17 Best Baby Shower Prizes For Games

17 Best Baby Shower Prizes For Games

Baby showers can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. One way to throw a fun baby shower is to make sure you have the best baby shower games and awesome baby shower prizes for games.


Way too often baby shower game prizes just get tossed away because your guests don’t want them and that’s a sad waste.


If you want to make sure your time and money are appreciated get your baby shower prize ideas for games from my ultimate list of game prizes your guests will actually want. 


These prize ideas for baby shower games are things your guests will be thrilled to receive and can also be displayed beautifully to add to your baby shower party decor.


17 Best Baby Shower Prizes For Games


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Manicure in a jar baby shower prize for games



Manicure In A Mason Jar Baby Shower Prize


These manicure in a mason jar baby shower prizes are so perfect. It includes:


-1 nail polish bottle
– 1 nail clipper
– 1 nail file
– 1 nail brush
– 1 pumice stone
– 1 (4 oz) bag with bath salts
– 1 (1 oz) tube of hand lotion
– 2 toes separators


You have the option to choose from pink, lavender, green, or blue.


Find it on Etsy HERE.



Movie themed gift basket baby shower prize for games



Movie Night In Basket Prize For Baby Shower Games


This is a big one so it would work great for a grand prize or diaper raffle winner prize.


Give your baby shower prize winner the gift of a movie night in. Fill a popcorn bucket with red Easter grass then bags of popcorn, candy, and a current popular DVD.


What You Need:

Novelty Popcorn Container

Red Easter Grass






Beach Themed Gift Basket Prize For Baby Shower



Day At The Beach Baby Shower Game Prize


This prize is another big one that would be good for the diaper raffle prize.


This one would be perfect if you’re throwing a baby shower in the summer or even cuter if you have a beach themed “Baby On Board” baby shower.


The beach bag acts as the gift basket and doubles as a gift itself. You can throw everything inside of it or if you want to make it look really nice stuff some newspaper or tissue paper in to fill it.


Then put the sand colored Easter grass on top and arrange everything else on top of that.


What You Need:

Beach Tote Bag

Sand Colored Easter Grass

Beach Towel


Tanning Lotion


Flip Flops



Wire gift basket



Cozy Winter Care Package Game Prize For Baby Shower


The cozy winter care package is another big prize that would work for the diaper raffle prize at your baby shower.


This one is adorable if you’re having a baby shower during winter and especially perfect if you have a winter “Baby It’s Cold Outside” baby shower theme.


A wire basket will double as a gift because it can be reused as a home decor piece. Fill the basket with cozy winter time staples like a fleece blanket, hot cocoa, marshmallows, candy canes, and chocolates.


If you really want to make it look beautiful you can put in battery powered fairy lights.


What You Need:

Fairy Lights

Wire Basket


Hot Cocoa


Candy canes





Cheap Baby Shower Prize Idea



From Our Shower To Yours: Cheap Baby Shower Prizes


If you’re on a budget these tags are a great way to class up a cheap baby shower game prize and the play on words is adorable.


Just add this tag to a shower poof, nice soap, bag of bath bombs or bath salt, or shower gel, etc. and you have yourself a baby shower game prize.


Find it on Etsy HERE.



Coffee baby shower prize



Coffee Mug Set Baby Shower Prize


You can fill a custom baby shower coffee bag with coffee grounds. Place that in a big coffee mug with some biscotti and you have nice but cheap baby shower game prize.


What You Need:

Custom “Baby Is Brewing” Coffee Bag

Large Coffee Mug




A Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Prize



Tea Mug Set Baby Shower Game Prize


Simular to the coffee prize but this time with tea. Fill one of these “Baby is brewing” tins with loose tea. Place that and a tea infuser in a large mug for a cute simple baby shower prize.


What You Need:

“Baby is brewing” Tea Tin

Loose Tea Leaves

Tea Mug

Tea Infuser



Cookie Mix In A jar Game Prize



Cookie Mix In A Jar Game Prize


These cookie mix in a jar game prizes come in blue or pink for a boy or girl baby shower. Any guest would be happy to receive such a sweet treat.



Handbag gift basket baby shower prize



Stocked Handbag


I love baby shower prizes were the gift bag is part of the prize. For this one you can use any handbag. Fill it with tissue paper and stock it with handbag essentials like a mini brush, gum, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.



Baby shower tumbler game prize



Tumbler & Drink Mix


Put pink or blue tissue paper in the bottom of a tumbler, throw in a few drink packets, then finish it off with a pink or blue bow tied around the straw and you have a cheap and easy baby shower game prize.


What You Need:


Drink Mix Packets


Tissue Paper



Baby making potion baby shower prize



Baby Making Potion


It doesn’t get much easier or cuter than this. Purchase this tag download and print out the tag at home. Tie it around any bottle of alcohol and you have a cheap funny baby shower prize that won’t get thrown away.



Diaper gift card holders for baby shower prize



Gift Cards


You can’t go wrong with gift cards for baby shower prizes. No one is going to throw out a gift card.


But they can come across as a little lazy. That’s not an issue with these adorable diaper gift card holders that come in tons of different colors and designs.



Kitchen Tools Gift Basket



Kitchen Tools


Start with a nice wooden cutting board with a handle. Place a cook book on top and then some kitchen utensils like a nice wooden spoon, spatula, and whisk.


Tie it all together tight with a bow for a beautiful kitchen tools baby shower game prize.



Book light baby shower game prize



Book Lovers Gift Bag


Fill a gift bag with everything a book lover dreams off for a baby shower game prize.


What You Need:

Gift Bag

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Book Light

Book Mark

Page Holder



Lottery ticket bouquet baby shower prize


“Big Winner” Lotto Ticket Prize


Head on over to Mommy Business for a super simple tutorial on how to make a lottery ticket bouquet that you can use as a baby shower prize for games.



Baby shower seed packets



Let It Grow Baby Shower Prize


These baby shower seed packets make a cute simple baby shower prize on their own or you can go bigger and put them in a plant pot with a trowel, gardening gloves, and a bag of soil for a “Let it grow” themed gift basket prize.


Sweet Treat Ice-cream Sundae Kit


Fill a small basket with everything you need for make your own sundae’s and include a gift card to a place your guest can purchase icecream.


What You Need:

Gift Card


Tissue Paper

Ice-cream Scoop


Hot Fudge


I hope you liked these ideas for baby shower game prizes. If you did please share this post on Pinterest ❤️


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