101 Mother Daughter Bonding Activities

101 Mother Daughter Bonding Activities

To strengthen your mother daughter relationship, inside this post you’ll find my ultimate list of mother daughter bonding activities.


Life is too busy.


Go to work. Pick up the kids. Make dinner. Help with homework. Do the dishes. Fold the laundry. Scrub the toilets. Pay the bills.


Theres so much to do all the time. We get stuck in our day to day rhythm of survival and we forget what life’s really about.


We’re not here to just survive.


We’re here to live. To experience this world with the ones we love.


I don’t know about you but I need to be reminded of that all the time.


In the end, I won’t wish I worked more or I kept a cleaner house.


My only regret would be not doing enough of what I love with the people I love.


Life is all about balance.


I’m not saying responsibilities aren’t important. All these things still need to get done.


But finding time to bond with our children is important too.


Know when to put the laundry basket down or push the work aside and play a game with your kids.


If you don’t develop a strong bond with your children now that problem could lead to emotional issues down the road.


101 Mother Daughter Bonding Activities


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To give you inspiration to start building a better bond with your children I’ve compiled this list of mother daughter bonding activities.


A lot of these activities are great for boys as well. Some day if I have a boy I’ll put out a mother son bonding activities list too.


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1.) Ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. Then talk about what steps it’ll take to make that happen.


2.) Read books to her. Have her grab a few of her favorites and snuggle up together for story time.


3.) Have a conversation about what makes her sad, happy, scared or excited. Dive into her feelings and show your interest and concern.


4.) Play a board game together. Family game night is great but bonding one on one with your daughter is important.


5.) Make shadow puppets. Before bedtime lay down together and giggle while you try to make a rabbit appear on the ceiling.


6.) Paint a picture together. Work together to create a work of art.


7.) Tell her you love her. Tell her everyday. Even on days when you don’t have time to spend together a little I love you goes a long way.


8.) Do a science experiment. Have fun learning something new together.


9.) Cook dinner together. Let her gather ingredients, measure, pour and stir. Have fun making a mess and making a meal together.


10.) Paint her nails for her. Make her feel beautiful.


11.) Tell her a story from your childhood. Try to pick one that has a life lesson. It’ll also remind her that you were a child once too.


12.) Take her shopping for herself. No groceries or personal errands. Let her pick out an outfit and make the day about her.


13.) Go to the movies. Don’t forget to go all out on popcorn, candy and snacks.


14.) Look at old family photos together. Tell her the stories behind each one.


15.) Take a long walk. A little fresh air will do you both wonders.


16.) Have a dance party. Turn up the music and dance until you drop.


17.) Do pretend play. Play house, grocery store, school, whatever just play.


18.) Go out for breakfast. You’ll have more time to talk when you’re not the one cooking.


19.) Teach her something. Help her master a small skill and make her feel more grownup.


20.) Have a picnic at the playground. Eat lunch and play together afterwards.


21.) Go on a day trip. Somewhere new like a beach, museum, or attraction.


22.) Tell each other silly jokes. Take turns making each other laugh with knock knock jokes.


23.) Ask her what she wants to do. Then do it.


24.) Let her do your makeup. If real makeup is off limits try pretend makeup sets.


25.) Stargaze. Lay a blanket out and look at the stars on a warm summer night.


26.) Help her clean her room. Organize and move around furniture for a room makeover.


27.) Grow a garden together. Then get excited when your hard work pays off.


28.) Take her out for a fancy dinner. Get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant.


29.) Have a tea party. With a real tea set, finger sandwiches, scones and all.


30.) Pray together. Thank God for your many blessings.


31.) Visit a book store. Let her pick out her own book.


32.) Make play dough. Store bought is alright but making it together adds to the fun.


33.) Have a slumber party. Stay up late, eat junk, talk, and watch movies with sleeping bags in the living room.


34.) Exercise together. Do a exercise video together or go for a bike ride.


35.) Bake something sweet. Then get creative with the frosting.


36.) Visit a library. Check their websites for events. Some do magic shows or host craft days.


37.) Go to an arcade. Spend the afternoon playing games and getting high scores.


38.) Take her out for ice-cream. Don’t forget the sprinkles.


39.) Show her what you do for work. Even bring her along if you can.


40.) Take her out of school early. Maybe just once, surprise her for a mother daughter day by picking her up early.


41.) Do a craft together. Find one to follow on Pinterest or make your own with this craft bucket.


42.) Go bowling. Rock those nerdy bowling shoes together.


43.) Get away for the weekend. If you can afford it, go on a little mini vacation just the two of you.


44.) Make a time capsule together. Let her forget about it and then give it to her as a graduation present.


45.) Do karaoke. Go out or make it a night in with a karaoke machine.


46.) Splurge on a spa day. I’m talking mani-pedi’s, facials, massage, the works.


47.) Camp out in your backyard. Pitch a tent, tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows.


