8 Tips For Throwing A Baby Shower That’s Actually Fun

8 Tips For Throwing A Baby Shower That’s Actually Fun

I have been to fun baby showers, and I have been to not so fun baby showers.


Comparing the two, there are eight things that stick out to me that make a baby shower fun.


If you want to plan a baby shower that’s actually fun then follow these eight tips below.


8 Tips For Throwing A Baby Shower That’s Actually Fun


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Choose Beautiful Baby Shower Invitations


When planning a party little details like invitations are often overlooked.


What some people don’t realize is that little details add up.


Perfecting little details is what makes the difference between “okay” and “amazing!”


Let me give you an example:


Example One


Elephant Baby Shower Invitation

(Find it on Etsy here.)


Example Two:


Baby Shower Invitation


How do you feel when you look at these invitations?


Which one would you rather look at?


The first one right?


Thats because when we see something beautiful it makes us happy.


The second invitation is dull and boring and doesn’t make you feel anything.


It might be a small detail but these details will add up to a baby shower that is actually fun.


Your baby shower invitation should:


  • be beautiful
  • tie in to the decorating theme of the party
  • include your baby registry


By including your baby registry you eliminate the awkwardness of your guests having to ask.


A fun baby shower shouldn’t be work for your guests.


So when you include your baby registry on the invitation, you take the work out of trying to find a gift.


Pick The Perfect Baby Shower Location


When picking the location of your baby shower you’ll want to consider:


    • Accessible parking close to the location
    • Venue size in relation to the amount of guests
    • Back up for an outdoor party

Don’t make your guests have to park down the street and walk to the party. Pick a venue with ample parking.


Make sure you pick a venue with enough space to accommodate the amount of guests you have coming.


No one enjoys being crowded and you’ll want enough space to play games.


Also remember while outdoor parties can be very fun, always have a backup plan if it rain. Ex. Tents



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Don’t Skimp On Decorations


As far as I’m concerned a party without decorations isn’t a party, it’s a gathering.


Decorations create an atmosphere. They enhance the mood of the party.


When it comes to decorating pick a theme and stick with it.


And remember there is such a thing as “over doing it”.


Clutter isn’t pretty so sometimes less is more. 

Here are a few ideas I love:


Balloon Garland Party Decor

Balloon Garland


Balloon garland is really in right now and adds a wow factor to your party.


It can be fastened to the wall over the cake table, present table, or an arch way.


While you can try to make it yourself it can be a little tricky.


I recommend the balloon garland kits to eliminate the stress of making your own.


Baby Shower Decor Sign


Baby Shower Signs


Baby shower signs are an easy and beautiful way to decorate the venue.


This sign above can be placed at the entrance to the party.


There are also signs that can label the gift table and mimosa bar.


Find the one above and more on Etsy here.


Baby Nursery Name Sign


Baby Nursery Name Sign


This custom baby nursery name sign looks great on the wall at the party but also doubles as a gift you can give to the mama to be to hang above the crib in baby’s nursery.


Food And Drinks Make The Party


A great party can pretty quickly become a dud if you don’t nail it with food and drinks.


Alcohol can liven up a party so consider having a mimosa bar.


But make sure there are non alcoholic beverages for the mama to be and guests who don’t drink.


Water, coffee, and tea are great options.


If your venue doesn’t cater, hire a caterer.


You have the role of party planner, don’t try to be the chef too.


And if you’re having a large party consider giving access to both sides of a buffet table so guests don’t spend too much time waiting in line.



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Pick Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun


Baby shower games are known for being cheesy and corny but they don’t have to be!


Baby shower games can be fun and can take your party from good to great!


For a full list of the most fun baby shower games your guest will actually want to play look here.


Give Prizes You’re Guests Will Actually Like


Your guests are showering the mama to be with gifts she needs for her baby so give them a chance to win some awesome prizes.


Gift cards and experiences are great ideas!


I was at a baby shower recently and won a bag full of candy and movie passes. 


Now that’s an awesome prize!


Have A Party Plan


If you’re hosting a baby shower you need a baby shower plan.


Think of a schedule and be the one to execute the plan and keep things moving.


Greet the guests, help them find the gift table and offer them a drink and a place to sit.


Announce when the food is ready and call groups up by table.


Facilitate the games and handing out prizes. You may want some help with this one to keep things moving.


Know When To Wrap It Up


A fun baby shower is one that leaves you wanting more, not staring at the clock waiting for it to be over.


The party is generally over once the mama to be is done opening her gifts.


The whole party should be between 2.5 to 3 hours.




  • Start the experience from the beginning with beautiful invitations
  • Choose a desirable location
  • Use decorations that follow a theme
  • Have enough delicious food and drinks for your guests
  • Pick fun baby shower games from this list
  • Give prizes your guests will actually want
  • Have a plan to keep things moving smoothly
  • Know when to call it a day

Have you been to a really fun shower? Share what made it so great in the comments below!


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