Spring Wardrobe Must Haves For Toddler Girls



I am so excited for spring I can hardly wait! Alexa and I are ready for warmer weather.

I can’t wait to bring her to the playground, to the beach, anywhere that is not inside!!!

Spring is right around the corner. We’re ready, but is her wardrobe? Honestly, I don’t know. All of her warmer weather clothes that we have are currently packed away.

I could dig them out, see what she has and what she needs. Orrr I could put together the ultimate Spring Wardrobe Must Haves For Toddler Girls, show it to her Dad, and tell him we NEED to go shopping.

Why? Because these are “MUST HAVES”, you see, it says it right there in the title…we’ll see how that goes over.

Spring Wardrobe Must Haves For Toddler Girls

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Alexa lived in these last year. They’re simple, they’re easy, and they come in a ton of different colors and patterns. Here are a few of my favorites.


Floral Ruffle Lace Romper



Carter’s Baby Girl Rompers



Woven Romper



Clothing Sets

I’m a busy momma. I need clothing my daughter to be easy, but I still want her to look cute, of course. Clothing sets are great because you get top and bottom for a good price and they match. Check these out.


Tee and Capri Set



Lip Print Set



Flower Set with Headband




Alexa loves clothes. She has her own laundry basket and, while I try to fold clothes, she takes hers and tries to dress herself. She doesn’t like, however, when I try to dress her.

It’s a daily battle, so I loved dresses last year. They are so easy, just slip over her head and done. Plus, they’re super cute!



Polo Casual Dress



Dress and Cardigan Set



Comfy and Sweet



Sun Hats

Always remember to protect your little ones delicate skin from the sun. Try one of these adorable sun hats.


Reversible Brim Hat



Striped Bow Hat




Alexa used to think every time I put shoes on her it was a game to see how fast she could get them off. Recently though she has been shopping around the house and trying on everyone else’s shoes. We’ll see if I can get her to keep these on.


Pink Chuck Taylors



Bunny Flats





Warm nights call for light comfy pajamas. Although by the middle of Summer i’m sure Alexa will be down to a diaper. She’s my little sweaty girl.


4 Piece Cotton Set



Tee and Shorts Set



Shopping for kids clothes can be a lot of fun. There are so many cute outfits. Is your toddlers wardrobe ready for spring?

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