14 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

14 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

14 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products
14 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

I had so much fun writing 13 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products and it seemed to be a favorite amongst all of you so let’s keep the fun rolling.

The reason I loved writing it so much is because I am obsessed with any baby product that can make life with a baby easier.

There are so many out there, but without looking hard I would have never known about a lot of them.

Being a mom is HARD WORK, I need all of the help I can get. I’ve realized that’s not the same for everyone.

I have noticed all of the Minimalist Lifestyle posts on Pinterest lately, and I get it, I even admire it, but still it’s just not for me.

I know a lot of you can relate to me here. When I wake up in the morning I have a To-Do list a half mile long.

Most days by three o’clock I start to panic because I haven’t accomplished a third of it. So if there is a product out there than can save me a few seconds here and there, I WANT IT.

Buuut I’m not made of money, and honestly I need to lower my expectations and just do the best I can do, that’s hard for me, but I’m working on it.

In the mean time I’m going to continue to drool over these 14 helpful, time saving, sanity restoring, and lesser-known baby products.

14 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

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1.) Baby Popsicle Tray

Baby Popsicle Tray

While I am seeing baby pops pop up on Pinterest more these days a lot of mothers still don’t know about them, so they are making the list of unknown baby products.

What we love about these is that baby can feed themselves, freeing up time for you to get something else done.

Fill them with baby food or breast milk, freeze, and you’re go to go.

2.) Attachable Diaper Bag

Attachable Diaper Bag

I just about lost my mind when I discovered this hidden gem. It’s one of those baby products that you see and your’re just like seriously?

Duh! Why didn’t I think of that, and be making millions off the idea?

This diaper bag attaches to your baby carrier so you can have your diapers, wipes, etc. with you without having to carry your diaper bag.


3.) Smart Changing Pad

Smart Changing Pad

You don’t know how many times I’ve heard mothers tell me they are thankful that they can breastfeed their babies but they don’t like that they don’t know how much milk their babies are getting.

This smart changing pad changes that. Not only is it a convenient and comfortable place to change your baby, but it is also a very sensitive scale.

You can weigh your baby before and after a feeding and know exactly how much milk they have consumed! Problem solved.

4.) Smart Bassinet

Smart Bassinet


This bassinet has a built-in swaddle to keep baby on their back all night.

It also detects when baby is waking up and gentlely rocks them back to sleep, as well as playing then white noise.

Honestly, it’s a bit pricey if you ask me.

However, if it works for your baby and you can get sleep because of it then I would say it’s totally worth it.

5.) Smart Baby Monitor

Smart Baby Monitor

This baby monitor not only lets you see and hear your baby but also sends a detailed report of how many times they woke and how many times you came into the room to your phone.

It also monitors the room temperature and humidity levels. How’s that for high-tech?

6.) Thermomonitor Sensor

Thermomonitor Sensor

We had the forehead thermometer and the ear thermometer for Alexa, but they were never accurate.

We found the best way to get her temperature was with an old fashion thermometer under her armpit, which she hated.

This thermomonitor sticks right to your babies side and sends you updates on your babies temperature so you don’t have to wake them up or worry all night.


7.) Snug Spout Lids

Snug Spout Lids

I get so frustrated when I can’t find matching Sippy cup parts, I just don’t have time for that.

These lids are great because they turn any cup into a sippy cup.


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8.) Hands Free Bottle

Hands Free Bottle

Bottle feeding your baby is a special bonding time to cherish, but when you do have a lot going on these hands free bottles are a life saver.

9.) Shopping Cart Hammock

Shopping Cart Hammock

Grocery shopping with a baby can be super difficult.

I used to carrying Alexa on my front in our baby carrier but it limited my movement. If something was up to high or down too low we were going without it😂

Until you’re baby is able to sit up in the shopping cart this shopping cart hammock if worth a try.

10.) Shampoo Rinse Cup

Shampoo Rinse Cup

I remember Alexa first few baths, she absolutely loved tipping her head back and getting her hair washed and rinsed.

Having bathed children prior while babysitting, I thought I was the luckiest mother ever.

However, unfortunately it didn’t last long.

Babies don’t like getting water in their face and that’s where this nifty little thing comes in handy.

It’s soft silicone edge molds to your child’s forehead making sure no water goes on their face.

11.) Smart Swaddle

Smart Swaddle


This award winning swaddle blanket is sure to ease the most worrisome parents mind.

It detects if your babies breathing is too weak or to fast, or if they roll over, and sends an alert straight to your phone.

12.) Breast Milk Storage Kit

Breast Milk Storage Kit

Doing dishes takes time, so the less dirty dishes the better.

Save time and eliminate the need to wash bottles with this breast milk storage kit. The breast milk bags attach right to the nipple.

13.) Electric Nail Trimmer

Electric Nail Trimmer

Hand filing those little dragon claws takes forever and trying to clip them with baby nail clippers can be scary.

I still don’t forgive myself for pinching Alexa’s skin once and her waking up crying.

This electric nail file eliminates accidents like that and is so much easier to use.

14.) Portable Baby Seat

Portable Baby Seat

Like I said, I love my baby products. I wish I could keep them with me at all times, but there is only so much you can fit in the diaper bag.

Unlike those hard bulky plastic attachable high chairs this one is light weight and can fold up to fit right in the diaper bag!


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Are there any baby products that aren’t well known that you couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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