pregnancy Updates


I wanted to leave a link for anyone wanting to try it but the tutorial isn’t online anymore.

To be honest though, it was very time-consuming and I gave up after week 24.

Next pregnancy I plan on trying this app.

Simply just take a photo in front of a blank wall and decorate the photo with the app’s stickers.

You’ll get the same look with the mobile app in a fraction of the time.


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Ebates is a must have mobile app when you’re pregnant.

Babies are expensive!

You’ll be needing baby clothes, a crib, a car seat etc.

If you use Ebates to buy all of these baby items you can save money and get cash back on all of your purchases.

Sign up with my link here and get a $10 bonus.


What mobile apps are you using during your pregnancy? I want to know in the comments below!


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3 Mobile Apps You Need When You’re Pregnant
3 Mobile Apps You Need When You’re Pregnant
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