7 Diaper Changing Hacks


There is so much to learn before becoming a mother. From diaper changing, to feeding, bathing, sleep schedules and more it’s only natural that you’d want to do all of your research to be prepared.


I remember when I got pregnant for Alexa. Although I had cared for many babies already, I still did as much research as I could to make sure I was ready to care for her when she arrived.


No matter how much reading you do or prior experience you have your baby is bound to surprise you. As I did, you are sure to learn a lot of new things once your little bundle arrives.


As mothers I believe it is our duty to help and support one another. That’s why I try to share everything I’ve learned, in hopes of making mommy life a little easier for us all.


Today I’m excited to share with you everything I’ve learned that has made diaper changing easier for our family. I hope these diaper changing hacks help you!


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7 Diaper Changing Hacks


1.) Set Yourself Up For Success


Set yourself up for an easy diaper change by setting up at least one diaper changing station.


Changing tables are great, but we put a changing pad on top of Alexa’s dresser to save space.


I put her diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream in the top drawer and it’s worked great.



Anywhere with a flat surface and your diapers and wipes close by will work.


Below is a complete list of everything you’ll need for a functional changing station.


Changing table or dresser
Changing pad
Changing pad cover (at least two)
Wipe warmer
Diaper rash cream
Hand sanitizer


2.) Find The Perfect Diaper


The perfect diaper is the right brand and size that works for your baby.


My favorites are Pampers and Huggies.


They work great for us, but every baby is different and it’s just a matter of trial an error at first until you find what works best for you.


A good indicator of knowing when it’s time to move up a size is when the diaper starts to get snug, obviously.


However, with Alexa even before here diapers looked to snug she would have blowouts and that’s when I first knew that she needed to go up a size.


If your baby is having blowouts they probably need a bigger size diaper.


3.) Don’t Change Directly After Waking Up



I learned this one the hard way. As soon as Alexa would wake up I would try to change her.


Soon after I took her diaper off, most times, she would pee or even poop! What a mess.


I learned to wait a little while to give her some time to do her business.


If you have a baby boy consider getting this to avoid getting peed on.


4.) Have Wipes Ready


This has got to be the most helpful diaper changing hack for me so far.


There is nothing worse than trying to change a squirming, screaming baby’s poopy diaper when this happens.




So, if I know Alexa has pooped, I usually take out 5 or 6 wipes before I take her diaper off.


This way I’m not wrestling them, trying to get them apart while poops getting everywhere.


5.) Pull Onesie Down, Not Up


I saw this neat trick a few years ago on Pinterest .


Diaper changing hack


The shoulders of your babies onesie overlap so that, in the case of a blowout, you can slide the onesie down your baby instead of over his head.


6.) Use Plastic Bags


Tying your diapers in a plastic bag contains the mess and some of the smell.


We use the plastic bags we save from grocery shopping but you can also use these scented biodegradable disposable diaper bags.


7.) Get A Good Diaper Pail


Dirty diapers are sooo stinky. Just one can smell up a room in no time.


Avoid this by using a sealed garbage can or, even better, a diaper geni.


Following these simple hacks are sure to make diaper changes a whole lot easier. Was there anything I missed? I’d love to hear all about what you do in the comments below?


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  1. You and your baby are beautiful. I find reading your posts opened me up more towards happy kids with my husband he’s been bugging me but I was so scared we couldn’t handle it. Now I’m looking forward to the day I can be a mom. Thank you. 🙂
    Sierra Baker

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot. Motherhood is hard work, but it really is worth every second. Good luck to you and your Husband when you do decide to start a family. If you ever need advice or someone to talk to I’m always here!

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