The BEST Gender Reveal Party Idea

The Best Gender Reveal Party Idea

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased, but the gender reveal party I went to two weeks ago had to be the best gender reveal I have ever seen.

Just to get an idea of what that means, I did spend hours scouring the internet for gender reveal ideas for a post I put out a few months ago: Top 10 Best Gender Reveal Ideas

So I’ve seen it all. The cupcake, the balloon, the piñata, the burn out, you name it.

They are all great gender reveals, but my uncle has a knack for coming up with great ideas and I do believe he nailed it with this one.

This gender reveal was so suspenseful and exciting it’s getting my vote for best gender reveal party idea of all time!

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The Mommy And Daddy To Be

Gender reveal

My cousin and her husband are expecting a little bundle of joy and we all found out the gender at their gender reveal party a couple weeks ago.

The entire party was so much fun so before I get to the big reveal I want to share a few other gender reveal party details with you.

If that doesn’t interest you, you can scroll down to the video at the bottom of this post.

Gender Reveal Party Clothes

Gender reveal party dress

Gender Reveal Party Dress

The mommy to be look looked gorgeous in her sleeveless pink and blue floral maxi dress.

I loved her idea to wear pink and blue instead of one or the other.

This dress is beautiful, comfortable, and ladies it has POCKETS. Can’t beat that.

Find it —> HERE

Man Behind The Bump Shirt

Gender reveal t-shirt

The daddy to be was sporting this fun The Man Behind The Bump novelty t-shirt that he custom cut into a tank top.

Find it —> HERE


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Keeper of the gender t-shirt

Keeper Of The Gender Shirt

In order for this gender reveal idea to work, one family member needed to know the gender and he wore his title proudly in this fun Keeper Of The Gender novelty t-shirt that he also custom cut into a tank top.

Find it —> HERE

Gender reveal party stickers and gender reveal bracelets

Gender Reveal Party Guests

The guests got to show off if they were team pink or team blue by wearing these stickers and snap bracelets.

Super cute and I love that the bracelet kept my toddler entertained as well.

Wheels or Heels Stickers —> HERE

She Or He Bracelets —> HERE

Gender Reveal Party Decor

The color scheme for the party was pink and blue, of course, but they also added a touch of gold which looked great.

Gender reveal party decor

Shop This Look

Heels Or Wheels Banner

Pink And Blue Lantern/Pom Pom Kit

Pink And Blue Confetti Balloons

Chalkboard Signs

Shiny Fringe Curtain

Girl/Boy Letter Balloons

Gender reveal party cake

Gender Reveal Cake

Is this not the cutest gender reveal cake?

I have to give a shout out to Gambles Bakery in Queensbury New York. Not only are they extremely talented, but they are really genuinely nice people.

They also did my wedding cake last year and we were very satisfied customers.

If you’re ever in upstate New York and you need a cake they’re the place to go.


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The Best Gender Reveal Party Idea

We talked gender reveal party clothes, we talked decor, we even talked cake.

Now let’s get to that reveal. The absolute best, suspenseful, exciting, gender reveal party idea!

Here it is!

Was that cool or what?!

The plane flew by once to let us know it was time to get out in the field.

Then we’re all just standing there, we can hear it but we can’t see it.

You can’t miss the look of excitement on that happy couples faces!

Then we can see it, the plane flies into view!

Over or heads and let’s out BLUE dust from the exhaust!

It’s a BOY!


Gender reveal party

This is why you hire a photographer!

This photo captures such a beautiful moment.

Those are two extremely excited “parents to be” finding out their first child will be a boy!

Gender Reveal Party

There are a lot of people out there who think gender reveal parties are silly.

I’ll agree to disagree.

I don’t see anything silly about bringing friends and family together and sharing this wonderful moment.

Gender Reveal Party

Huge congratulations goes out to these two! I am so happy for them.

They are going to be wonderful parents!

Thank you for sharing this moment with your family and friends and for letting me share your gender reveal party with my readers!

Best gender reveal party idea

What exciting over the top gender reveals have you seen? I want to know in the comments below!

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The best gender reveal party idea I have ever seen!
Best gender reveal ideas
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Looking for gender reveal ideas for your gender reveal party? Try this gender reveal party idea to wow your friends and family. #genderreveal #pregnancy #partyideas
My cousin did a plane smoke bender reveal at her gender reveal party and it was so exciting. #genderrevealideas
This post is about my cousins gender reveal party. They did a plane smoke gender reveal. I also share their gender reveal party decoration and gender reveal clothes. #genderrevealparty
I’m sharing my cousins plane smoke gender reveal idea, her gender reveal party decorations and her gender reveal dress. #genderrevealideas


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