First Year Baby Photography Ideas

Baby photo ideas

I’ve collected all of my favorite photos I took of Alexa during her first year to give you some baby photography ideas and inspiration.

Along with the photos I’ll also let you know what I used and tips for getting the shot.

Your baby’s first year goes by so fast and you can never take enough baby photos.

You can still take nice monthly photos of your baby even if you don’t have the money to hire a photographer.

I took and edited all of these baby photos below myself with my iPhone.

Using my baby photography ideas, tips, and tricks you can do the same.

I’ve linked to photo props you can use to create the same looks as me. Because these photos were taken a while ago and a lot of the clothes and blankets were gifts I wasn’t able to link to those exact items. The links I’ve provided are to similar items that I recommend.

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Tips For DIY Baby Photos

If I learned anything from taking my own baby photos, it’s that photographers earn their money.

Photographing a live subject is difficult, especially when that live subject is a baby and the photographer is a tired mom.

Use these tips for DIY baby photos below to make your baby photoshoots go a little more smoothly.

  • Keep baby photoshoots short
  • Take baby photos when your baby is well rested, feed, and changed
  • Get all photo props, clothes, background together and set up while baby is napping
  • Having another person around for an extra set of hands helps
  • Make sure to charge your phone or camera ahead of time

In The Hospital Baby Photography Ideas

Hospital baby photography ideas

I am so beyond happy that I took this baby photo in the hospital. It is one of my favorites.

This photo was taken the day after she was born.

I was just sitting up in the hospital bed holding her swaddled with one arm and took the photo with my other hand.

I love how her eyes are open.

Whenever someone has a baby the first few photos they share the baby always has their eyes closed.

With their eyes closed I think all newborns look the same. I feel like you don’t really get to see what a baby looks like until they open their eyes.

Hospital Baby Photos I Wish I Took

In my exhausted and sore new mom state, I missed a few photos I wish I had taken.

I definitely recommend making a note of what shots you want to take and sticking that note in your hospital bag so you don’t forget.

  • baby in hospital bassinet
  • baby’s first bath
  • first time mom holds baby
  • baby getting weighed

Newborn Baby Photography Ideas

Newborn baby photo ideas

Newborn baby photo

Your baby grows and changes so much in that first month. Before you have a one month baby photo shoot try to get a newborn photo shoot during the first two weeks.

What To Use:

Tips For Getting The Shot:

I put a boppy pillow on our couch and covered it and the back of the couch with a shaggy fur throw blanket.

Feed, burped, and changed my baby.

Then put the head band on and swaddled her.

Held her until she fell asleep and then lied her down on top of the blanket covered boppy pillow.

Take photos from multiple points of view. Standing on a stool and getting a birds eye view gives a great photo.


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One Month Baby Photos

One month baby photography ideas

What To Use:

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Set up your photo props first by placing a boppy pillow on the floor and covering it with a shaggy fur blanket.

Preferably in front of a window for the best lighting.

Two Month Old Baby Photography Ideas

Two month old photography

What To Use:

Tips For Getting The Shot:

For this baby photo you’ll want to place two pillows on a bed and cover them with a white sheet.

Place baby on the pillows and use a stool to snap a shot from a birds eye view.

Make sure to position baby in the frame with room in the photo to add a two months sticker using the baby pics app.

Three Month Old Baby Photos

Three month old baby photos

Remember my DIY baby photo tips? Make sure to charge your phone or camera before the baby photoshoot.

I got everything ready for this shoot and realized my phone was about to die.

Time was of the essence so I grabbed an old digital camera I had but had no idea how to use.

Turned out that the camera settings had the brightness way too high. When I tried to edit the photo on my phone and turn the brightness down I ended up with this bright/dark combo.

Lesson learned.

What To Use:

Tips For Getting This Shot:

Put two pillows on a bed and cover with a white sheet. Lay the shaggy fur blanket in different positions using my photos as reference.


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Four Month Old Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Four month old baby photo ideas

What To Use:

  • head band
  • onesie
  • monthly photo stickers
  • crib
  • muslin swaddle blankets
  • crib blanket
  • stuffed animal
  • stool

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Place photo props like stuffed animals and blankets in and on the sides of the crib. Use my photos for reference.

Use a stool to get a birds eye view photo.

Five Month Old Baby Photography Ideas

Five month old baby photos

What To Use:

  • two blankets
  • baby swing seat
  • onesie
  • head band
  • monthly photo stickers
  • hard wood floor

Tips For Getting This Look:

Not only did my baby swing offer the only place my baby would sit without crying, but the seat was detachable so it came in so handy for our baby photoshoots.

To give a fluffy cloud effect I draped a thicker blanket over the seat and then put the shaggy fur blanket on top.

Six Month Old Baby Photoshoot

Six month old baby photos

What To Use:

  • hair bow
  • monthly photo stickers
  • onesie
  • boppy pillow
  • shaggy fur blanket
  • potted plant
  • grass

Tips For Getting This Shot:

As the weather gets nice and you are tempted to take outdoor baby photos, take lighting into consideration.

I tried to take these photos on a bright sunny day. This causes harsh shadows on the face.

Cloudy or overcast days make for better lighting.

In this photo I used the boppy pillow again to prop baby up and covered it with a shaggy fur blanket.


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Seven Month Old Baby Photos

Seven months old baby photography ideas

What To Use:

  • dress
  • monthly photo sticker
  • two blankets
  • baby swing seat
  • tree
  • grass
  • stool
  • baby pics app

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Use two blankets again to give your baby seat that cloudy fluffy cradle look.

Create that gorgeous nature scene simply by placing the seat next to a tree on the grass. I just love the contrast between the grass and the tree in these shots.

Use a stool to get those birds eye view shots.

Leave room in the frame for those baby pics app stickers.

Eight Month Old Baby Photography Ideas

Eight month old baby photoshoot

I was less than pleased with these photos but here’s what happen.

The only days I had off to take these pictures it was down pouring. We had almost no natural light coming in from the windows so I had to use a lamp.

I can not stress using natural lighting. It can really make or break a photo.

What To Use:

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Use natural lighting! I honestly believe these photos would have been so nice if it had been a sunny day and we had that natural light coming in the windows.

Nine Month Old Baby Photo Ideas

First year baby photography ideas

What To Use:

  • Staircase (bottom step only)
  • cute plaid dress
  • monthly photo stickers

Tips For Getting The Shot:

With some great photos there’s no need for props.

I absolutely love this picture of Alexa and she’s just sitting on the stairs making the cutest face.

You’ll get those photos too when you least expect it.

Ten Month Old Baby Photos

Ten month old photos

What To Use:

  • cute outfit
  • monthly photo sticker
  • leaves
  • tree

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Simply place baby on the leafy ground next to a tree.


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Eleven Month Old Baby Photo Ideas

Eleven month old baby photos

What To Use:

  • cute outfit
  • monthly photo stickers
  • stroller
  • grass
  • tree

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Your little one will be tempted to play with the monthly photo stickers at this age. As long as some of the shots have the right side facing the camera then the picture will turn out pretty cute.

One Year Old Photography Ideas

One year old photography ideas

What To Use:

  • cute outfit
  • monthly photo sticker
  • sentimental family chair

Tips For Getting The Shot:

Try photographing your little one on or with a sentimental item.

For this photo I put Alexa on her great grandmothers chair.

Not only did this picture turn out great, but I know it pulled on the heart strings of a few family members.

Have you tried DIY baby photos? How’d it go? I want to know in the comments below!

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