50 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

50 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Is anyone else in need of ideas for fun indoor activities for kids?


I was already a work from home mom before COVID-19 and I love it. My dream was always to be able to stay home with my kids and my blog allows me to do that.


But being a “work from home mom” and “working from home while in self quarantine and practicing social distancing” are two completely different lifestyles.


This is insane guys and I’m not going to lie I’m struggling.


As a work from home mom part of my day included outings. Going to libraries, museums, playgrounds and playgroups.


As a work from home mom some of my days included breaks from my child. She used to go to preschool two days a week and would spend an afternoon at her grandparents sometimes.


Now there are no more outing and no more breaks until who knows when. This is different. This is hard.


But I know we’re going to make it, and you are too. Until things return to normal we need to adjust. We need to be more organized and more creative.


If you’re having trouble filling your days I have brainstormed a list of 50 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids to give you some inspiration.


50 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids


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1.) Play Paper Airplane Target Practice


You can tape a bunch of pieces of paper together or use a poster board for this.


Cut a few circles and add numbers for a point system.


You can use paper airplanes and try to get them through the holes. We also used her foam ball guns which was really fun.


2.) Do A Scavenger Hunt


Back in my nannying days I used to make scavenger hunts for the three kids I watched.


I would write out about 30 clues and hide them around the house. Each one leading to the next.


For example, “You’ll find me where you make tea” and so the next clue would be hidden in the tea pot in the kitchen and so on.


To make this more fun for the kids you can have the clues lead to a prize like a plate of cookies or something.


3.) Learn With ABC Mouse


ABC Mouse is a website with hundreds of learning games for kids. I bought a year subscription for Alexa a few months ago and I have been very impressed.


She has fun while she learns and I don’t feel guilty giving her screen time.


4.) Build An Obstacle Course


Kids can create an obstacle course throughout the house to stay active.


Start with a few couch cushions and they have to hop from one to the next. Then crawl through a tunnel. Climb over a few chairs and finish by going through a laser maze you can make with party streamers or yarn.





5.) Play With Play-Doh


Kids will play with Play-Doh forever and it’s a great sensory activity for them.


I have to admit I’m a kid at heart and I love playing Play-doh with my daughter. This is our favorite set so far.


6.) Make A Board Game


If you’re looking for an activity to keep your kids busy all day then suggest they make their own board game.


This is another one I did with the kids I nannied for and they always took us all day. Half the day to make it and the other half playing it.


All you need is a poster board, some blank index cards, markers, dice and your imagination.


7.) Write A Silly Story


Each kid takes turns writing down one sentence of the story until the page is full and the best part is reading the full story when it’s done.


8.) Build A Blanket Fort


With a few sheets and some couch cushions the kids can create their own little castle.


9.) Make Shadow Puppets


I love to do this before bed with Alexa using my phone flash light. We all lay down together and see what shadows we can make appear on the ceiling.


Kids can do this during the day too with a flashlight in a closet.


10.) Play Simon Says


Playing Simon Says is a great way for kids to burn some energy and the game always ends in smiles and giggles.


11.) Build A LEGO Tower


We love our legos at our house. When I notice Alexa has played with hers in a while sometimes just reminding her that they’re there will get her building again.


12.) Have A Pillow Fight


After your kids have been cooped up in the house together for a while they all want to hit each other anyway. This is the only acceptable way to do it right? 😂


13.) Jump On The Bed


Let the kids jump on their beds to burn off some energy unless this is a no-go at your house.


14.) Play I Spy


If the kids have been home for any amount of time the house is most likely a mess which will make this game more fun.


15.) Bake A Sweet Treat


This is the activity that comes with a reward. You get to spend quality time with your kids teaching them a skill and then you get to pig out. It’s a win-win.


16.) Build A Card House


I remember making the biggest card houses with my cousins at my grandmas house when I was little.


This is a quiet calming activity that any kid can enjoy.


17.) Play A Fun Board Game


I have a whole post of the most fun board games and they’re great for family game night so you should check it out.



