How Moms Save BIG on Back To School Items

How Moms Save Big On Back To School Items

This is the easiest way to save big on school supplies! I can not believe that there are any moms out there who aren’t doing this!?

It really is so simple!

We want our kids to succeed in school and part of the way we can help is making sure they have everything they need.

Backpacks, notebooks, binders, pencils, the list goes on and on. The price starts to add up!

Today you will learn a tried and true method moms are using to save money on back to school supplies!

How To Save BIG On Back To School Items

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Are you ready to hear it? Okay, here it is…

Use Rakuten.

Seriously Sierrah? That website that “pays you to shop”. That has to be a scam, right?


I started using Rakuten a few years ago.

So far, I’ve made $412.71

How much you can make with Rakuten

How’s that sound for a little extra pocket change?

How Does It Works?

Like I said, it’s simple.

Rakuten pays you everytime you shop through their website.

When you go to Rakuten you will have a list of over 2000 of your favorite stores to chose from.

These are stores that you know and love, Target, Carter’s, Staples, Walmart, etc.

Once you click on a store and complete your purchase you will receive cash back in your Rakuten account. Then Rakuten while send you a check in the mail!

This is because that store you purchased from pays Rakuten a commission of your sale because Rakuten sent you there.

Then, Rakuten shares that money with you. How nice?

The store makes money. Rakuten makes money. You make money!

No scams.

Its a win-win-win situation.

Is it really worth it?

Unless you’re some weirdo that doesn’t like saving money, then yes it’s really worth it!

The average family spends around $600 on back to school supplies. New clothes, shoes, backpacks, notebooks, pencil, it all adds up.

If you do all that shopping online you’re going to get cash back, save money on gas not having to drive to the store, less miles on your car.

And do you really want to drag all the kids to target and listen to them complain because they can’t have 10 paw patrol notebooks?

Don’t Just Save On Back To School Supplies

All of those little things like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste etc. I buy online through Rakuten.

I buy them at the same time, once a month or so, and as you saw above, it adds up.

Time for a new TV? Rakuten.

Need a new mattress? Rakuten.

Christmas shopping? Rakuten.

Throughout the course of a year all this cash back adds up to a few hundred extra dollars.

So yea, it’s worth it.

When you sign up for Rakuten using my link here you get a ten dollar starting bonus.

Happy savings!

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How To Save Big On Back To School Supplies
How To Save Big On Back To School Supplies
How to save money on back to school shopping
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Make money online when you buy school supplies for your kids. #parentunghacks #momhacks
Use Rakuten to make money online when you buy school supplies for your kids for back to school. #rakuten #parenting #momhacks


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