3 Pregnancy Mistakes I Made That Affected My Body

3 Pregnancy Mistakes That Affected My Body

It’s inevitable that pregnancy will change your body, but you can lessen the effects by avoiding these common pregnancy mistakes.

Chances are you’ve probably even heard of them before.

I had, but I didn’t take them seriously and I definitely regretted it.

3 Pregnancy Mistakes I Made That Affected My Body

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3 Pregnancy Mistakes That Affected My Body

Gaining Too Much Weight

You know the old saying, “eating for two”? Well, unfortunately this doesn’t mean doubling your daily calorie intake.

While you do need extra calories when you’re pregnant, it isn’t nearly as much as most women think.

Here is a simple guide:


Extra Calories Needed


First Trimester: 0


Second Trimester: 350


Third Trimester: 450


I didn’t keep track of my calories when I was pregnant, but I know I didn’t follow this guide.

So I ended up gaining 60 pounds.

I considered that my biggest pregnancy mistake and my biggest regret.


Negative effects this had for me…

My third trimester was so uncomfortable. I was a blimp. Getting dressed, walking, sleeping, everything was uncomfortable.

It took months before I could fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Excessive weight gain in my pregnancy lead too sagging breast, loose skin, and stretch marks.

Those can happen because of pregnancy regardless but extra weight gain can definitely make them worse.


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How to prevent excessive weight gain

I could have easily prevented excess weight gain in pregnancy with a little self control and making healthier choices.

A lot of women, including myself, use pregnancy as an excuse and let themselves go.

I’m sharing my story and my feelings because even though I knew what could happen I just didn’t take it seriously enough.

I wish I had someone to grab me and shake me and say, “No seriously, you are going to regret this!”


Not Exercising

Not making this pregnancy mistake could have helped me avoid the first one we talked about. These pregnancy mistakes all kind of coincide.

But exercising during pregnancy doesn’t just prevent weight gain, it can lead to a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier delivery.

I didn’t exercise when I was pregnant and it ended up taking me 3.5 hours of pushing to get my baby out.

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy ladies.

Doing squats and other exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor can give you the muscle and the strength to push your baby out faster.


Not Preventing Stretch Marks And Postpartum Loose Skin

I love my body. It did an amazing thing and brought the love of my life into this world.

But I’d be lying if I said that my loose skin and stretch marks don’t bother me and I wish I had tried harder to prevent them.

Avoiding the first two pregnancy mistakes we talked about can help lessen your chances of developing stretch marks and loose skin, but there is more you can do.


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How To Prevent Stretch Marks And Postpartum Loose Skin

Drink water like it’s your job

Staying hydrated increases the elasticity of your skin and can prevent stretch marks and help your skin shrink back postpartum.

Use lotion religiously 

I only put stretch mark lotion on after my shower and only on my belly.

With how big I got and how my stomach looks now I definitely think this stuff works.

I just wish I had put it all over my body, especially my boobs, and three times a day like it says.

Always wear a supportive bra

Gravity is not our friend ladies.

A lot of women claim that by always wearing a bra, even when you sleep, can help your breast skin shrink back postpartum or once your milk dries up.



How pregnancy affects your body has a lot to do with your genetics but you can definitely lessen the effects by avoiding these pregnancy mistakes.

Take them seriously and take care of your body and you will not regret it.


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3 Pregnancy Mistakes That Affected My Body
3 Pregnancy Mistakes I Made That Affected My Body
What to do when you’re pregnant
I made these mistakes during pregnancy and my body paid for it. Read these essential pregnancy tips to avoid it happening to you. #pregnancy
Avoid these mistakes during pregnancy or your body will pay for it. #pregnancy
Get these essential pregnancy tips for having a happy healthy pregnancy. #pregnancytips


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