Fun indoor activities for kids



18.) Play Indoor Bowling


If you don’t have an indoor bowling set for kids then you can use any ball and roll it to knock over stacked cups or blocks.


19.) Do Some Kid Yoga


There are so many kids yoga videos on YouTube to help keep kids active inside or you can get a kids yoga DVD.


20.) Play With Water Beads


If you don’t know what water beads are you need to check them out. They are the coolest sensory toy for kids right now.


21.) Do Water Sensory Play


I bought these bins a while ago to put all of Alexa’s sensory toys in and I like to leave one empty for when we do water play. 


I put the bin on a towel with a little water in it and I put a few small toys inside. I give her a sponge, cups, and spoons and it always keeps her entertained for a while.


22.) Have A Dance Party


Sometimes you just need to turn up the music and have a dance party. We like to incorporate jumping on the bed with this one.




23.) Play Grocery Store


Alexa got the Melissa And Doug Grocery Store for Christmas and not a day has gone buy that she hasn’t played with it.


24.) Make Scrap Art


Cut random shapes from paper and use them, string, or anything in this bucket to make a beautiful work of art with scraps.


25.) Play Hide And Seek


This classic game never goes out of style and sometimes you just have to remind your kids that it exists to get them playing it.


26.) Do A Puzzle


Puzzles are a nice quiet activity and help children develop problem solving skills.


27.) Make Your Own Slime


If there’s anything more fun than playing with slime it’s making your own. We like this recipe here.


28.) Play With Balloons


Play keep the balloon from falling on the ground or make paddles with popsicle sticks and paper plates to play tennis.


29.) Do A Science Project


Find hundreds of fun science projects for kids here.





30.) Have A Tea Party


Tea parties have been a big hit at our house ever since Alexa got the Melissa And Doug Tea Set.


31.) Play Tic-Tac-Toe


Sometimes the simplest of games can be the most fun.


32.) Play With Kinetic Sand


If you can’t get outside to play in the sand box then Kinetic Sand inside is the next best thing, and arguably better.


33.) Make A Craft

Now that it’s finally Spring try one of these 
15 Spring Crafts For Kids.


34.) Make Your Own Puppets


Decorate paper bags to make your own puppets and then have a puppet show.


35.) Play Bingo


Nothing says fun like a game of bingo. Get free bingo printable pages here.


36.) Do Finger Painting


Finger painting is messy fun. Have the kids practice writing there names or tracing shapes and numbers.


37.) Have A Pillow Case Race


Use pillow cases to mimic a sack race in your own home.


38.) Play Ring Toss


You can make rings out of paper plates and the kids can toss them onto a empty paper towel roll that’s taped to a plate.


39.) Knock Down The Cans


Save empty tin cans so the kids can stack them and try to throw a ball to knock them down like at a carnival.


40.) Hula-Hoop


As long as you have enough open space, hula hoops aren’t just for outside.





41.) Play Twister


This classic game never gets old.


42.) Read A Book


These no such thing as too much reading.


43.) Play Charades


Practice your acting skills and make a fool of yourself with a fun game of charades.


44.) Have An Indoor Camp Out


Pitch a tent in your living room. Make s’mores in the oven and tell scary story’s.


45.) Jump On A Mini Trampoline


Mini trampolines are a great way to burn off energy inside.


46.) Race Cars


Have the kids race remote control cars and see who’s the best driver.


47.) Have Band Practice


Have everyone grab an instrument for band practice and see what fun music you all can make.


48.) Play Sardines 


Sardines is like the opposite of hide and seek. One person hides while everyone else looks for them.


If you find the hider you hide with them. The last one to find the hidden person loses and is the new hider.


49.) Blow Bubbles In The Tub


Don’t rule out bubble blowing just because you can’t go outside. The kids can blow bubbles in the bath tub for mess free fun.


50.) Make Dinner Together


Cooking together is a great bonding activity and it teaches your children a life long skill.


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