Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

Reading through that huge booklet your health insurance providers gives you may not seem like fun, but it could be hiding some very beneficial health insurance benefits for pregnant women.


Under the affordable care act insurance providers must offer coverage for maternity care, child birth, and newborn care.


If you take a closer look into your insurance policy you can find many benefits your health insurance company covers that are great for pregnant women. 


Every health insurance provider is different but your health insurance benefits may include the following.


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Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

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Health insurance benefits for pregnant women


Birth Classes


Birth classes are extremely helpful, especially for a first time moms.


You’ll learn the signs and stages of labor, pain management options, and many other tips for a positive birth experience.


Your health insurance may cover these birth classes that would cost you between $50-$200 without insurance.


Prenatal Vitamins


Prenatal vitamins are essential for providing you and your baby with the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy pregnancy.


These vitamin can also be very costly.


Some insurance plans cover the cost of prenatal vitamins so check your policy or give your insurance company a call to see what they cover.


Maternity Compression Garments


Maternity compression garments provide pregnant women with support from pregnancy discomforts like back and pelvic pain.


If you experience pains during pregnancy you may benefit from these garments that may be covered by your insurance company.


Gym Membership


Exercise is an important component for a healthy pregnancy and most insurance companies offer coverage towards gym memberships.


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Incentive Programs


Some health insurance companies offer pregnancy care incentive programs.


With these programs you can earn pregnancy freebies by completing pregnancy tasks like sending in proof of attending your first prenatal check up.


These pregnancy freebies may include baby clothes, baby books, and more.


Car seat


Some insurance companies even cover a car seat and if you’ve looked at car seats already you know they can run a few hundred dollars.


Breast Pump


The affordable care act made it a requirement for health insurance providers to cover breastfeeding supplies.


Many health insurance providers will cover the cost of expensive, but extremely useful, electric breast pumps.


Lactation Counseling


Along with breastfeeding supplies, some insurance companies cover access to lactation consultants.


Lactation consultants can help new moms with breastfeeding problems like latch, holds, and milk supply.


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Don’t Pay Out-Of-Pocket For What Your Insurance Covers


There is no need to pay out-of-pocket for something your insurance may cover.


Insurance policies are complex and every one can vary.


They may be hiding health insurance benefits for pregnant women that you don’t know about.


The best thing to do is call your insurance company and let them know you are pregnant and would like to know all of your maternity benefits.


Have a happy and healthy pregnancy Mama!


8 Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

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