10 Ways To Soothe A Teething Baby

10 Ways To Soothe A Teething Baby

Your baby’s teeth will begin to arrive starting around the time they’re 6 months old.


Poor baby is likely to experience discomfort, tears and difficulty sleeping.


Luckily there are many teething remedies to help baby feel better throughout this milestone.


Read below to find out how to soothe a teething baby.


10 Ways To Soothe A Teething Baby


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Popsicle teether for baby



Breastmilk Pops


My favorite and I believe most effective way to soothe a teething baby is to give them a breastmilk or baby food frozen popsicle.


Chewing the pops helps teeth cut faster and the cold helps relieve pain.


Plus, not only are you relieving baby’s teething pain but baby is also feeding themself. A win win!


The Nuby Popsicle Tray above is the perfect size for baby and the design helps catch drips for less mess.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



Baby orajel for teething pain



Baby Orajel 


Baby Orajel is a non-medicated cooling gel that relieves teething pain.


The daytime gel soothes baby at home or on the go and the nighttime version has chamomile added to help baby sleep.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



Silicone Teether



Silicone Massager


This teething toy is made from super soft silicone and and I can only imagine those little bristles feel like heaven on poor baby’s hurting gums.


My daughter loved this silicone massager when she was teething. I love that it comes with a case to keep it clean as well.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



Teething mittens



Teething Mittens


I wasn’t even aware that these existed when my daughter was teething or I would have been all over them.


Why? Because as great as traditional teething toys are your baby will inevitably drop them. Then you’ll have to stop what your doing multiple times to retrieve it.


These teething mittens help relieve baby’s teething pain and are secure to baby’s hands. They’re awesome!


Find them on Amazon HERE.



Baby teething bibs



Teething Bibs


Heres another one baby won’t be able to drop. Teething bibs!


I remember putting bibs on my daughter when she was teething or else I was constantly changing her clothes once they were soaked in drool.


I wish I had known they made teething bibs!


Find it on Amazon HERE.





Teething Wafers


To soothe baby’s teething pain try giving them an easily dissolvable teething wafer.


They’re great for teething but are also a nice healthy snack for baby.


They come in a variety of flavors.


Find it on Amazon HERE.





Terrycloth Teether


This terrycloth fabric teething is great for baby to chew and relieve the pain of their inflamed gums.


For added relief you can add an ice cube or even a breast milk ice cube.


Find it on Amazon HERE.





Vibrating Teether


This teething toy gently vibrates when baby bites down on the strawberry. The vibrations offer soothing relief of teething pain.


The strawberry is made of soft silicone and the handle is made of plastic.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



Wooden teething ring with muslin cloth



Muslin Teething Ring


Wood and fabric are both favorite textures for teething babies.


These teething toys are great for parents looking to avoid plastic options.


The fabric unites and can be thrown in the washer to be clean.


Find it on Etsy HERE.



Teething necklace



Silicone Teething Necklace


Try a teething necklace for when you’re out and about.


Mine came in so handy by distracting my baby when I was holding her and trying to talk to someone.


They come in all different designs and colors.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


Do you have a secret trick to soothe a teething baby? We want to know in the comments below!


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