26 Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

26 Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

So you’ve gotten your positive pregnancy test and now you’re wondering how to tell your husband you’re pregnant!




Finding out you’re pregnant can be the most exciting and nerve-racking moment of your life.


I still remember getting that positive result and dropping to my knees crying tears of joy.


After I got myself together I immediately wanted to tell Devin, but I knew I wanted to do it in a memorable and fun way.


If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant here are 26 ways to do just that.


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26 Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

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Bun in the oven


This ones a classic, of course.


This is how I chose to tell Devin I was pregnant with Alexa and it was definitely memorable.


We still love telling the story.


I got my positive result first thing in the morning. I wanted to wait until dinner time, because it would make more sense, but I just couldn’t wait.


So immediately after leaving the bathroom I grab a bun and put it in the oven.


When Devin came downstairs I acted scared that there was something in the oven and asked him what it was.


He goes, “Its just a roll, you must have left it in there last night” and I go, “No, Devin there’s a bun in the oven”.


Then he finally got it and the look on his face was priceless.


Someones moving in


I had this idea the other day and I’m considering this one for the next time we get pregnant.


I was thinking I would buy a pair of baby shoes and put them next to ours on the shoe mat.


Buy a baby coat and hang it up next to our coats and get a baby tooth-brush and put it next to ours in the bathroom.


If he’s really oblivious and you make it to dinner time you can set an extra plate at the table too.


Then just wait and see how long it takes for him to catch on.


Caught on camera


This one would be tricky for us because we don’t really ever take selfies together, let alone a video.


But I know a lot of couples do and this is definitely a moment you’re going to want to replay over and over.


Maybe say you want to send a video to a relative saying happy birthday, but as soon as you hit play tell him you’re pregnant!


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A little similar to the last one but with pictures instead.


I saw so many cute husband pregnancy reveal photo reactions when I was researching for this post, I just knew this had to be on the list.


Some people go all out and hire a photographer, and the husband just thinks they’re getting family portraits done.


But you can also have a family member or friend snap the shots to save money.


Just make sure they know you’re pregnant or when you say it they’ll probably be too shocked to take the pictures!


Pregnancy shirt


Part of me really wants to try this one just because my husband is so oblivious, it would take him forever to catch on.


Which would be funny at first but I’d probably end up having to wear the shirt for a day or two before he caught on, so I don’t know.


Big sibling shirt


All of these ideas are cute, but for Devin I think he’d enjoy this one the most.


And it would be easy to because Alexa loves to dress up, i’m talking at least 10 wardrobe changes a day.


After each time she changes she comes to show us and we tell he how beautiful she looks.


If you do have children already and you’re considering this reveal you can check these out, there are so many options:


Big Sister Shirt

Big Sister Shirt


Big Brother Shirt

Big Brother Shirt


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Story time


Again if you have children already, you can do this reveal.


Just purchase a big sister or big brother book and have your little one ask Daddy to read it or you can just start reading it to them when he’s around and see how long it take to catch on.


Big Sister Book

Big Sister Book



Big Brother Book

Big Brother Book


You’ve hit the lottery


I thought this was so cute when I found it!


Winning some extra cash is nice but finding out you’re having a baby is better!


Pregnancy Reveal Lottery Tickets

Pregnancy Reveal Lottery Tickets


Baby menu


Dinner Menu

Baby Back Ribs

Baby corn

Baby carrots

Baby red potatoes


For this reveal you make this dinner.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sure my husband wouldn’t get it.


So ask him questions like, “Do you like your BABY back ribs” and “Is your BABY corn good?”


Scream for ice cream


Does your husband have a sweet tooth?


Serve ice cream for dessert and stick this spoon in his bowl!


Pregnancy reveal spoon



New Netflix Account


Devin and I used to binge watch shows on Netflix together.


If you and your husband use Netflix regularly then add an account and name it Baby!


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Size of the baby


This is a really sweet way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.


Depending on how many weeks you are, put the following in your hand and ask him if he knows what it is.


No matter what he says all you have to do is respond with, “That’s how big our baby is right now”.


4 Weeks: Poppy Seed

5 Weeks: Peppercorn

6 Weeks: Pomegranate Seed

7 Weeks: Blueberry

8 Weeks: Raspberry

9 Weeks: Cherry

10 Weeks: Kumquat


He’ll be puzzled


Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle


If your husband enjoys puzzles then you need to get him this one.


Give him a gift


Another classic, so it just had to make the list.


Wrap your positive pregnancy test in a box and give it to him.


Finding out he’s going to be a Dad will best the best gift he’s ever received.


A little advice for this one though.


If I can remember correctly the digital tests will go blank after a certain amount of time so it’s better to go with the line test instead.


Coffee mug surprise


Pregnancy Reveal Mug


Or tea, we don’t judge.


I’m sure your husband will appreciate the caring gesture of you making his morning cup of coffee and bringing it to him.


And you’ll enjoy the look on his face when he see what’s on the bottom of this mug.


A lot on our plate


Similar to the mug, this plate will make for a dinner story you’ll tell again and again for years to come.


Lets get fat together


Ugh I got sooo fat when I was pregnant, this should have been the reveal for my husband!


Just get him his favorite fatty snack, with a note or card wrapped around it saying “Let’s get fat together”.


When he looks at you confused you can tell him you’re eating for two!


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Holiday Announcements


While all of the above are fun ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant, telling him on a holiday can be extra special!


If you find out you’re pregnant on or around a holiday you can tell your husband you’re pregnant in one of these fun ways.


New Years


New Years Pregnancy Announcement Sign

New Years Pregnancy Announcement Sign


Valentines Day


Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Shirt


St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Shirt


Independence Day


Independence Day Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Independence Day Pregnacy Announcement Shirt




Easter Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Shirt




Halloween Pregnancy Reveal Costume

Halloween Pregnancy Reveal Costume




Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirt




Baby Christmas Stocking

Baby Christmas Stocking


How did you tell your husband you’re pregnant?


What way are you planning to tell your husband you’re pregnant? How have you told him in the past?


Let us know in the comments below!


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These cute pregnancy announcement to husband ideas are creative and easy to do. Use these surprise baby announcing ideas to tell your partner you’re expecting.
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Creative baby announcing ideas for husband! Tell your parter you’re pregnant with these cute baby announcements.
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