The 1782 House Home Renovation: Introduction

Home Renovation

Welcome to the introduction of The 1782 House Home Renovation!

If you’ve been around my blog before you may have heard me tell a story about how my darling Fiancé fell in love with a really old house.

Well, here it is…

1782 House Home Renovation


At the time, as a new mother to an 8 month old, I begged him not to buy it.


Well first, it’s was built in 1782! Hence the name we gave it.

Plus, I was a new mother struggling with postpartum anxiety. A huge project like this was the last thing I thought we needed.

But after many, MANY discussions, I just saw this passion in his eyes.

He wanted this house. He wanted this project. He told me it would all work out, so I gave in and trusted him.

Luckily for him, everything has worked out for the most part, so far.

Why This House?

Trust me, I asked this question a million times. But when you think about it, it makes sense for us.

Devin and I want a big family. This house has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and comes with 6.3 acres with the river at the back of it.

It is the perfect place to raise a family.

Now, we definitely couldn’t afford a big house that was in good condition. For what we qualified for we could only afford a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath, on very little land.

Because the 1782 house is in such terrible condition, we got it dirt cheap. Then we borrowed what we would have spent on a small home to renovate most of the first floor.

So, instead of buying a small house and moving into a bigger house when we eventually had the money, we get to live here and finish more rooms when we can. We save our money and room by room eventually we’ll finish the whole house.

I get that’s not for everybody. But for me it was really important that I didn’t move my kids around. I moved a lot as a kid and don’t really have a place to go back to to call home.

When our kids have grown I always want them to be able to come back here and remember this place and all of the memories we made. It really is a dream come true.

If this seems like something you’re interested in doing I recommend you look into rundown houses that are in foreclosure and then do what we did.


Home Renovation Basement

This is definitely what I would consider the worst part of the house. For some reason, Devin loves it 😳

Or at least he did until he had to start going down there every other day to change out the humidifiers because it is sooo wet down there.

A lot of work had to go into the basement just to get it to this point and I will go into that further in future posts.

First Floor

The first floor consists of the kitchen, laundry room, dinning room, 2 living rooms, bathroom, and the foyer. This is the only floor we have started renovating, aside from gutting the other floors.

To grab your interest I’ll show you the before pictures and where we are at currently. Each time we finish a room completely I will put out post and link to materials and decor.

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Kitchen Before Home Renovation


Home Renovation Kitchen

My absolutely favorite room in the whole house, of course! And the closest to being finished!

Not even recognizable!

It still needs finish work, door trim and baseboards, lighting, and the hood needs to be installed.

It will be finished soon and this room will be the first room I’ll do a before and after post about with all of the details from cabinets, countertops, to paint color, and everywhere in between for your inspiration!

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Laundry Room


Laundry Room Before Home Renovation

Yes, that little dark cave right there is the laundry room, located right next to the kitchen.

This is sort of an in between picture, but the second closest room to being finished.

We plan on putting a folding table over the side by side washer and dryer. Also adding cabinets for storage and maybe a drying rack. Stay tuned for an update!

Dinning Room


Dinning Room Home Renovation

Ugh! Would you just look at that wall paper.

It just makes me want to cringe. Hopefully you’re starting to see why I was terrified my fiancé wanted this house, but trust me it gets worse.



Bathroom Before Home Renovation


Home Renovation Bathroom

Home Renovation Bathroom


What a transformation!

We are definitely loving this bathroom so far!

Some trim work, fixtures, and a custom glass shower door and this room will be good to go.

First Living Room

First Living Room Before Home Renovation

Hooray for more hideous wall paper 🤢

But just wait until you see what we have planned for this room!



Foyer Before Home Renovation

This grand entry need A LOT of work, but when we’re done with it, it most definitely will be grand.

Second Living Room

Second Living Room Before Home Renovation

Devin and I are battling over this room. He wants it to be a library office area, and I want it to be a play room.

So it’s going to be a playroom 😎

(We lived with his parents for 6 months until this place was habitable, he owes me)

But, until we have the second floor done, and rooms to live in, once this room is done it will be our bedroom for a while.

Currently we are sleeping in the living room. How fun?

Second Floor

The second floor consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. Because the kitchen, one bathroom, and a bedroom are so close together, by putting up one wall we can, and are considering, making that an apartment to help fund the project.


Bedroom One

Bedroom Two

Bedroom Three

Right at the end of this hallway is where we would put up a wall. Then that side would be a one bedroom, one bath apartment.

Home Renovation Bedroom


Home Renovation Bathroom

This bathroom would be part of our house, and the one below would be in the apartment.

Home Renovation Bathroom




Home Renovation Kitchen

Third Floor

The third floor consists of two bedrooms and an office space.


Home Renovation Bedroom

Home Renovation Bedroom


Home Renovation Office

While it’s not on the top prior list, I am dreaming of the day I have an office!

I really need a quiet creative space to work on projects for this blog.

1782 House Home Renovation

So, as you can see we’ve got a lot of work to do!

If you’re interested at all in following us on this journey please subscribe to my blog for updates!

I’ll be putting out detailed posts for each room with before and after pictures and details on what we used just in case you want the same look!

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