Fun Productive Outdoor Toddler Activities


Looking for outdoor toddler activities? Here are a few fun activities you and your toddler can do together while still being productive.

I’m a kid at heart so I absolutely love playing with my daughter.

The only problem is I’m an adult and I have adult responsibilities.

I know, bummer right?

When I have chores piling up I have a hard time really enjoying myself while I play with Alexa because I can’t shake that overwhelming feeling that I have all of these things to do and I’m not doing them.

I hate that feeling and I feel like it ruins my bonding time with her so I thought of a solution that you might enjoy too.

I thought up a few chores that I can do outside and incorporated some fun twists to turn these chores into fun outdoor toddler activities.

This way Alexa and I can spend time together outside, we’re having fun, and I feel like I’m being productive and accomplishing things.

If you’re having trouble enjoying play with your children because your mind is on your other responsibilities try these fun and productive outdoor toddler activities.

Outdoor Toddler Activities For Spring/Summer

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Outdoor toddler activities

Washing Lawn Furniture

What you’ll need:

Cleaning our lawn furniture has been on my to-do list for a while. Every time I went to use a lawn chair I couldn’t because they were covered in bird droppings 🤢

Recently I picked up this wicked cheap pull and push water blaster for Alexa and it has been her favorite outdoor toy.

Its so easy to use, Alexa’s 2.5 and she can fill and squirt it by herself. It keeps her busy forever.

So, to make cleaning lawn furniture a fun outdoor toddler activity all I had to do was instruct her to use her squirt toy and aim for the bird poo!

She soaked the chairs for me and then joined in with a sponge and soapy water for scrubbing them clean.

Then for more water power I let her use the hose to rinse them clean.

Any outdoor activity involving water is a great sensory development activity for toddlers that they’ll love and have so much fun doing.


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Washing The Cars

What you’ll need:

Don’t just stop with the lawn furniture! If your toddler hasn’t had enough, move on to cleaning the car.

Kids gardening tools


You might want:

I’m not much of a gardener myself but my husband is. His mother owns Shelburne Farm and Garden in Shelburne, Massachusetts.

He grew up knowing everything about plants and gardening and I love that it’s a fun hobby he can enjoy with our daughter.

Watching a seed turn into a plant that keeps getting bigger is like magic to a small child.

Plus, gardening is a great life skill to teach your children.

Your toddler can help with the digging, burying the seeds, and watering. Depending on their age you can teach them what’s a weed and what’s a plant and they can help weed the garden as well.

Melissa & Doug Play Set

Sweeping The Porch

You might want:

Older children and teenagers aren’t to keen on helping but most toddlers seem to love it, especially if they have their own toddler sized cleaning tools. 

For this outdoor toddler activity encourage your toddler to use their broom to help you sweep the porch.


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Outdoor Toddler Activities For Fall

child sized rake

Raking Leaves

You might want:

Let your little one join in on fall clean up!

Rake a pile of leaves for them to jump in while you rake and clean up the yard.

You can also encourage them to pick up sticks around the yard by telling them you’ll use them later to start a fire and make s’mores.

Red wagon


You might want:

If you and your little one did your gardening in spring them let them join in again on harvesting in the fall.

They can help pick vegetables and wheel them back to the house in a wagon.


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Outdoor Toddler Activities For Winter

Toddler snow shovels

Shoveling Snow

You might want:

Shoveling snow in the winter isn’t a fun task so the more help the merrier. Encourage your toddler to help with a toddler sized snow shovel.

While their “help” might not exactly be helpful it may keep them occupied while you get the job done.

Do you do any outdoor toddler activities that are productive with your little one? Let me know in the comments below!

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Fun outdoor activities for 2 year olds. These are age appropriate chores for toddlers to do outside.
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