How My Phone Helps Me Be A Good Mom

How My Phone Helps Me Be A Better Mom | Toddler Discipline Ideas

Raising kids in today’s world run by technology and trying to be a good mom is hard.

In so many ways technology has helped us and made our lives easier.

I mean where would I be without my hair dryer? My microwave? My Keurig!? Ooh, my sweet sweet Keurig. I love it so much.

But what about TV’s, computers, tablets, and phones?

As parents we are warned constantly about the negative impacts technology will have on our children.

We know it’s bad and yet when our toddlers take their pull-ups off and decide to play Picasso, using our living room walls as their blank canvas, how do we not plop them in front of the TV or glue them to the couch with a tablet while we tackle the exhausting task of cleaning that up?

I do! I’ll confess it at the top of my lungs. My toddler watches TV! She plays on a tablet! I even let her watch *whispers* YouTube 🤭

I’m not embarrassed. Not even a little ashamed, and you want to know what else? I’m a damn good mom.

My daughter’s height and weight are healthy. She has a very extensive vocabulary and an incredible memory. She’s potty trained, has manners, and she does her chores.

I’m not saying technology is good for her. I’m just letting you know, Mama don’t feel bad for letting them watch a little TV when you slept five hours last night, you’re wearing that shirt that still has the spit up stain on it from yesterday because nothing else is clean, and it’s past noon but you haven’t had a second to brush your teeth yet.

They can watch a little TV while you take a break.

Its all about moderation. As long as you counter the technology with lots of play inside and out, reading, sensory activities, socialization, etc. then you are all good. You’re a good mom and don’t let anyone try to convince you that you’re not.


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Moderation Goes Both Ways

A lot of moms seem to be so concerned with their child’s usage of technology they turn a blind eye to the impact their own is having on their child.

I’m not judging, it’s hard. These things are like little personal assistants.

My phone wakes me, reminds me of appointments, keeps me connected. It’s my notebook for new blog post ideas, my calculator, you get it, you know right?

You want to know what it also is? Mindless scrolling on Facebook and Pinterest whenever we’re bored. It’s an addiction for some, and who’s watching? Our kids.

I read this story a while back about teachers asking kids in school to draw a picture of what makes their moms happy, for Mother’s Day.

Wanna guess what most of the kids drew?

Yea, iPhones. Lots and lots of iPhones.

After I read that I swore to myself I’ll be damned if you ask my daughter to draw what makes me happy and she doesn’t hand you a picture of her beautiful smiling face and golden curls.

How My Phone Helps Me Be A Good Mom

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How my phone helps me be a good mom

I try to be aware of how much I use my phone around my daughter. Honestly I try to keep it to a bare minimum and only use it when she’s asleep or not with me.

I may text my husband or family back quick, make a phone call, and she loves to FaceTime my mom. What I won’t do is mindless scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest, or watching funny videos.

When my daughters around I’m cooking, cleaning, working, or playing with her. Doing productive things and setting a good example.

So, how does my phone help me be a good mom?

The one thing my phone is good for in parenting is it’s TIMER.

I’ve mention on my blog before how I’m raising a strong willed child.

Mama’s I have my hands full with this little girl. I am a caring, nurturing, loving mother but I do expect and demand respect from my child.

When Alexa misbehaves I remind her that there will be consequences for her misbehavior. That’s her warning.

She’s definitely becoming a little less defiant as she gets older and knows and dislikes the consequences that follow some of her actions, but this little girl is a fighter.

If she really wants to do something, she’s doing it. All. Day. Long.

Like I said, I’m a good mom. No matter how exhausting it is to correct her behavior over and over again, I do it.

I’ve found that time outs work the best for her. After them she won’t repeat the bad behavior that got her there (at least not in the same day).


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With that being said she would cry and complain and just drive me right through a wall until….I started using my phone timer for time outs.

See what happens when you put a toddler in time out and tell them they need to sit for a few minutes they can’t comprehend that time limit.

They’re mad they can’t do what they wanted to do, they’re mad they have to sit, and they see no end in sight.

Enter the timer.

Once I started telling Alexa she had to sit until they timer went off she was intrigued. She stopped crying.

The timer went off and I told her she could get up.

It’s like the timer has her in time out, not me. Nope, I’m a good mom.

Now 90% of the time, like magic, when she needs a time out she tells me, “Mommy, when the timer goes off I can get up.”

When the timer goes off I remind her why she had to sit and ask her nicely to not repeat the behavior that got her there and we’re good to go.

I’m not saying this will work for every child, every child is different, but it’s worth a shot Mama.

Either way, I still think you’re a good mom 😉

XOXO Sierrah

If you try my little timeout timer trick let me know how it works in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends and family on Facebook and Pinterest, it’ll mean the world to me ❤️ Thank you!

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