Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide Review

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide

The reality that we could be facing a stay home summer lead me to purchase the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide for my three year old daughter.


Without the help of daycare, playgrounds, playgroups, libraries etc. to help me entertain her I knew I had to do something.


I am so happy with this inflatable waterslide bounce house combo and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide Review


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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide and Bounce House

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The Little Tikes inflatable bounce house with waterslide is the ultimate must have outdoor toy for summer. It has the following:


  • Climbing wall
  • Bounce House
  • Tunnel with water sprayer
  • Waterslide
  • Splash pool
  • Blower for inflation
  • Stakes
  • Repair kit 
  • Storage bag


Set Up


I was nervous it might be complicated to set this up because I’ve never had a bounce house before but it was fairly easy.


It comes with everything you need except a tarp to put under it. You don’t have to use a tarp but I recommend one to protect it from the ground. We used a 20 X 20 heavy duty tarp.


The first time we put it up it took about 15 minutes because we were reading directions and figuring it out. Once we had it set up and turned on the blower it was inflated and ready to go within a minute or two.


To use with water all you need to do is attach the sprinkler water sprayer to the tunnel. It attaches with velcro. Then hook up a hose and turn the water on.


The water sprays onto the slide and it runs into the splash pool to fill it up.




We’ve had the Little Tikes bounce house waterslide for a little over a week now and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.


My daughter has played on it almost every day since we got it. She has fun when it’s wet or dry. It’s very easy to set up and put away.


I love playing with my daughter but I am six months pregnant and it’s nice to be able to sit down and watch her while she plays happily by herself.




  • The inflatable bounce house waterslide seems to be made of high quality material especially for the price.
  • I love that it gets my daughter outside, active and entertained for long periods of time.
  • The blower that keeps it inflated is included only cost about 16 cents an hour to run.




My only concerns about the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Waterslide is how long it will hold up.


I read a lot of reviews and they seemed to be mixed which leads me to believe it all comes down to how well you take care of it and if you follow the rules.


It recommends no more than 4 kids, a max of 350 lbs, and an age limit of 10 years old. I’m under the weight limit but I won’t play on it because I don’t think a majority of the weight limit should be concentrated in one spot.


When it comes to putting it away for the winter you need to make sure it is clean and completely dry or else it could get mold.


For the price I wouldn’t be devastated if it only lasted one summer but I will update this review next year and let you all know if it still works.



Little Tikes Waterslide Bounce House
Find it on Amazon HERE



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We love our Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Inflatable Bounce House And Waterslide. Here’s our honest review.

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