Blog Income & Traffic Report: March 2020

Another Mommy Blogger Blog Income And Traffic Report

Welcome to Another Mommy Blogger’s third blog income and traffic report.


I want to start this off by saying I hope everyone is staying healthy and staying home. These are odd and scary times we’re living in but we’re going to pull through this together guys.


I’m going to complain a little bit for a minute so I also want to say I’m sorry. I know a lot of people are suffering right now. I am very lucky that I am able to continue working and making a living during this crisis and even luckier that myself and my family are healthy.


With that being said, this was a rough month friends. Before the country practically shut down I was on track to have my best month yet. If things kept going the way they were I was likely to cross over $3,000 this month.


Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Halfway through the month when things started getting bad my traffic started to slow and my RPM (revenue per 1000 pageviews) plummeted.


For two years I have given this everything I’ve got. I’ve put my heart and soul into this blog. In January I was on fire and I said this is going to be my year!


Then the coronavirus pandemic came by, knocked me off my pedestal and dragged me through the dirt.


I’m fighting back with everything I have and cranking out quality content as fast as I can.


I can not thank my readers, you guys, enough for your continued support during this time. Every time you read a post and especially when you re-pin my pins on Pinterest it helps me more than you will ever know. Thank you guys.


The next few months are going to be rough. I don’t expect any gains but this will not slow me down. The blogging game is slow and steady wins the race and I know the hard work I put in now will pay off when things get better for our country and the whole world.


Before I talk your ear off lets get into the numbers for March. This next section is for readers new to my income reports. If you’ve been here before feel free to scroll past.


Why Am I Sharing My Blog Income & Traffic Report?


It seems a little weird doesn’t it? Posting my mom blog income report for the whole world to see?


Trust me, the reason is not so I can brag about how much money I make. This is far from brag worthy money and I only plan on publishing my income reports for a year.


So why in the world am I sharing this incredibly personal information with you today? For one very important reason:


I 100% would not have started my mom blog and be on this road to financial freedom if it wasn’t for other bloggers sharing their income reports.


It just wouldn’t have happened. I mean let’s get real, the idea that you can make money online from home sounds like a pipe dream.


You’ve got to be someone special or one in a million to pull that off right?


But I kept reading these mom blog income reports. One after another seriously I couldn’t get enough of them. All these stories of ordinary moms making money blogging from home and I was hooked.


Why I Started My Mom Blog?


I started Another Mommy Blogger in February 2018 because I desperately wanted to be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, living on one income with a family is not an easy thing to do.


At the time I was incredibly fortunate to have a job working part time as a nanny and was able to bring my daughter with me. I loved being a nanny but if I’m being honest cooking, cleaning, and splitting your time with someone else’s kids starts to wear on your heart when you wish you were giving all your attention to your own household.


So I started my mom blog. After a lot of hard work and prayer I’m making enough money to stay home with my daughter. Things aren’t perfect and I still have a long way to go but this is a dream come true.


Who Can Make Money Blogging?


I’m writing this mom blog income report because I want to get through to some moms today. I want to reach out to any moms who hate leaving their kids for that 9 to 5 just to end up giving a large portion of the money they make to pay for daycare.


I don’t make money blogging because I’m special or because I’m some tech wizard. The truth is I’m not either of those things. Far from it actually.


I’m a college drop out. I didn’t have any money. My husband and I were living out of one bedroom with our baby at his parents house when I started this blog.


Along the way my computer died and to this day I’ve been running this blog from an iPad praying it lasts long enough until I can afford a new computer.


I didn’t have the funds to take Elite Blogging Academy or to pay for any other blogging books or courses. I have literally not taken a single course or paid for any information to help me blog.


The only reason my blog is successful and makes money is because I have given this my all and I never gave up.


If you want to make money blogging its time to push aside the doubt and the excuses. If you believe in yourself, if you want this enough and you put in the work I guarantee you can build a profitable blog too.


If you’re interested in starting a mom blog I’ve written an easy to follow guide HERE.


This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure here.


Blog Income & Traffic Report: March 2020




Mediavine: 2206.94


Amazon Associates: 136.48


Awin: 171.15


Total Income: 2514.57


That’s a decrease of $32.09 compared to last month. I know that doesn’t sound too bad but like I said, I was on track to make over $3000 this month until the country started shutting down.


If things keep going the way they’re going it’s looking like I’ll make around a $1000 less in April.


I’m very grateful to be able to make an income from home especially when a lot of people aren’t even able to work because of this pandemic. But still it hurts to see all my hard work slipping away.


I’m keeping my head up though. Things will hopefully return to normal soon. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and wait it out.




imark Interactive: 27.00


Total Expenses: 27.00


Last month I mentioned I tried paying for some stock photos to use in my Pinterest pins to see if they’d perform better than free stock photos. I didn’t see a difference so I’m going to hold off on doing that again.


I did upgrade to Canva Pro to get access to their stock photos because I’m running out of options on free stock photo websites. I’m still on my free trial so I haven’t paid yet but I think I’m going to keep it. Aside from access to their photos it also comes with some awesome editing features that are making things a lot easier.


Blog Traffic


Pageviews: 167,054


Thats an increase of 8,545 compared to February so the good news is more people are visiting the blog. But if more people are visiting then why am I making less money? I’ll explain in the next section.


Another Mommy Blogger Traffic Report


RPM: 15.05


RPM means revenue per 1000 pageviews. So for every 1000 views that came to my blog this month I made $15.05. That’s a decrease of $1.01 compared to last month.


I make money on my blog two ways right now. If you click on a link to a product I recommend and you end up buying something I get a commission. That method earns me a few hundred dollars a month.


The second and more lucrative method is with ads. There are ads placed throughout my blog posts and I get paid by you just scrolling past them.


