Best Outdoor Toys For Kids This Summer

Best Outdoor Toys For Kids This Summer

I’m a total kid at heart so I had too much fun putting together this list of best outdoor toys for kids this summer.

Its so important for kids to get outside to play and these outdoor toys will fill your child’s summer with endless fun.

Not to mention keep them busy so they aren’t driving you crazy all summer long!

Best Outdoor Toys For Kids This Summer

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Battery power kids atv

Battery Powered Kids Vehicles

It can be so frustrating when you get your kid a toy you think will occupy them and they only end of playing with it for ten minutes, never to pick it up again.

Rest assured that will not happen with these outdoor toys.

Do you see that smile on my little girls face?

Alexa got that four wheeler for her birthday and it is now her favorite toy.

I love it because she’s having fun but also because it does so much for her coordination and multitasking skills.

Shes learning left from right, forward and backward, and she’s becoming a master at driving while changing the song on its built in radio.

There are so many different battery powered kids vehicles to choose from so shop around.

If you’re interested in this four wheeler, it comes in four colors and you can find it here.


Kids outdoor toys inflatable pool with slide

Inflatable Water Slide Pools

These inflatable water slide pools are the ultimate outdoor summer toys for kids.

If I had an endless supply of money I would have these all over my property!

Did I mention I was a kid at heart?

Check out this one and many others here.



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Tree swing for babies and toddlers

Tree Swings

Bring one of children’s favorite playground activities to your own home by hanging a tree swing.

This is another outdoor toy that kids will play with all summer long and never get sick of.

I love this wooden and fabric swing. Take a look at it here.


Pirate ship sand box


Our sandbox is another outdoor toy Alexa never gets bored with and I love working from our porch and watching her play so calmly in it.

If your handy you can even build one pretty easily like my husband did. He made a square one with a bench and its definitely been worth it.

This pirate ship sand boat is pretty awesome though if you want to see it and many more here.


Kids play water table

Water Tables

Water play is a great sensory activity for kids and water tables are so much fun!

You can find this water table and more here.



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Bubble set

Big Bubble Kits

It just isn’t Summer without bubbles!

At our house we go big or go home. The bigger the bubble the better!

For some added fun, when you make a big bubble try blowing on it to make little bubbles inside creating a bubble snow globe!

Check out this 7 in 1 Mega Set here.


Kids zip line

Backyard Zip Line

For your kids craving that adrenaline rush there is no better outdoor toy than this backyard zip line.


Water balloons


Whoever can up with this invention is a genius and deserves an award.

Gone are the days of us mothers filling up one water balloon at a time for our kids to have a water balloon fight.

I’ve tried this before and it actually works. It fills and ties 100 balloons in 60 second.

Let the water balloon fights begin.

Find this set here.



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Play house

Outdoor Play House

Get the kids out of your house and into there own with this play house.

It includes a play oven, toy sink, and cordless phone.


Giant connect four outdoor toys

Giant Connect Four Game

It’s giant sized connect four!

This is such a great way to get those kids that prefer indoor games to get outside and play!

Check it out here.



Giant inflatable bowling set

Giant Inflatable Outdoor Bowling

That last one got me on a little bit of a giant outdoor toys kick and I found this gem.

I have a little indoor bowling set Alexa loves so I’m sure she’d go crazy over this.

You can find it here.



Climb Jump Slide Trampoline Set

Let your little ones burn off some serious energy this Summer on this trampoline set.

Find it here.


Plasma car

Plasma Car

I found out about these cars at a playgroup I bring Alexa too. Her and all the kids love them.

They sit and put their feet up and twist the steering wheel to make it move.

Check it out here.


Have a Fun Summer!

What outdoor toys keep your kids busy all summer? I want to know in the comments below!


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