7 Ways To Save Money On Diapers

How Smart Moms Save Money On Diapers

Welcoming a new baby is so exciting, but it can also be financially overwhelming. 


The average family spends over $500 on diapers for one baby in a year. 


If you’re looking to cut cost on baby essentials, here are my best tips on how to save money on diapers.


7 Ways To Save Money On Diapers


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1.) Save 20% with Amazon Family


With an Amazon Family membership you get 20% off diapers, free two day shipping, and exclusive coupons and deals. They also offer a 15% off baby registry completion discount.


Sign up here and get your first 30 days free.


2.) Get cash back with Rakuten


Before you save money on diapers with Amazon Family don’t forget to shop on Amazon through Rakuten to receive cash back on your diapers.


You go to Rakuten, then click on Amazon. Then once you make your purchase you’ll get cash back in your Rakuten account.


Sign up for Rakuten HERE.



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3.) Buy in bulk


If you can afford to buy in bulk, do it! You will save so much money buying a big box of diapers once a month, rather than a small package once a week.


You can do this by purchasing online but also in wholesale stores like Bj’s or Costco


4.) Name Brand VS Generic Brand


Big box of diapers


You might have to do a little trial an error to find out which diapers are best for your baby. Some families swear by one brand when another says they’re terrible and leak.


Once you find the brands you like you can save money on diapers by only using the more expensive brand name diapers at night.




You’ll change baby more often during the day so generic diapers will work just fine. At night baby will go through longer periods in the same diaper so you’ll want to use the more absorbent name brand diapers.


You will save money on diapers by using less of the expensive name brand diapers and more of the less expensive generic brands.



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5.) Only buy on sale


A great price for diapers is $0.15 a diaper, a good price is $0.20, with $0.25 being average. Anything over that is not a good sale.


Right now (2019) Groupon has a post out that they update frequently with the lowest priced diaper sales. You can find that here.


6.) Cloth diaper Full-time or Part-time


I did not cloth diaper because I just could not handle that. The mess or the extra time involved would have sent me over the edge.


With that being said tons of moms cloth diaper, save money, and absolutely prefer cloth over disposable.


Cloth diapers are a one time purchase. You buy the diapers, use, wash, and reuse. So you definitely save money.


If your like me and you can’t handle full time you might consider part-time cloth diapering.



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7.) Only switch sizes when you need to


The diaper packaging has a recommended size based on your babies weight. While I found that my daughter fit in a smaller size a few pounds past that weight limit.


This matters if you want to save on diapers because bigger diapers cost more per count.




I have to share this because I just thought about it when I was done writing this post.


If you really want to save money on diapers, consider this.


Sign up for Amazon Family and get it free for 30 days here.


For 30 days you have no membership fee and free shipping.


Buy from amazon through Rakuten.


Before the 30 days is up stockpile on diapers. Then if you really want to save money, cancel your membership at the end of the 30 days.


You could essentially get a years worth of diapers. Pay no membership fee, no shipping, no gas or time it takes to drive to pick them up at the store.


Then when you’re done you even get cash back in your Rakuten account.


Thats a great way to use all of these tips and get the lowest price on diapers!


How do you save on diapers? I want to know in the comments below!


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