How To Keep A Kiddie Pool Clean


Today I’m sharing my top tips on how to keep a kiddie pool clean.

Tips I acquired after spending two hours wrestling with the wet slimy contraption in my yard and deciding I didn’t want to do it again.

I was so excited for Alexa when Devin brought home a kiddie pool for her!

Buuut after cleaning it for the first time, not so much.

Cleaning the kiddie pool is not a chore I want to have to do a lot this summer.

The best way to avoid having to empty and scrub the kiddie pool clean is to not let it get dirty in the first place.

Here are a few ways you can keep your kiddie pool clean this summer so you spend less time cleaning it and more time doing LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE 😳 (yes it’s really that bad)

How To Keep A Kiddie Pool Clean

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How to keep a kiddie pool clean



Use A Kiddie Pool Cover

I’m really surprised that this is a hard item to find because it seems like such a simple solution to our dirty kiddie pool problems.

The smallest covers I could find were an 8 ft round cover and an 8 ft rectangular cover.

So those would only work if your kiddie pool was that size. Mine is not.

Shouting out to the makers of kiddie pools, “We’d pay extra if you threw in covers for these things!”

Anyway, I did find a tutorial here, on how to make your own.

Choose The Best Location

Location helps when you’re trying to keep the kiddie pool clean.

Under the tree and it’ll be full of leaves.

Next to the sandbox and magically it’ll be full of sand.

Have you ever tried to get sand out of a kiddie pool? It gets stuck in all the crevasses.

Not fun.



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Get A Rinse Bucket


Dishpan basin to keep a kiddie pool clean


Fill a dishpan basin with water and put it right next to the pool.

Encourage your little ones to step in the bucket to rinse grass and dirt from their grubby summer toes before they get into the pool.

This tip helps so much!

Use A Skimmer


Small kiddie pool skimmer

Then, whatever does make its way in, skim out with a small pool skimmer.

You may get lucky and the kids will want to do this task for you.

Maybe I’m weird but I actually loved doing this when I was a little.



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Add Pool Cleaners In The Water


Kiddie pool chlorine dispenser


Adding a pool cleaner like these to a floating dispenser will safely kill bacteria and stop algae growth.

Use A Vacuum

Small pool vacuum

Clean your kiddie pool without draining it by using this small pool vacuum to suck up the leaves, dirt, and slime.

It’s surprisingly very affordable.

Get A Scum Ball

Scumball pool cleaning sponge



Surely you’re slathering the sunscreen on your little one to prevent sunburn which is great.

Not so great, it’s mucking up the kiddie pool.

Luckily, this little scumball soaks up that excess oil and keeps the kiddie pool clean longer.

There you have it! Seven tips for keeping a kiddie pool clean without having to drain it. Do you have anything to add? Share your tips in the comments below❤️


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Learn how to keep a kiddie pool cleaning without draining it with these cool cleaning hacks for parents.
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These are genius cleaning tips for moms. Keep the kiddie pool clean all summer long with these cleaning hacks.


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