15 Spring Crafts For Kids

15 spring crafts to do with your kids

Spring crafts for kids

About a month ago I was talking about how Spring was right around the corner. I’m starting to think this corner is getting wider.

If warm weather has arrived where you are, then I am very happy for you. Unfortunately, this morning in Massachusetts, we woke up to two inches of snow followed by freezing rain all day.

That is why I need this post today you guys. I need to believe that my little one and I will be able to be warm and play outside soon.

In the meantime, let’s all fantasize about Spring while doing these super fun and creative Spring crafts with our kiddos.

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Spring Crafts For Kids

Click on pictures for instructions.

1.) Paper Plate Bee


Spring Crafts


This cute craft comes from Stef at Stef provide great instructions with an easy to follow video.


2.) Handprint Flower Cards


Spring craft


I’m a sucker for a cute handprint craft. These cards are simple to do and would make great Mother’s Day gifts.


3.) Homemade Bird Feeder


Spring craft


When you’re done, put them outside a window so your kiddos can watch the birds eat their creation!

4.) Handprint Chick Puppets


Spring craft


I love these puppets because the fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re done making the craft. Have your little one put on a puppet show!


5.) Carrot Footprint


Spring craft


Don’t you just want to eat these right up? Or at least hang them on the fridge!


6.) Flower Suncatcher


Spring craft


Won’t your little one just be so proud to see their suncatcher hanging on the window?


7.) Citrus Printing


Spring craft


I think it’d be really neat to frame and hang this in your kids bedroom, done in the color scheme of their room.


8.) Doily Sheep


Spring craft


These little doily sheep are adorable! Really easy and super fun.


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9.) Paint Your Own Birdhouse


Spring craft


I remember making these in school! I like these crafts that serve a purpose when you’re done making them. I feel like it keeps the fun going.

10.) Rain Sticks


Spring craft


Decorate, and create the sound of falling rain with these rain sticks your kids will love.

11.) Handprint Bookmarks


Spring craft


These bookmark crafts are perfect for getting kids excited about reading.


12.) Rainbow


Spring craft


This spring craft will be fun to put together and a great way to teach you little one colors.


13.) Paper Bag Butterfly


Spring craft


Another spring craft that’ll keep the kiddos busy long after they’re done putting it together.


14.) Pom Pom Flower Frames


Spring craft


Won’t your child’s face just light up when they see their face in the middle of these colorful flowers?


15.) Handprint Ladybug


Spring craft


There can never be enough handprint crafts, ever.


If you’re looking for more, check out these awesome craft kits.

Flower Picture Holder

Insect Magnets

Easter Friends Puppets


I hope you have a blast making these spring crafts with your little ones. If warm weather is yet to come your way, hang in there friends, it can’t avoid us forever!

If you do some of these crafts let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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