What I Should Have Put On My Baby Registry


When I was pregnant for Alexa I really enjoyed putting my registry together. How could picking out things for your baby not be fun?

If you’re on a budget like I was, it’s important to do your research. Ask other moms what they used the most and what they could live without.

There are plenty of resources online as well, like this one. While I’d love to tell you mine is the best and is all you need, it’s just not the truth.

Every family is different and every baby is different.

For some families, a pacifier is a life saver and you’ll want to stock up on those because they always seem to disappear when you need them. However, some babies don’t care for them much at all.

Today I am going to share with you the baby products I put on my registry and the ones I wish I had put on my registry.

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What I Should Have Put On My Baby Registry

To start, you need to pick where you want to make your registry.

My thought process on this was to go with Walmart because they have some of the lowest prices.

I figured I’d end up with more of what I needed this way.

What I didn’t realize is some companies offer discounts on all the items you didn’t receive at your baby shower.

Walmart wasn’t one of them, and I didn’t find this out until it was too late.

I highly recommend going with an Amazon Baby Registry

The benefits of going with this registry are phenomenal!

It’s a Universal Registry. Which means you can add items from any website, instead of being limited to one!

They have an app, so you can add items from wherever whenever. You’ll be thankful for this when mommy brain sets in and you can’t remember a thing.

They have a 90-Day return policy. You’re going to be super busy with your new baby.

With this registry you can rest easy knowing you have plenty of time to make returns.

They actually have a completion discount! Unlike my registry.

After your baby shower date you get a 10% discount on all remaining items or a 15% discount if you’re a Amazon Prime Member.

Next Step: Add Items To Your Registry


Changing pad + cover
Night stand

I thought I did a pretty good job. I definitely didn’t regret going with the changing pad on the dresser instead of a changing table.

Definitely saved some room, and money.

What I Should Have Added

Changing Pad Covers

I know, I know, they were already on the list.

My mistake was only thinking I would need one! If your baby is like mine was they will poop and pee every time you take their diaper off.

Be smart and have a few back ups while the others are in the wash.

Wipe Warmer

Now I know this one is very controversial. I read a lot of different opinions on this one. I sided with the nay sayers first, and then regretted it.

Alexa was born in November. Where we live it’s cold in November, which means your wipes are probably going to be cold too.

They might not feel too cold on your hands, but do me a favor and go put that wipe on your downstairs.


Get a wipe warmer.

Diaper Genie

Oh my goodness, do those dirty diapers get stinky.

I thought just bagging them and putting them in the trash bin with a lid would be fine. I was wrong, and boy did our house start to stink.


Convertible Car Seat
Pack n’ Play
Diaper bag
Baby Carrier
Baby Monitor

All must haves! Alexa is 15 months and I still use every one of these, except for the swing.

We used the swing until she got more mobile and tried to get out of it, but it was a lifesaver.

What I Should Have Added

Infant Carseat

I love Alexa’s convertible car seat because she can use it until she’s big enough not to need one.

But during those first few months when she would fall asleep in the car it would have been amazing to carry her inside and be able to finish that nap.

We ended up getting one later on because of that reason, but it would have been even more beneficial to have it from the beginning.

Backseat Mirror

I don’t know why I didn’t think I would need one of these.

The first time I drove with Alexa by myself I had a panic attack. I couldn’t see her, she wasn’t making noise. How could I tell if she was okay?

Backseat mirror.

I ended up getting one very soon after she was born, problem solved.

Baby Seat

The swing was a great place to put Alexa when I needed a break but it was only in the living room.

While I don’t recommend you keep a baby in a seat all day (they need to be held and have tummy time for development) it is nice to be able to set your baby down to make a bottle or put laundry away, etc.

Having a place to put your baby down in every room can make things a whole lot easier on yourself!


Breast Pump
Breast Milk Freezer Bags
Nursing Pillow
Burp Cloths
High Chair
Baby Spoons

What I Should Have Added

Bottle Warmer

I didn’t bottle feed Alexa a lot because I breastfeed and she is almost always with me.

However it would have been nice to have a bottle warmer when we did have to give her a bottle.

They are a lot quicker than heating up a bottle in a bowl of warmer water.

Nursing Pillow Cover

I got a boppy pillow at my baby shower. I absolutely loved it those first few months.

However, it didn’t come with a cover. Your baby is going to drool, spit up, etc., you’re going to need a cover.

Nursing Bras, Tops, and Pads

If you plan on nursing your baby I highly recommend being prepared. Nursing bras, tops, and pads, make nursing a lot easier.

In my opinion, you can never have enough.


Healthcare Kit
Infant Tub
Hooded Towels
Wash Cloths
Baby Shampoo
Baby Lotion
Laundry Detergent

What I Should Have Added

The Blooming Bath

I put a hard plastic infant tub that sets into the sink on my registry and I was so thankful to receive it at my baby shower.

It looked like a little mini bath tub and it was so cute. I couldn’t wait to use it when Alexa finally arrived.

I loved it, but Alexa, not so much.

It turned out a hard plastic surface is the last thing an infant wants supporting their body when they’re being submerged into water.

Duh. Rookie mom mistake.

Don’t be like me, go with the blooming bath.



What I Should Have Added

Sleep Sacks

I didn’t put these on my registry but I was lucky enough to receive a bunch from generous family members. These things are amaaaaazing.

Alexa lived in them until she was too big for them.

Babies kick and squirm. When it’s 3am and your changing a diaper you want to go back to sleep, not wrestle an infants legs back into their pajama pants.

Get plenty of sleep sacks now, and you can thank me later!

I’m sure I missed something! What are some baby products that you absolutely couldn’t have lived without? Let me know in the comments!

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