Summer Safety Tips For Kids

Tips to keep kids safe this summer

Simple as they may seem, these Summer safety tips are very important.

Not taking these tips seriously could lead to serious harm to your child.

As Summer approaches let’s all share these tips on Summer safety to keep our little ones happy and healthy all summer long.

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

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Summer Safety Tips For Kids

How to protect kids from mosquitos and ticks?

Mosquitos and ticks carry viruses and diseases that can make you sick, and can even be deadly.

This Summer season the mosquito and tick population continues to rise in areas with high temperature and increased rainfall.

Here are the Summer safety tips you need to know to keep kids safe from mosquitos and ticks.

Wear protective clothing

Whenever the weather allows, try to dress your children in long sleeve shirts and pants to cover their skin.

Mosquitos are more attracted to darker colors so try to wear light colored clothing.

Light colored clothing will also make it easier to spot ticks crawling on your child.

Wear safe mosquito and tick repellents

When it comes to mosquito and tick repellents deer free and natural are best.

Here are a few different options you have.

Mosquito repellent bracelet

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

I like these mosquito repellent bracelets because they’re reusable and can be easier for toddlers who don’t like to be sprayed with bug spray.

You can get these bracelets here.

Mosquito and tick repellents

Mosquito and Tick Repellent Kit

This repellent kit includes:

Mosquito repellent sprays

Tick Repellent sprays

Mosquito and tick repellent body balm

You can find it here.



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Daily tick checks

Make it a habit to check over your child for ticks before bedtime.

Ticks like warm moist parts of the body the most so make sure to check armpits, groin, neck, hair, and belly button.

Don’t forget to also check your pets. To keep them safe, but also so they don’t bring ticks into the house.

Keep kids out of high mosquito and tick areas

Ticks are more likely to be in wooded or tall grassy areas.

Mosquitos like warm areas with stagnant water where they lay their eggs. If you have a kitty pool for your kids be sure to clean it out regularly.

Protect your property

Create an anti mosquito and tick environment around your home where your children spend most of there time with these Summer safety tips.

– keep grass cut short

– placing wood chips and gravel between grass and wooded areas can keep ticks from coming into your yard

– eliminate any sources of standing water such as bird baths, flower pots, and kitty pools

– try to keep gutters clean and dry

– use  the mosquito and tick repellent products below for your property

Insect killer for lawns

Lawn Granules Insect Killer

Day after day I would play with Alexa just in our yard, come inside, and find a ticks crawling on us.

I knew we needed to do something, and Devin suggested insect killer on the yard.

I was skeptical about how well it was going to work, but it was amazing.

After he put it on the yard we never found another tick on us after playing in the yard the rest of the summer.

Find insect killer for lawns here.

Mosquito repellent tiki fuel

Mosquito Repellent Tiki Torch Fuel

Burn this fuel in tiki torches around areas where the family hangs out outside the most to keep away mosquitos.



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Avoid peak times

Mosquitos are more active at dawn and dusk so try to avoid going out during these times.

If you need to be out be sure to wear protective clothing and mosquito and tick repellents.

What to do when your child gets mosquito bites?

It is common for children to have a more severe reaction to mosquito bite like swelling and redness.

Scratching can lead to infection so try to keep the bites clean.

If your child’s bug bite is accompanied by spreading redness, warmth, or fever you should contact your doctor.

Treat itchy mosquito bites with:

calamine lotion


Find it here.

What to do if you find a tick on your child?

Remove the tick with tweezers or a tick key.

Wash the bite site with soap and water.

Call your doctor if:

– you think the tick may have been attached for more than 24 hr

– a rash appears

– if your child has a fever or flu like symptoms 

How to protect kids from the sun?

Protecting your children from the damaging rays of the sun is Summer Safety 101.

Just one bad sunburn can significantly increase your child’s risk of development potentially deadly skin cancer.

The best way to protect your child from the sun is too limit sun exposure.

Follow these tips:

Wear protective clothing

Whenever the weather permits dress your child in lightweight long sleeves shirts and pants.

Use a sun hat to keep the sun off your child’s face.

I got these adjustable size hats for Alexa last summer and they work great.

Sun hat for toddlers

Find this hat here.

Use sunscreen

Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher before you child goes outside.

I recommend the quick dry spray type below, especially for fussy toddler who don’t like the lotions.

Sunscreen sprayFind this sunscreen spray here.

Limit outside time

The suns rays are strongest between 10am-4pm. This is definitely the time to keep sunscreen on if you’re going to be outside.



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How to treat your child’s sunburn?

If your child does get a sunburn you can relieve their pain and promote healing with Aloe Vera Gel.

Call your doctor if:

– sunburn is accompanied by fever, extreme pain, headache, chills, or nausea

– severe blistering occurs

How to protect your child from drowning?

On average, ten people die from downing everyday.

About one in five of those deaths is a child 14 years or younger.

I think the best way to protect or children from drowning is to take those facts seriously.

It only takes 30 seconds underwater for your child to drown to death.

Swimming is a fun and happy part of summer time for children, we just need to make sure those children are supervised properly.

Follow these tips to keep your child safe:

Pay Attention

Children need to be supervised when they are swimming. Put your phone down and pay attention.

Do Not rely on flotation devices

Flotation devices like arm trainers, puddle jumpers, and life vests help, but children can and have drown in them.

You always need to supervise your child while they are swimming.

Teach your child to swim

A child who can swim has a significantly lower risk of drowning.

Teach your child how to swim or sign them up for swim lessons this summer season!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read these Summer safety tips!

I wish you and your family a happy fun and safe summer season.

Please share this post on Facebook and Pinterest to spread awareness and help keep all children safe this summer!

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Summer Safety Tips For Kids
Summer safety tips for kids
Keep kids safe from ticks and other summer dangers with these parenting hacks. #parentinghacks #summertime
Learn how to avoid ticks and keep your kids safe this summer form these other dangers. #parenting
Protect kids from ticks and other summer dangers. #parentinghacks


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