Blog Income & Traffic Report: September 2020

Blog Income And Traffic Report September 2020

Welcome to Another Mommy Blogger’s ninth blog income and traffic report!


I’m very excited to share this income report with you guys. Not only because it’s another record breaking month for income but also because I only worked a total of about an hour this month to earn it.


We welcomed our beautiful second daughter Hailee into the world on September 4th. I took September off to recover and for all of us to be able to bond as a family.


In my third trimester I wrote a few extra posts and saved them for September. Once a week I logged in and hit publish on a post so really I probably worked less than an hour.


And it’s a good thing I did you guys because oh my goodness is it hard to get anything done with a 4 year old and an infant at home. Honestly I don’t see myself being able to get many posts out in October either.


But that’s the beauty of blogging. My income is mostly passive. So I can afford to not work, spend time with my family instead, and still make a full time income.


If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, stop thinking and just do it. I’ve written a short guide to get you started HERE.


If you need more convincing, read my story below. If you’ve read it before feel free to scroll down to this months numbers.


Why Am I Sharing My Blog Income & Traffic Report?


It seems a little weird doesn’t it? Posting my mom blog income report for the whole world to see?


Trust me, the reason is not so I can brag about how much money I make. This is far from brag worthy money and I only plan on publishing my income reports for a year.


So why in the world am I sharing this incredibly personal information with you today? For one very important reason:


I 100% would not have started my mom blog and be on this road to financial freedom if it wasn’t for other bloggers sharing their income reports.


It just wouldn’t have happened. I mean let’s get real, the idea that you can make money online from home sounds like a pipe dream.


You’ve got to be someone special or one in a million to pull that off right?


But I kept reading these mom blog income reports. One after another seriously I couldn’t get enough of them. All these stories of ordinary moms making money blogging from home and I was hooked.


Why I Started My Mom Blog?


I started Another Mommy Blogger in February 2018 because I desperately wanted to be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, living on one income with a family is not an easy thing to do.


At the time I was incredibly fortunate to have a job working part time as a nanny and was able to bring my daughter with me.


I loved being a nanny but if I’m being honest cooking, cleaning, and splitting your time with someone else’s kids starts to wear on your heart when you wish you were giving all your attention to your own household.


So I started my mom blog. After a lot of hard work and prayer I’m making enough money to stay home with my daughters. Things aren’t perfect and I still have a long way to go but this is a dream come true.


Who Can Make Money Blogging?


I’m writing this mom blog income report because I want to get through to some moms today. I want to reach out to any moms who hate leaving their kids for that 9 to 5 just to end up giving a large portion of the money they make to pay for daycare.


I don’t make money blogging because I’m special or because I’m some tech wizard. The truth is I’m not either of those things. Far from it actually.


I’m a college drop out. I didn’t have any money. My husband and I were living out of one bedroom with our baby at his parents house when I started this blog.


Along the way my computer died and to this day I’ve been running this blog from an iPad praying it lasts long enough until I can afford a new computer.


I didn’t have the funds to take Elite Blogging Academy or to pay for any other blogging books or courses. I have literally not taken a single course or paid for any information to help me blog.


The only reason my blog is successful and makes money is because I have given this my all and I never gave up.


I’m telling you my story because I am the definition of an “ordinary mom”. I share about my journey through motherhood and tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. All from the comfort of my own home and. IT. MAKES. ME. MONEY.


If I can do this, then anyone who is willing to put in the work can do this.


If you want to make money blogging its time to push aside the doubt and the excuses. If you believe in yourself, if you want this enough and you put in the work I guarantee you can build a profitable blog too.


If you’re interested in starting a mom blog I’ve written an easy to follow guide HERE.


This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure here.


Blog Income & Traffic Report: September 2020



Mediavine: 2743.98


Amazon Associates: 133.15


Awin: 354.29


Rakuten: 30.00


Total Income: 3261.42


Thats an increase of $256.40 compared to last month. I made over $3000 in a month doing NOTHING. It is just so surreal to me honestly. I’m just so grateful and I can’t thank God enough.




imark Interactive: 27.00


BigScoots: 34.95


Canva Pro: 12.95


Total Expenses: 74.90


Blog Traffic:


Pageviews: 216,297


Thats a decrease of 15,891 compared to last month. Yes, that does make me nervous. It’s my third straight month in a row with a dip in traffic. If the trend does continue then I’m going to need to kick it up a notch and find more time to work.


I’m hopeful that with winter coming people will be inside more and spending more time online and we’ll start to see traffic come back up on its own. We’ll see.



Another Mommy Blogger Blog Income And Traffic Report September 2020


RPM: $15.08


RPM means revenue per 1000 pageviews. So for every 1000 views I got this month I made $15.08. That’s an increase of $2.14 compared to last month. We’re entering Q4 so we’ll see this number continue to go up and I’m excited to see how much.


Email Subscribers: 32


No change from last month.


Social Media Followers:


Facebook: 226


Up 9 from last month.


Pinterest: 3789


Up 152 from last month.


Plans For October:


I have my hands full with a new baby and my 4 year old home with me everyday. I’m learning how to be a mom of two. I’m loving every minute of it but it is so hard to do anything else right now.


I love blogging, but my family comes first. My babies are only little for a minute and I love that my job allows me spend my days with them and fit work in where I can with no pressure.


So I plan on doing just that for October. I look forward to the day when I can start to grow my blog but for now I’ll be doing the minimum  to sustain what I have for income and traffic.


If you’re ready to start a mom blog I’ve written an easy to follow tutorial HERE.


Another Mommy Blogger Income Reports


January 2020 – $2,261.60

February 2020 – $2,546.66

March 2020 – $2,514.57

April 2020 – $2,464.69

May 2020 – $2,368.07

June 2020 – $2,978.21

July 2020 – $2821.54

August 2020 – $3005.02

September 2020 – $3261.42

October 2020 – $3535.95

November 2020 – $3820.31

December 2020 – $4617.90



Blog Income Report September 2020


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