50 Kids Winter Activities To Beat Cabin Fever

50 Kids Winter Activities To Beat Cabin Fever

These kids winter activities should be your first line of defense this season to beat cabin fever.


It’s cold. The days are short, and the kids are probably driving you crazy.


Winter is long and if you’re home all day with the kids everyone needs to find something to do.


Or else you’ll hear mom, mom, MOM.


All day long.


Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.


In this post you’ll find 50 fun and creative winter activities for kids.


Outdoor, indoor and even a few outings to get you all out and away from the house.


Stay sane and keep the kids entertained this season with these fun kids winter activities.


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Outdoor Kids Winter Activities



1.) Make a snowman. If you’re really enjoying yourselves then make a whole snowman family.


2.) Go sledding. Sledding is so much fun for your little thrill seeker and great exercise.


3.) Make snow art. Fill a few spray bottles with water and food coloring. Spray to make pictures on the snow.


4.) Build a snow fort. These snow brick makers make snow fort building easy and fun.


5.) Have a snow ball fight. Once your forts are built let the snow ball battles begin.


6.) Go ice skating. One of the most fun and cheap kids winter activities.


7.) Catch snowflakes on your tongue. It’s basically a winter right of passage for kids.


8.) Make snow castles. Like sand castles but with snow. During the winter your yard is basically a giant snow sand box.


9.) Shovel the snow. Make it into one big pile to climb on and sled down.


10.) Follow some animal tracks. You may find the bunny that took off with your snowman’s nose.


11.) Make s’mores around a winter fire. Fires aren’t just for summer time.


12.) Collect icicles. See who can find the biggest one.


13.) Make snow angels. There’s just something about fresh fallen snow that makes you want to throw yourself into it anyway. 


14.) Go to a playground. Don’t let the snow stop you from visiting the playground. You just need to put a few extra layers on now.


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Kids Winter Activity Outings


15.) Go to a basketball game. Catch a game at your local high school.


16.) Go to the movies. Treat the kids to the movies with popcorn and candy.


17.) Visit the library. Most libraries have fun children’s rooms and some even host kid friendly events. Check your local library website.


18.) Go to an arcade. Laundry day will have to wait. The quarters are for gaming today.


19.) Visit a museum. Children’s museums can be very entertaining. Some libraries can give you free museum passes so check there first.


20.) Go to Grandmas and Grandpas. Try to drop the kids off if you’re lucky.


21.) Go bowling. See who the bowling champ of the family is.


22.) Go rolling skating. No reason to freeze outside on ice skates.


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Inside Kids Winter Activities 


23.) Make snow. Just mix together shaving cream and baking soda for fun sensory play all day.


24.) Make a winter craft. Try cutting paper to make snowflakes and decorating the house with them.


25.) Do a puzzle. They help kids develop cognitive skills.


26.) Make homemade hot chocolate. With whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles please.


27.) Play board games. There’s nothing like a board game marathon to keep the kids busy for the day.



28.) Play with water beads. Water beads are hours of fun, just remember to make them hours ahead of time.


29.) Bake cookies. Cookies are fun to make and delicious too.


30.) Play with water. Lay down a towel and fill a sensory bin with warm water. Give your kids a small pitcher, some ladles and cups.


31.) Make a blanket fort. Use spare sheets and couch pillows.


32.) Have a movie marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn.


33.) Play with play dough. There are so many fun Play Doh sets nowadays. I’ve gotten my daughter so many because she plays with them almost everyday.


34.) Make a cardboard box fort. Assuming you didn’t throw out all of those Amazon boxes from Christmas shopping.


35.) Fly paper air planes. Cut circles in a big sheet of poster board and hang it for a target to shoot through.


36.) Pin the carrot on the snowman. Make a paper snow man and cut out carrot shapes to play pin the carrot on the snowman.


37.) Make slime. Here is an easy no borax recipe.


38.) Make a scavenger hunt. Write clues that lead to a fun prize at the end.


39.) Make an obstacle course. Use chairs, stool, and books. Try to only step on them to get through the house because the floor is lava.


40.) Play the yarn game. String yarn throughout a room for each child. Around the couch, coffee table legs, end tables, etc. Then have them race to be the first to wrap their yarn back up.


41.) Play with kinetic sand. Kinetic sand is another sensory activity that keeps kids quiet and entertained for hours.


42.) Read all the books. Snuggle up on the couch and read together.



43.) Make oobleck. Cornstarch and water. You’re welcome.


44.) Make a card house. See how big you can make it until it falls.


45.) Have a dance party. Have the kids crank up the toons and bust a move.


46.) Play with balloons. Try not to let it hit the floor or use your hand as a paddle to hit it back and forth to one another.


47.) Play “I Spy”. I spy with my little eye something white. It’s the snow.


48.) Play Charades. Have the kids practice their acting skills with a fun game of charades.


49.) Have a pillow fight. Maybe with a no face rule.


50.) Exercise. Pop in a kids yoga video.


Need to beat cabin fever? Try these indoor and outdoor winter activities for kids. These are great activities for toddler, preschoolers and old kids. #kidsactivities


What kids winter activities do your kids do to beat cabin fever? Let us know in the comments below!


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