20 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

20 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

A summer pregnancy definitely has its perks. You don’t have to bundle up, shell out a fortune on a maternity coat, and um hello slip on shoes 🙌


But there are some downsides to a summer pregnancy too. Higher temperatures and your increased blood volume means you’re going to be extra hot, sweaty and swollen.


I was in my second trimester during summer with my first pregnancy which wasn’t that bad. This time around I’ll be in my third trimester. I’ll be at my biggest during the hottest months of the year.


If you find yourself in the same boat then follow my lead and use these summer pregnancy survival tips.


20 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips


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Remove Your Rings


Due to weight gain and swelling your rings may not fit you throughout your entire pregnancy. 


Since the summer heat can increase swelling you should be extra careful to take your rings off before it’s too late and they need to be cut off.


I hate not being able to wear my wedding ring so I’m thinking about getting a cheap silicone wedding band for the rest of my pregnancy.


Reduce Salt Intake


To limit summer pregnancy swelling you can reduce your salt intake. Just don’t cut it out completely since it’s critical for your baby’s brain and nervous system development.


The recommendation is 2,400 mg of sodium a day, but most people consume more than 6000 mg a day.


Cut back on the table salt and other salty foods and you’ll be fine.


Keep Your Feet Up


If you still experience swelling take breaks throughout the day and elevate your feet while you’ll sitting down.


Eat Watermelon


Watermelon should be your go to superfood for your summer pregnancy!


Watermelon can relieve heartburn, reduce swelling, alleviate morning sickness and because of its high water content it can help you avoid dehydration during the hot summer months.


Make Smoothies


Drinking smoothies is a great way to get your fruit and cool down throughout your summer pregnancy.


Pick your favorite frozen fruit, add some greek yogurt and a splash of juice and blend for a refreshing nutritious meal.


Run Errands In The Early Morning


If you have errands to run try to get them done in the early morning. That way you aren’t out running around in the hottest part of the day.


Use High SPF Sunscreen


Did you know a woman’s skin is more sensitive to the sun when she’s pregnant?


You’ll want to wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect from sunburn, hives, heat rash and chloasma.





Use Pregnancy Safe Bug Spray


Remember the Zika scare back in 2016? I do, because I was pregnant then too.


Mosquito bites can be dangerous to anyone but especially pregnant women. Protect yourself and your baby with a pregnancy safe deet free bug spray.





Get A Necklace Fan


Overheating can put you into labor early if you’re in your third trimester so do your best to stay cool with one of these neat necklace fans.


DIY Air-conditioner


If your stuck without air conditioning this summer pregnancy don’t suffer! You can easily make one for under $20, check out the video here.


Go To The Mall Or Movies


Don’t forget a great place to cool off inside is the mall. They’re always ice cold all summer long.


Treat yourself to a movie now because once baby comes you won’t be able to go for a while without a babysitter.


Carry A Water Bottle


Pregnant women are at a higher risk for becoming dehydrated in the summer heat. Dehydration can lead to false labor and land you in the hospital in need of fluids.


Avoid dehydration by making it a habit to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go.





Use A Yeti Rambler


If you want to step it up a notch, get yourself a yeti rambler. They’re vacuum sealed and will keep your cold drink cold for hours.


Get A Cooling Pillow


You can never have enough pillows when your pregnant. But all that extra fluff can make you too warm on those summer nights.


Get yourself an awesome cooling pillow like this one to keep cool all night.


Get A Cooling Blanket


No matter how hot I get I can’t sleep without a blanket even when I am pregnant. With a cooling blanket you can have the best of both worlds.


Go Swimming 


Swimming is great exercise for pregnant women as long as you have the okay from your doctor. It’s also another way to stay cool and feel weightless during a summer pregnancy.





Wear Supportive Slip on Shoes


I’m so guilty for not wearing supportive shoes but you really need to when you’re pregnant.


Did you know Dr. Scholls made cute slip on shoes? You can be cute and comfortable in these all summer long.


Wear A Cooling Bra


The girls are going to get hot during your summer pregnancy. Beat the heat in a cooling bra.


Go one further and store them in the freezer if you want!





Wear Light Loose Clothing


When it comes to your summer maternity wardrobe pick flowy loose fitting tops in light colors to stay cool.


I love how this one doubles as a nursing top as well.





Choose Side Panel Bottoms


When your buying maternity bottoms for your summer pregnancy try out the ones with stretchy side panels as opposed to full panel maternity pants that can cause you to overheat.


Summer Pregnancy Tips Review


    • Take your rings off before they get too tight
    • Take it easy on the salt
    • Keep your feet up when sitting to reduce swelling
    • Watermelon is your got to snack
    • Smoothies make great meals that cool you off
    • Run errands in the morning to avoid the heat
    • Protect your skin with SPF 30 or higher
    • Use a pregnancy safe bug spray
    • Cool of with a necklace fan
    • Make your own air-conditioner
    • Cool of at the mall and watch a movie
    • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated
    • Get a Yeti Rambler to keep drinks cold
    • Get a cooling pillow and blanket
    • Go swimming to cool off and feel weightless
    • Wear supportive slip on shoes
    • Get yourself a cooling bra
    • Wear light colored loose fitting clothing
    • Choose side panel bottoms over full panel


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