Fall Bucket List For Toddlers

45 Fall Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Are we excited for fall people? I know I am!

It has been a hot muggy summer here in western mass, and I have had it. I am ready to layer up and snuggle up, so bring on that crisp cool fall weather!

And can you believe our little Alexa is almost two?? I can’t handle it! But we’re looking forward to a fun fall season with her and that’s why I’ve put together this Fall Bucket List For Toddlers.

I hope it gives you some inspiration and you enjoy this fall with your little ones!

Fall Foliage

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Fall Bucket List For Toddlers

1.) Go apple picking

My favorite fall activity, and it was made even better once we had Alexa.

When you take your toddler apple picking you can talk about the shape of the apples, the different types, and colors too.

2.) Drink apple cider

3.) Eat apple cider donuts

Apple cider donuts are so good regardless, buuuut I do remember one year we were lucky enough to get a fresh batch that were still hot and they were out of this world delicious. I hope you’re that lucky too!

4.) Get lost in corn maze

Because let’s face it, you will get lost when your toddler is leading the way!

5.) Have a picnic in the park

Before we know it winter will be here and it can be hard to get outside with the little ones.

Take advantage of this weather while it’s here by spending as much time outside as possible.

Going for a picnic in the park is a great way to do just that.

6.) Go to a library

Library’s are great places to bring toddlers especially if yours has a nice children’s area.

Lots of library’s will do a story hour so check your local libraries website.

7.) Go see a football game

8.) Visit a fall festival

9.) Go camping

You don’t even have to go far, you can pitch a tent in your yard. That way you can always go back inside if your toddlers not loving it.

10.) Roast marshmallows

We made s’mores over the fire outside a few nights ago and now it’s Alexa’s new favorite thing. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

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11.) Take a drive and look at the changing leaves

Alexa has taken an interest in learning colors, so I hope she enjoys this activity when it’s time. If not it’s always a nice break for mom to go for a car ride!

12.) Go on a hay ride

13.) Make pumpkin bread

I plan on trying this recipe I found soon.

14.) Go on a hike

A few years back when I was a nanny to three boys I took them on a hike, but I also gave them a bucket and a scavenger hunt list to keep them busy. They had a lot of fun with it.

15.) Go pumpkin picking

Pumpkin picking

16.) Make a festive front door wreath

Check this one out for some inspiration.

17.) Make caramel apples

18.) Carve a pumpkin

I will definitely be setting the video camera up for this one. I’m not sure how Alexa will react to scooping it out but I definitely want to remember that forever.

19.) Watch a Halloween movie

20.) Read Halloween themed books

You need this one, just because there is nothing funnier than hearing your toddler say spooky!

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21.) Make Halloween costumes

We’ve decide on pebbles for Alexa, and Devin and I will be Fred and Wilma Flintstone!

22.) Decorate your house

Time to get out the Halloween decorations. Here are a few I’ve had my eye on!

23.) Host/attend a Halloween party

24.) Go trick or treating

25.) Roast pumpkin seeds

26.) Have a fall photo shoot

Toddlers are hard to photograph but you’re bound to get a few good shots and fall foliage makes for a very beautiful background.

27.) Bake a pie

Alexa’s always asking to “sit the counter” while I’m cooking and I let her help when she can. I’m looking forward to trying to make some pies with her this fall.

28.) Make and decorate leaf sugar cookies

29.) Make a scarecrow

30.) Jump in leaf piles

But don’t forget to check for ticks afterwards!

31.) Make play dough

32.) Host/Attend a thanksgiving dinner

33.) Catch falling leaves

Alexa and I tried this the other day and the giggles I got from her were unforgettable!

34.) Make some fall crafts

Here’s one to try with your toddler this fall.

35.) Make chili and cornbread

36.) Light fall scented candles

Or don’t.

There’s research out that says they’re terrible for you to breathe in, but you can make your own decisions.

37.) Make a crockpot meal

38.) Take a foggy morning walk

Put your little one in the stroller with their favorite blanket and go for a walk before the snow comes!

39.) Take lots of pictures

And then take some more!

Our babies grow up so fast so don’t forget to capture all of these special moments.

40.) Drink hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

41.) Read fall themed books

This one looks like it would be a fun read!

42.) Fly a kite

43.) Play catch

44.) Go to a farmers market

45.) Go to a playground

I know I kept saying it, but I really mean it, get outside while you still can!

Sure, there will be days where you will spend the 20 minutes to an hour chasing your toddler through the house trying to bundle them up.

But it’s a lot of work, and then they want to come back inside after ten minutes anyway.

Get outside while you can and enjoy that fresh crisp fall air while it’s here.

There it is! Hope you liked it, and enjoy this fall with your family!

Have anything to add? We’d love to hear what you’re doing this fall with your toddler! Let us know in the comments below!

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