8 Ways To Make Christmas Morning Magical For Kids

8 Ways To Make Christmas Morning Magical For Kids

I have to hand it to my parents. They knew how to make Christmas morning magical for us kids.


I believed in Santa until I was nine but I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for all the effort they put into keeping the Christmas magic alive.


Looking back I have so many fond memories of Christmas mornings.


My goal as a parent now is to make Christmas morning magical for my kids as well.


In this post you’ll find a few ideas I’ve stolen from my parents and a few new ideas for making Christmas morning magical for kids.


8 Ways To Make Christmas Morning Magical For Kids


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Milk And Cookies For Santa To Make Christmas Morning Magical


Leave Out Milk And Cookies On A Special Plate


Don’t have the kids put out any old cup and plate for Santa’s milk and cookies.


Make Christmas morning magical by having the kids put out Santa’s milk and cookies on a special plate.


If I remember anything magical from Christmas morning it was being amazed that the milk and cookies were gone.


To make it even more magical leave one cookie with just a bite taken out of it still on the plate.


Find it on Amazon here.


Santa’s Magic Key

Leave A Special Key For Santa


When kids start to get older they ask questions like, “How does Santa get inside when we don’t have a chimney”?


Keep the Christmas alive with Santa’s Magic Key.


Have your child hang the door hanger around the front door so Santa can use the magic key to get inside.


Find it on Etsy here.


Ring Jingle Bells Before Going To Bed


After putting the presents under the tree, ring jingle bells before going to bed.


Chances are your little ones haven’t fallen asleep yet.


They’ll hear them and think Santa’s arrived and you’ll see a twinkle in their eye when they tell you all about it in the morning.


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Wrap Santa’s Gifts In Shiny Wrapping Paper


My parents always wrapped gifts from them in different wrapping paper than Santa did.


It was even more special because my mom pick out shimmery shinning paper that just looked magical.


As your kids get older they start to put two and two together.


So if you don’t chose shiny wrapping paper at least make sure that you wrap gifts from Santa in a different paper than gifts from you.


Play Christmas Music


Nothing makes Christmas morning magical like opening presents to the sound of Christmas music.


Pandora has a Christmas music station, or there are plenty of Christmas music playlists on YouTube.


Use Custom Santa Tags


Your kids won’t catch on that the gift tags are in your hand writing if you use these special customizable Santa Gift Stickers.


Find them on Amazon here.


Give Gifts From The Reindeer


If you want to make Christmas morning magical write a few gifts tags that say from Rudolph, Dasher, Comet, etc.


You’re child will light up with excitement to get a gift from one of Santa’s reindeer.



Letter From Santa


Last but not least make Christmas morning magical by leaving a custom letter from Santa.


A letter from Santa leaves more evidence that he was there and encourages your child to be good so they can get toys again next year.


Find it on Etsy here.


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Make Christmas morning magical for kids with these eight Christmas morning traditions #christmas

Make Christmas morning magical for kids with these Christmas traditions. #christmas
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Fun things to do Christmas morning for kids. These Christmas activities for kids make Christmas morning magical.
Christmas morning traditions to add to your Christmas morning routine. Try these fun Christmas activities for kids for making Christmas morning special.


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