16 Easter Crafts To Do With Your Toddler


If you’ve read my first post then you know that we are currently living with my soon to be in-laws while the house we just bought gets worked on.

We have limited space here so, of our belongings, we’ve tried to keep only what we need for the next few months and put the rest in storage at the new house.

As you can probably imagine, my craft supply collection did not make the cut. Terrible timing, because Alexa is just getting to the age where she can start doing simple crafts. Not to mention I decided to start this blog that I want to share my own craft ideas on.

I’m being told that we will only be here one more month, fingers crossed. In the mean time, I’m excited to share with you this list I put together of my favorite crafts from other mommy bloggers. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to try these soon too!

16 Easter Crafts To Do With Your Toddler

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 Egg Crafts

1.) Easter Egg Potato Stamping



2.) Sticky Easter Egg

Of everything i’ve found this craft has got to be my favorite. If I know my daughter, and I think I do, she is going to love this.



3.) Mess Free Egg Painting

Mess free fun makes for happy mommies!



4.) Easter Egg Roll And Paint



5.) Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Looks very messy, but the messiest crafts are almost always the most fun. At least until clean up time!


Or check out these craft kits…


6.) Easter Egg Magnet Foam Craft Kit

7.) Easter Egg Decorating Craft Kit

8.) Foam Easter Egg Character Ornament Craft Kit


Bunny Crafts

9.) Little Bunnies

I’m sure our little ones will get a kick out of seeing themselves transformed into bunny’s this Easter.



10.) Handprint Bunny

This little handprint bunny is just so simple and sweet. A must do this Easter!



11.) Footprint Easter Bunny

The footprint for ears and bunny feet is super cute, but if you look close you’ll see the body is made of handprints too!



12.) Foot Print Bunny

This craft is just adorable. This is one of those ones where, if it turns out really nice, you can frame it and use it as a Easter decoration around the house.



13.) Bunny Ear Hat

Alexa loves to put anything on her head, clothes, hats, books, seriously anything. Also if you ask her what the bunny does she will start hopping, so I know when we make this one she is going to go crazy for it!


Or check out theses craft kits…


14.) Easter Party Craft Kit

15.) Bunny Ears Craft Kit

16.) Bunny Frame Magnet Kit


There it is! 16 Easter Crafts To Do With Your Toddler, I hope you like them. Let me know which ones you try and how it goes in the comments!

Try these fun Easter crafts for kids to celebrate the Easter holiday this year. #eastercrafts #kidscrafts


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