Bathroom Cabinet Organization Before & After

Bathroom Cabinet Organization Before & After

Ever since we moved into this disaster of a home two years ago I have done nothing but crave organization.


I don’t think it’s much for someone to want for a place to put their clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings right? Especially someone with mild OCD.


But unfortunately our home renovation has moved along at a snails pace, leaving me without the space to have everything in it’s own place.


Why am I rhyming?  


With our second child due in roughly six weeks I decided to reward myself. Not only for making it through a tough pregnancy but also for living in a fixer upper for over two years without a bedroom to call my own.


And the reward I chose was new towels and organization bins for our bathroom cabinet. A baby step towards the clean and organized home I so desperately long for.


I’ll be linking to all the products used for this project just in case you’d like to copy this look. Don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest so you don’t lose it ❤️


Bathroom Cabinet Organization Before & After


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Bathroom cabinet organization before picture




Before my bathroom cabinet organization my bathroom cabinet was a cluttered mess.


I couldn’t find what I needed when I needed it and when I did find something and proceeded to reach for it I would knock multiple things over in my efforts.


Several items had found there way into my bathroom cabinet that had no business being there but no other place to go.


And don’t get me started on those old ragged dingy mismatched towels. It was a mess.


If you want to organize your bathroom cabinet and don’t know where to start keep reading to learn the simple steps I took to turn my awful cluttered mess into a Martha Stewart dream.



Bathroom cabinet organization after picture




Tada! Talk about satisfying your OCD, am I right?


The best part was, organizing my bathroom cabinet only took about an hour. That is after waiting a week or so for my new towels and storage bins to come in the mail.


But that’s not bad right? I’d gladly give an hour for a lifetime of organized bliss.


Keep reading to find out where to find the products I used and how I utilized my beautiful new bathroom storage baskets.



Bathroom cabinet organization



How To Organize Bathroom Cabinets




The first thing you want to do is think of what color scheme and material you’re going for. You don’t want everything to be the same color or material but picking too many can look a little too chaotic.


For my bathroom I went with metal baskets and wicker baskets with fabric. I decided to break up the wicker with a light shade of gray for the smaller baskets and a darker shade for the bigger ones to give the look a little dimension.


Then to lighten things up and really go for that spa look I went with white towels.




This step is very important if you don’t want to end up returning your storage bins. You’ll need to measure the height, width and depth of each shelf.


This way when you start looking at baskets you’ll know what size to get and how many you can fit on each shelf. Keep in mind you’ll want and inch or two between baskets and on the sides so things don’t look too cramped or cluttered.




Now before you go browsing for storage bins you may want to sketch out what you’d like your bathroom cabinets to look like.


You can skip this step if that sounds too daunting to you. I just don’t know what I like until I see it so it helped for me to draw it out.


Try breaking things up with different sizes and amounts for each shelf.


When you start looking for baskets and bins it can be a little frustrating. I found some I liked but they would be the right height and width but not depth or visa versa.


It might take a little bit but eventually you’ll find the right combination.



Bathroom organization plan





Once you have everything for your bathroom cabinet organization project you just have to decide what goes where.


Theres no point in getting this far just to fill each bin with random items.


I used the larger baskets one for myself, my husband, toiletries, and one for the girls. Then wash clothes and hand towels under those and toilet paper in the wire baskets.


I haven’t decided what to put on the top shelf yet. It’s so high up and the baskets are small but I wasn’t going to leave that shelf empty so I got the little baskets and I’m sure I’ll find something to go in them soon.


Decorative Bathroom Shelf Storage Bins


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m in love with my new bathroom cabinet, let me know what you think! Would you have done anything differently?


If you want this same look at your house you can find everything I used down below.


Smoke Montauk Woven Storage Bin

—> Medium Smoke Montauk Woven Storage Bin <—


For my bathroom cabinet organization project I purchased four of these. Two fit perfectly side by side in my bathroom cabinet on two shelves with enough room in between and on the sides to not look crowded.


I put my makeup, flat iron, curling iron, hairbrush, etc. in mine. My husbands has his cologne, lotions, deodorant etc. in his. Then there’s one for extra toothpaste, soap, q-tips. While the last one has my daughter’s hair ties, baby wash, kids medicine etc.



Small Grey Montauk Storage Bin


—> Small Grey Montauk Storage Bin <—


I got four of these baskets as well and I use two of them to store my wash clothes and the other two for my hand towels.


My wash clothes are folded into rectangles placed slanted and each bin holds six clothes. Then my hand towels are rolled and each bin holds three.



Small Square Grey Montauk Storage Bin


—> Small Square Grey Montauk Storage Bin <—


Three of these small bins sit on the top shelf in my bathroom cabinet. Not much is in them yet but it completed the look. I’m sure I’ll find something to fill them.



Wire Storage Bins



—> Wire Storage Bins <—


These wire storage bins were a must. They break up the wall of wicker and add a nice contrast to the look of my bathroom cabinet.


They sit on the bottom shelf side by side and hold our toilet paper.



Mosobam Luxury Bath Towels



—> Mosobam Luxury Bath Towels <—


So I know my new towels don’t have much to do with the organization of my bathroom cabinet but guys if you’re looking for new bath towels oh my goodness you need these.


These towels are incredible. They are huge, thick, soft and super absorbent. They make me feel like I’m in a spa.


I was so nervous buying towels online because I hate returning things and I wanted to be able to feel them first. But after reading the reviews I just went for it and I am in heaven. Best towels ever!


Thanks for checking out my bathroom cabinet organization project. I hope you found some inspiration for your own home. Don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest ❤️


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How to Organize A Bathroom Cabinet: check out my bathroom organization before and after
Bathroom cabinet organization  before and after with new decorative bathroom storage bin on our bathroom shelves. #bathroom #organization


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