Easy Toddler Turkey Craft and Activity


We had so much fun with this turkey craft activity, compared to our last fall craft fail.

It’s now hanging proudly on our refrigerator. Alexa absolutely lights up when she sees it.

She says, “Turkey, gobble gobble. Mommy and Lexa make it together, good job!”

Queue the misty eyes. I’m one proud momma.

Easy Toddler Turkey Craft And Activity

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This time we kept it simple, not as messy, but added some fun!

Instead of just making a turkey and glueing pieces together I turned this craft into a craft activity.

Which is great for busy toddlers with more energy than the energizer bunny.

If you’re looking for the best turkey craft to do with your toddler, you’ve found it!

Here’s what you’ll need

Construction paper (White, brown, yellow, red and orange (white and black if you don’t have googly eyes))




Googly eyes (Optional)

orange crayon

Step One: Set up

This time I remembered to not tell Alexa what we were doing until I had all of our material together and ready.

I also set up while she was eating a snack in her high chair.

Needless to say, having done that, things went much smoother than last time.

To make this turkey you will need to cut out:

Easy Toddler Turkey Craft Activity

One small circle and one big circle from the brown piece of paper for the head and body. I traced a bowl and a small cup.

6 feathers from the red, yellow, and orange paper. Stack the pieces and fold them in half. I drew and oval shape with pointed ends about 5 inches long.

Small triangle from the left over piece of orange paper for the beak.

The wattles (red dangly skin under the turkeys beak, totally just had to google what that was called) from the left over red piece of paper. I just drew a squiggly worm shape.

Two white circles and two smaller black circles for the eyes. (Skip this step if you have googly eyes because your toddler didn’t misplace yours *cough* Alexa *cough cough*)

Now you’re almost done, but here comes the activity part.

Easy Turkey Feather Hunt Craft Activity

I hid the feathers so Alexa would have to go on a turkey feather hunt to find then.

It was definitely her favorite part!

For toddlers it’s best to hide the feathers in easy places close together.

Our kitchen cabinets and drawers worked great.

Step Two: Assemble the turkey

Easy Turkey Craft Activity

We glued the big brown circle on the white piece of paper first.

Then I said, “Alexa, where are the feathers? Oh no, where’d they go? Come on, we need to go on a turkey feather hunt!”

She had so much fun collecting the feathers and I really think this step makes the craft!

Next we glued the feathers on.

Help your toddler learn their colors by telling them what color each one is as you glue them on.

Once the feathers are on you can glue on your head, eyes, wattle, and then beak.

Lastly, draw on the legs with your orange crayon.

Easy Toddler Turkey Craft Activity



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