48.) Plan a road trip and go. Pick a few destinations together and make a weekend out of it.


49.) Do a puzzle together. Frame your masterpiece when your done.



50.) Play hide and seek with her.
Come out come out where ever you are.


51.) Learn a new language together. Or at least try to learn a sentence or two. 

52.) Make up a story together. Go sentence for sentence.


53.) Play charades with her. Make a fool of yourself and get all the giggles.


54.) Do yoga. Meditate together and get your zen on.


55.) Make jewelry for each other. Then rock your matching mother and daughter necklaces.


56.) Play a sport. Softball, basketball, field hockey. Whatever you like.


57.) Start a scrapbook. Add photos of all your mother and daughter activities.


58.) Make a blanket fort. Use all the sheets and couch pillows you can find.


59.) Do a scavenger hunt. Make a list of outdoor things and go outside to find them. Rock, stick, pine cone, etc.


60.) Make your own sundaes. Get all the fixings and make your own at home.


61.) Have a Photoshoot. Dress up and take turns being the photographer.


62.) Volunteer. Show her the importance of caring for others and giving back to your community.


63.) Have a hot chocolate date. Like a coffee date, but with hot chocolate.


64.) Build a snowman together. If you don’t have snow you can always make your own.


65.) Play LEGO’s together. Build and entire LEGO city.


66.) Pretend the floor is lava. Try to get around the house together without stepping on the floor.


67.) Have a water gun fight outside. A fun way to cool off during the summer.


68.) Make your own secret handshake. Greet her with it once and a while so you never forget.


69.) Feed ducks together at the park. Just make sure you give them corn or birdseed instead of bread.


70.) Go sledding. Make sure to warm up with hot chocolate afterwards.


71.) Visit a beach. Go swimming and make sand castles.


72.) Build and igloo together. They’re fun to make with these.


73.) Play “Would you rather?” Get as silly with it as you can.


74.) Tell her about your best friend growing up. Tell her stories of all the fun “appropriate” things you did together.


75.) Teach her the handclap songs you geeked over in middle school. Brick Wall Waterfall, Boom Snap Clap, Bubble Gum Bubble Gum In A Dish.


76.) Have a Disney movie marathon. Sing your hearts out together to all the old classics.


77.) Start a mother daughter band. Here are some kids instruments to get you started.


78.) Let her teach you something. Show genuine interest while she shows you a game she made or a song she came up with.


79.) Play card games together. Pick a rainy day for war, go-fish, and slap jack.


80.) Make a card tower. Show her the art of card tower making.


81.) Make and deliver a care package. Give it to the elderly, the homeless or a friend in need.


82.) Sit in the grass and blow bubbles together. Relax and smile while they float away.


83.) Start a tickle fight. Laughing together is the best bonding activity.


84.) Take her to a yard sale. Give her some money and let her find her own bargain.


85.) Do her hair for her. Make her feel beautiful.


86.) Visit grandma together. Three generations is better than two.


87.) Build a huge train track. Use this set and play trains together.


88.) Visit a farm. Spend time together feeding the animals.


89.) Do pottery painting. Spend the afternoon painting your own ceramic at a pottery place near you.


90.) Take pictures together. You’ll both cherish them for years.


91.) Plan a party together. Whether is a family get together or her next birthday let her in on the planning. Make invitations, plan decor and food menu.


92.) Tell your love story. Tell her how you and your husband met and how you knew he was the one.


93.) Catch fireflies together. Put them in a jar and use them as a night light.


94.) Tell her about old relatives she never got to meet. What they did and what kind of people they were.


95.) Fly a kite. You can even design your own to fly at the park.


96.) Go ice skating together. Hold hands and try not to fall.


97.) Try to fix something together. Work together and brainstorm to try to fix something that’s broken.


98.) Go for a hike. Explore nature together.


99.) Visit an indoor play area. Our favorite is Billy Beez.


100.) Make mother daughter t-shirts. Design them with fabric markers.


101.) Be there. No matter what, the best way to bond with your daughter is to be there for her. A strong mother daughter bond doesn’t come from gifts and fancy outings. Be her mother and her friend. Listen to her. Be patient. Be there when she needs you. Be a role model and love her unconditionally.

Fun mother daughter activities. These are great mother daughter bonding ideas. #motherhood #daughters #parentinghacks #activities


Do you have any mother daughter bonding ideas you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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Simple mother daughter date ideas to strengthen your mother daughter bond. #parenting
This list of mother daughter activities is the only list you need. Start strengthening your mother daughter bond today. #parenting
This is a list of mother and daughter activities to spend quality time together. There are many inside and outside activities for girls and their moms.
Looking for fun things to do with your daughter. Try these mommy and daughter activities.
Try these fun things to do with your daughter. You’ll love these mother daughter date ideas.
This is a list of mother daughter activities. These are inside and outside activities for girls and their moms.
Looking for fun activities for little girls? Spend quality time with your daughter with any of these fun mommy daughter date ideas.

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