Farm Animal Washing Sensory Activity For Kids

Farm Animal Washing Sensory Activity

Alexa and I tried a fun sensory activity we want to share with you.


A sensory activity is any activity that stimulates the senses. They’re messy, engaging and really fun!


They’re also a really great way to beat cabin fever.


Winter is already feeling like it’s over stayed it’s welcome and sadly it’s not even halfway over.


Now that Christmas has passed, we’ve made a few snowmen, and gone sledding a thousand times I need to find new kids activities to keep Alexa entertained.


For the most part she plays with her toys by herself for a good amount of time. I’ll play toys with her too throughout the day, between doing house chores and working.


But if we don’t shake things up with something new every once in a while I think we’ll both go crazy.


This farm animal washing sensory activity did the job. We did it once in the morning and she asked to do it again after her nap.


If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids inside then give it a try.


Farm Animal Sensory Activity For Kids


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Farm Animal Sensory Activity For Kids



Farm Animal Washing Sensory Activity Supplies



For this animal washing sensory activity you will need:


farm animal toys

sink or sensory bin 

bowl of soapy water

dirt (we used coffee grounds)

wash cloth

scrub brush


Farm Animal Washing Sensory Activity Directions


This activity is pretty simple and quick to set up.


I put everything in the sink and sprinkled the animals with the “dirt”.


Next to the animals I gave her a bowl of sudsy soapy water and a bottle brush, sponge and wash cloth.


I told Alexa her animals had fun playing in the dirt this morning and I needed a big girl to get them clean.


She was more than happy to do the job.


She had so much fun using the sponge and bottle brush to scrub the animals and using the sink sprayer to rinse them clean.



I knew this one was going to be a hit because Alexa loooves to play in the sink.


I’m usually not crazy about letting her because she always ends up soaking the cabinets, floor and herself.


To my surprise she didn’t make much off a mess at all this time. Maybe because she had a “job” to do that she was focused on.


If you don’t want your little one playing in the sink you can always do this activity in a sensory bin on top of some towels.


While Alexa was occupied with this activity I was able to fold laundry on the island behind her.


It’s always nice when an activity occupies your child enough for you to be able to get something done.


Farm Animal Sensory Activity Clean Up


Maybe the best part of this whole activity was that it practically cleaned up itself.


Alexa used the sink sprayer to wash away all the “dirt”. Then she rinsed almost all of the soap from the sponges and wash cloth.


She had rinsed off all the farm animals so they were already drying in the dish drying rack.


All there was for me to do was wipe up the little water she got on the counter and toss the soap bowl in the dishwasher.


I’d mark this activity as a win in our book. Try it out with your kids and let us know how it goes in the comments below.


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