15 Fun Ways To Tell Your Kids You’re Pregnant

15 Fun Ways To Tell Your Kids You’re Pregnant

Looking for fun ways to tell your kids you’re pregnant?


Sharing the news of your pregnancy is always exciting. Have fun telling your children about their new role with these creative sibling pregnancy announcements.


Don’t forget to set up a camera to catch their reaction. Good or bad, you’ll never want to forget it!


15 Fun Ways To Tell Your Kids You’re Pregnant


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Pregnancy announcement to kids book


Pregnancy Announcement Book


A fun way to tell your kids you’re pregnant is with this custom pregnancy announcement book!


“You’ll Soon Be The Biggest” starts off by telling your child they have an important job coming and that they’ll be a big sibling.


It then goes on to tell them how special their role is and how important they are to the family.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


A New House Guest


Depending on the age of your children and how observant they are this one can be fun.


Leave hints around your house that you’re expecting a new baby. Put baby shoes on the shoe mat, hang up a baby coat, and put a baby toothbrush in the bathroom.


If your kids don’t catch on or ask any questions then they will with this last one. Set an extra place at the table at dinner time with a kids plate, baby spoon, and a bottle!



Big Sibling Announcement Apron


Big Sibling Apron


Tell your kids you’re pregnant by giving them their new big sibling uniform!


Being a big sibling is a big job and what better way to tell them you’re pregnant and get them excited for their new role than with this custom apron.


Kids love to help with the new baby and they’ll be even more excited and ready with their big sibling apron.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


Caught On Camera


I recommend setting up a camera to catch a video anytime you do a pregnancy announcement, but especially for this one.


Have the kids get together and tell them you want to get a picture of them. But instead of taking the picture have the camera rolling and tell them you’re expecting.



Pregnancy announcement puzzle for siblings


Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle


Turn your pregnancy announcement into a fun game with this custom big sibling announcement puzzle!


Your child will be so excited when they see what this puzzle says.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


Size Of The Baby


A fun way to tell your kids you’re pregnant is by giving them a visual.


Depending on how many weeks you are, hold the following in your hand and have your kids guess what you’re holding.


Then tell them this is the size of the baby in mommy’s belly.


4 Weeks: Poppy Seed

5 Weeks: Peppercorn

6 Weeks: Pomegranate Seed

7 Weeks: Blueberry

8 Weeks: Raspberry

9 Weeks: Cherry

10 Weeks: Kumquat



Pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt


Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt


This pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt has to be one of the most fun ways to tell your kids you’re pregnant!


Hide these clues around the house and your children will have a blast before finding out they’re going to be a big brother or sister.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


New Netflix Account


If your kids are older and the family gets together to watch a movie at night then they’ll love this one.


Start a new Netflix account and name it Baby. When you pull up Netflix make sure to get your kids attention by asking what account you should use and see if they catch on!





Big Sibling Dinner Plate


Serving dinner on one of these custom plates is a fun way to tell your kids you’re pregnant.


Once your child finishes their meal they’ll be able to read the message about their new promotion to older sibling.


Find it on Etsy HERE.



Balloon in a box pregnancy announcement




Balloon In A Box


Make your pregnancy announcement to your kids exciting with this balloon in a box set.


Your child gets to pop the balloon to reveal a burst of confetti and the great news on a little scroll.


Find it on Etsy HERE.





Crack Me Message In An Egg


This announcement would be perfect to tell the kids on Easter!


Your customized message is inside a beautiful golden egg and the kids have to crack it to get it open.


Find it on Etsy HERE.




Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Off


Aren’t these scratch off cards a fun way to tell your kids you’re pregnant?


Scratch the heart to reveal the message “becomes a big brother” or “becomes a big sister”.


Find it on Etsy HERE.




Big Sibling Shirts


Give your child one of these shirts and wait for them to realize what it means.


They’ll always wear it with pride.


Find it on Etsy HERE.




Big Sibling Security Badge


Tell your child about their new sibling role with a fun sibling security badge.


Find it on Etsy HERE.


How are you planning to tell you’re kids that you’re pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!


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Looking for ways to tell your kids you’re pregnant. Try these fun pregnancy announcements for siblings. #pregnancyannouncements

Tell your kids you’re pregnant with one of these creative pregnancy announcements for brothers and sisters. #pregnancy #announcements
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These pregnancy announcement ideas for kids are fun and simple. Try these cute ways to tell your children you’re pregnant.
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Fun ways to tell your kids you’re pregnant should be simple and cute. Check out these baby announcing ideas.
These cute pregnancy announcements to kids are creative and fun.


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