I get paid a rate for every thousand visitors that come to my blog and see those ads. That’s the number that’s going down.


People are out of work, they aren’t going anywhere and are spending less money. So companies aren’t doing as much advertising.


At the beginning of the month I was getting around $16.00 in ad revenue for every thousand pageviews. By March 31st that number had dropped to just over $8.00 and I received and email from my ad network warning me that they’re expecting numbers to drop more throughout April.


If I can get more visitors to my blog I may be able to offset a loss in income and that will be the goal for the months ahead. Once the economy improves my RPM should rise with it.


Plans For April


I’m pregnant, I’m tired, and I’m feeling a little defeated.


But I will not let this keep me down. As you can read below in my blog strategy, consistency will be key for succeeding in the future.


I plan on consistently putting out quality content for my readers and continuing to promote my post on my Pinterest account. That’s all I can do with the funds I’m bringing in right now and it’s gotten me this far.

Below you will find more of my blog stats and tips.


Email Subscribers: 19


That is an increase of 2 from last month. Pathetic, I know. I’m so embarrassed of this number and I only share it with you for two reasons.


One is to show you that if you don’t actively try to gain email subscribers then they will only trickle in at a pace slower than death. Because as I mentioned in my last income report I do not have a plan in motion to gain email subscribers.


Two is to show you that even though I do believe that growing an email list it is critical to your success as a blogger, you can still make money without one.


A great way for mom bloggers to gain email subscribers is to create free printables and to promote them with an email service provider. If your readers want your free printable, let’s say it’s a printable family meal plan with grocery list, they sign up for your email list and they get the printable.


The only reason I haven’t done this yet is because I still don’t have a computer and it’s almost impossible for me to create printable with my iPad. That and email service providers cost money as well.


So if you’re like me and not ready to spend the money yet, know that it is still possible to make money blogging without an email list. Just know you are missing out on a lot of free traffic.


Social Media Followers


Right now I’m still only using Pinterest and Facebook to promote my blog. Pinterest accounts for 99% of my traffic so it gets most of my attention. 


Pinterest: 2430


An increase of 205 from last month.


Facebook: 200


An increase of 17 from last month.


Blogging Strategy & Resources


So I’m sure you’re wondering how I managed to get over 160,000 pageviews in March with only 19 email subscribers and 2,630 total social media followers.


My secret weapon is PINTEREST. About 99% of the people that come to my blog find me on Pinterest. Followed by a very small amount finding me through Google and Facebook.


Its definitely not a good thing to have all your eggs in one basket and I would love some more traffic from Google. But that takes time and I’m sure there are some secrets I’m missing from courses I haven’t been able to take yet.


Thats something I plan on working on this year. For beginners though I recommend focusing on Pinterest.


Pinterest Strategy  


You can drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog using Pinterest without a huge following because Pinterest shows your pins to your followers first and then based on their popularity they distribute them to the entire Pinterest population.


From my Pinterest stats I can see that even though I only have a little over 2000 followers my pins get seen 1.3 million times a month.


I’ve gotten my reach on Pinterest to over a million by doing the following.


– Creating multiple images for every one of my blog posts that can be shared on Pinterest and linked back to the my posts.


– Setting up a keyword rich profile including adding keywords in my about section, board titles, board descriptions and pin descriptions.


– Pinning consistently 15-25 times a day about 80% my own pins and 20% other peoples pins, pretty evenly spread out between 10am-12am


I can not stress how important it is to be consistent on Pinterest. You can’t do all your pinning in one hour once a day or even worse only pinning a few times a week.


It sounds like a lot of work but for me it only equals about 15 minutes spread out through the day.


I pin other peoples content to my boards between 10am and 6pm manually and then I use Tailwind to schedule my pins to automatically pin between 11am -12am (mostly in the later half of the day and maybe one or two pins in the morning)


Blog Strategy


My secret blogging weapon and again I can not stress this enough is CONSISTENCY. You have to be consistently putting out new blog posts. Aim for 8 posts a month but don’t post less than 4.


I went hard my first three months with this blog and my traffic started to grow pretty quickly. But then we moved to a new house and I lost focus so my traffic slipped. 


This is my blog traffic by month since I started my blog in 2018.


Blog income and traffic report


I would start building momentum again but something would come up and I wouldn’t do anything for a few weeks and when I’d start working on the blog again it was almost like starting over.


You get what you work for. I’m able to put in about 25 hours a week working on my blog. If I had more time I’m sure I would be more successful. If I hadn’t lost focus so much in the beginning I know I’d be father ahead now. You get what you work for.


I am so proud of how far I have come though and I’m excited to see where this year takes this blog. I plan on sharing my monthly blog income and traffic reports for this entire year so you can follow along and learn from what I’m doing.


If you’re ready to start a mom blog I’ve written an easy to follow tutorial HERE.


Another Mommy Blogger Income Reports


January 2020 – $2,261.60

February 2020 – $2,546.66

March 2020 – $2,514.57

April 2020 – $2,464.69

May 2020 – $2,368.07

June 2020 – $2,978.21

July 2020 – $2821.54

August 2020 – $3005.02

September 2020 – $3261.42

October 2020 – $3535.95

November 2020 – $3820.31

December 2020 – $4617.90


If you have any questions at all I am an open book. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon 😊


If you want to make money from home as a stay at home mom then you need to see my income report that shows how I make money blogging. #blogging #incomereport #momblog



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  1. Thank you for your reports. I’m wanting to start a blog to bring in extra money and when you search for info it’s all these classes, e-books, services to try/buy. I want to make money, not spend. I’m glad I found this because you are doing everything on your own and not dumping tons of money into trying everything.

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