37 First Home Kitchen Essentials

37 First Home Kitchen Essentials

New Kitchen Essentials

Today I am excited to share with you a list I have put together of the basic kitchen essentials you will need to start cooking in your new home.

Leaving the nest and moving into your own apartment or home is such an exciting time in your life.

I remember when I left home and moved in with Devin almost three years ago.

The first few months we made many trips to Walmart in search for random things we hadn’t even thought about needing until we needed them.

For me, a lot of these things were kitchen items.

First Home Kitchen Essentials

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1.) Dinnerware




When choosing dinnerware it is always best to choose something durable. Also don’t forget to check the reviews. I have fallen in love with some dinnerware sets, only to check the reviews and see that they scratch and break easily.


2.) Drinkware




There are a lot of nice drinkware sets available in many different styles. I suggest going with a thicker glass because they are less likely to break compared to the thinner glasses.

3.) Silverware



I have found that smoother silverware sets are a lot easier to clean compared to sets with textures and designs because food gets stuck in the grooves.



4.) Frying Pans



You will need a few frying pans in varying sizes. Three Pans, 11 in, 9.5 in, and 8 in is a good place to start. Even better if they come with lids because a lot of recipes call for covering the dish while cooking.

5.) Pots




Same as frying pans you will most likely want three pots, small, medium, and large.

6.) Cookware Set




Cookware sets are great because you can get all of the pots and pans you need at a better price than if you were to buy them all separately. Most also include some utensils.




7.) Mixing Bowls




If you like to bake then you need a good set of mixing bowls. I recommend going with light weight bowls. I have used some heavier mixing bowls that are just impossible to hold with one hand while trying to scoop out the ingredients with the other.


8.) Cookie Sheet





9.) Cake Pan





10.) Muffin Pan





11.) Bread Pan





12.) Baking Dishes




Baking dishes with lids are great so you don’t have to dirty more dishes to store the food in. Just pop the lid on when you are done and stick it in the fridge for later.


13.) Pizza Pan




Devin loooves pizza so I am always looking for the best way to make it homemade. I’ve found that the perforated pizza pans give a nicer crispier crust.

14.) Cooling Rack





Utensils & Gadgets


15.) Knife Set



If you have the money I recommend going with a quality knife set. I thought knives were knives so I went with a cheap one and they got rust spots on them after one wash.


16.) Cutting Boards



In my opinion bamboo or wooden cutting boards are far better than plastic or glass cutting boards.


17.) Spatula





18.) Whisk






19.) Baking Spatula




These spatulas are great because they are made of silicone. They can withstand high temperatures without melting.

20.) Tongs





21.) Wooden Spoons





22.) Ladle





23.) Measuring Cups and Spoons




The first set of measuring cups and spoons I bought were plastic and after a few months of use the writing on them wore off. I recommend going with some good quality meltal ones so that this doesn’t happen to you.


24.) Peeler




You can use a knife to do your peeling but I much better prefer using a peeler. They are faster and waste less.


25.) Grater



I like this grater because it collects what you are grating in the attached plastic container. Less mess in the kitchen to clean up is always great.


26.) Can Opener




You can get a handheld can opener, or you can save yourself time and frustration with an electric can opener. I think they’re definitely worth it and really not that much more expensive.


27.) Pizza Cutter



Some cookware sets come with a pizza cutter but they are usually cheap and flimsy. I recommend buying a quality one seperately if you cook a lot of pizza.




28.) Coffee Maker




There are so many different amazing coffee pots out there with very helpful functions like a timer so your coffee will be ready for you when you wake up.


29.) Tea Kettle





30.) Toaster





31.) Blender





32.) Mixer





33.) Food Processor





34.) Slow Cooker



Everyone needs a slow cooker. Put all the ingredients in in the morning, set, and forget. Absolutely delicious dinner everytime and so easy to use.


Storage & Organization


35.) Containers




Make sure to get sturdy food storage containers. They are just a little bit more expensive but last so much longer than the cheap thinner stuff.



36.) Dish Cloths





37.) Dish Towels




These 37 kitchen essentials are sure to get you off to a good start cooking in your new kitchen. Did I miss anything? What are some kitchen items that you couldn’t live without?

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Kitchen ideas
Grab this kitchen essentials list to stock up on everything you’ll need to cook in your new home kitchen. #homedecor #kitchen
This kitchen essentials list has everything you need to get cooking in your new home kitchen. #kitchenideas


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