How To Lose Weight When Your Daughters Watching

How To Lose Weight When Your Daughters Watching

I started exercising and eating healthy to try and lose weight right after I stopped breastfeeding my daughter at 18 months.

There were a few things I realized pretty quickly.

I was sweaty, tired, and hungry.

There was a lot of work to do.

But more importantly, my daughter was watching.

How To Lose Weight When Your Daughters Watching

How to lose weight when your daughters watching

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I’m noticing the shift in today’s society about how women’s bodies are viewed and a movement towards recognizing that we are are beautiful in our own ways.

On social media especially I’ve seen many clothing ads featuring women of all shapes and sizes with less and less photoshopping and I am loving it!

Growing up in a different time

I grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s and if your reading this you probably already know that it was a different time.

Society had a very distinct definition of what was beautiful.

I can vividly remember my mother standing in front of a mirror pinching fat and talking negatively about her body.

I was watching, just like my daughter is watching me now.

The environment I grew up in lead me to only see thin and perfect as beautiful.

This lead me to start “dieting” and trying to lose weight as young a 10 years old.

I had very negative feelings and was very critical of how I looked and I believe that was a direct result of my upbringing.



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Making changes and continuing the movement

How to lose weight when your daughter is watching

I never ever ever want my daughter to go through that and have those same negative feelings that I had.

This is only possible by making changes in the way we view beauty, how we go about weight loss, and continuing this movement of self love.

It is our responsibilities as parents to guide our children. To teach them good eating habits and inspire an active lifestyle with a focus on health, not their looks.

If you are trying to lose weight, diet, get healthy, whatever it is, just know that your children are watching and consider these tips below.



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Tips For Losing Weight When Your Daughter Is Watching

Choose your words wisely

Try to avoid using negative words like ”I’m getting fat” or “I need to lose weight

When you catch yourself thinking these things make a point to instead say “I want to get healthier so I feel better and have more energy” or “I want to gain muscle and get stronger”

Your daughters listening. It isn’t enough to stop the negative self talk, we need to replace it so they hear positivity and it guides them.

Watch your body language and mood

How many of you are critiquing your bodies in the mirror before you get in the shower or while you’re getting dressed?

What does your face say when you step off the scale?

Your daughter is watching.

She’s not just listening but she’s taking in your mood and how you look at yourself.

Not only for your daughter, but for yourself as well, look in that mirror, smile, and say something nice.

Get healthy together

Try to include your daughter and make exercise a fun bonding activity.

You may be trying to lose weight yourself but don’t make that the focus.

Your attitude will influence how she feels about physical activity.

Getting in shape isn’t easy, it’s not suppose to be.

Your daughter is watching you get tired and frustrated so try to throw in some positive talk like, “This is really hard but I’m getting stronger!”

Try to smile!


Kids play exercise equipment

(Find kids play exercise equipment here.)


Are you trying to lose weight? Do you have any tips that could help? Please share them in the comments below!


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How To Lose Weight When Your Daughters Watching
How To Lose Weight When Your Daughters Watching
Weight loss tips for losing weight while still being a role model for your daughter. #weightlosstips #parentingtips


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