8 Ways To Have A Fast Labor

Eat dates for a faster labor

Looking for ways to have a fast labor? I have a few ideas to share and I’m pretty sure one of them worked a little too well for me.


I just gave birth a few months ago and I believe one of these ways to have a faster labor was the reason mine was only 49 minutes.


You can read my birth story here. Keep reading to find out how to have a quick labor.


8 Ways To Have A Fast Labor


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Eat dates for a faster labor



Eat Dates


Yes dates! The little fruit that looks like a giant raisin but tastes a lot better.


When I was searching for ways to have a fast and easy labor I read that eating six dates a day in your last trimester was the way to go.


Does eating dates really help with labor? I definitely think so!


My first labor I didn’t eat dates when I was pregnant and it was 7.5 hours. My second labor I ate at least 6 dates a day the last trimester and my labor was only 49 minutes!


How does eating dates make labor easier?


Well scientist believe something in the date fruit helps to soften your cervix so you dilate faster allowing baby to come out quicker.


Eating dates was the only method I tried to have a faster labor, but here are a few other good options you can try too.


Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


Up for a cup of tea?


It is believed that a compound found in red raspberry leaves called fragarine can tone and tighten the pelvic muscles.


Tone and tight pelvic muscles are exactly what you need when you’re hoping to push baby out quicker, so it’s definitely worth a try.


Plus I hear it’s delicious.


Stay Active Throughout Pregnancy


Another way to get tone pelvic muscles is to stay active throughout your pregnancy. This is one of the more proven methods to have a faster labor.


The stronger your pelvic muscles the easier your labor will be so try your best to go for walks and do lots of squats if you’re able.


Try To Get Baby In Position


The best position for baby to be in for labor is head down facing your back.


You may be looking at a longer labor or even a cesarean delivery if baby isn’t in the right position.


Luckily there are things you can do to encourage baby into the right position for labor.


Check out this video for easy tips to get baby in the right position for delivery.


Take A Birthing Class


If you’re giving birth for the first time I strongly suggest you take a birthing class.


While birth is natural and your body does know what to do, you can learn techniques at birthing classes to help you have a faster and easier labor and delivery.


Hire A Doula


I wrote a whole post about what a doula is and why everyone needs one you can read here.


In it I talk about the many benefits of having a doula and one is women experience easier and shorter labors.


Not only do women report shorter labors when they have a doula they also report having a better birth experience.


It’s a win win so definitely consider hiring a doula for your labor and delivery.



Bouncing on birthing ball to speed up labor



Stay Active During Labor


Not only is it important to stay active during pregnancy but you should also stay active during labor.


Walking the halls or bouncing on a birthing ball can help move things along so you have a shorter labor.


Choose A Productive Birth Position


The position you give birth in has a lot to do with the length of labor you experience. 


I somehow ended up almost laying flat on my back the first time I gave birth. Which is just about the worst position you can give birth in.


The doctor and nurses tried encouraging me to move into a better position but I was just too scared to move. I ended up pushing for 3.5 hours.


My second time I was more upright and had gravity on my side which definitely helped things along.


There are actually a few birth positions you should consider for having an easier labor you can find here.


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Looking for ways to have a fast labor? Have a quick and easy labor using these methods. #pregnancy

These are ways to make labor faster and easier. I ate dates to make labor faster and my labor was only 49 minutes. #pregnancy #childbirth #labor
Are their ways to make labor faster or easier. I think there are. I followed these methods to make labor go faster and they worked. #pregnancy #labor
Here are 8 ways to have a faster labor and delivery. I gave birth quicker with these tricks.
Want to know how to give birth fast? Get these genius labor and delivery tips for a quick labor.
Want to have a quick labor and delivery. These are 8 ways to have a fast labor.
These are labor and delivery tips for pregnant moms. Learn ways to have a quick labor.
Give birth faster with these labor and delivery tips for new moms.


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