25 Summer Life Hacks For Parents

25 Summer Life Hacks For Parents

When schools out for summer don’t be caught unprepared. Arm yourself with these clever summer life hacks for parents.


These tips will have you parenting like a pro all summer long!


25 Summer Life Hacks For Parents


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Diy air cooler summer life hacks



DIY Air Cooler


Theres no need for your family to suffer in the summer heat if you can’t afford air conditioning.


I followed this video to learn how to make an air cooler for less than $20 and it’s insane how good it works.


All you need is a styrofoam cooler, small fan, air ducts and ice!


This was so easy to put together, anyone could do it!



Broken flip flop summer life hacks



Easy Fix For Broken Flip Flops


Kids grow fast so there’s no sense in buying another pair of flip flops mid summer that won’t fit them next year.


Get more life out of those cheap flip flops by using a bread bag clip when they break.



Popsicle drip catcher summer life hacks



Popsicle Drip Catcher


It’s almost impressive how much of a mess kids can make with one popsicle.


By putting a small slit in a cupcake liner and putting the popsicle stick through it you’ve got an easy drip catcher to limit the mess.





Keep The Bugs Out 


Those cupcake liners come in handy again with this summer life hack.


Just cut a slit for your straw and you have easy diy cup cover to keep the bugs out of your drinks.





DIY Sprinkler


Theres no reason to run out in the blistering sun to go buy an overpriced sprinkler that’ll probably break after a few uses anyway.


All you need is an empty soda bottle, some duct tape and a hose and you’ll have hours of fun for your kiddos on those hot summer days.


When I made mine I poked to many holes and the water didn’t spray very far so I put duct tape over some and then it sprayed great. I recommend poking five wholes in a straight line across the top.





No Mess Watermelon


Watermelon is a sweet healthy and hydrating summertime snack. With this simple summer life hack you can make it easier to serve and eat.


Simply insert a popsicle stick into the rind and you’re good to go!


Stop The Itch


Running around outside all summer long, your kids are bound to get a few mosquito bites despite your best efforts.


If you find yourself out of itch cream did you know rubbing deodorant on a bug bite works just as well to stop the itch?


Cool Down Little Kiddos


It’s already hard taking little kids places. Add in the heat and they can get extra cranky.


With a clip on stroller fan it’s easy to keep your little ones cool on the go.



Aloe ice cubes summer life hacks



Aloe Ice Cubes For Sunburn


This summer life hack provides cooling relief for sunburns that’s easy and fun for kids to apply.


Freeze aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray and rub the frozen aloe gel cubes on sunburnt skin.


My tray makes cute little seashell ice cubes that are fun for summer times.


Leave It At The Beach


A day at the beach with the family is always fun but don’t bring the beach home with you. 


Store your beach things in one of these mesh beach bags to keep the sand at the beach.


Make Your Own Ice-cream Sandwich


Bake some chocolate chip cookies and slice a pint of vanilla ice-cream for a fun sweet treat the kids will love and they’ll be calling you super mom.


Create A Summer Bucket List


Summer can slip by so fast and you only get 18 summers with your kids at home right?


Make the most of everyone by making a summer bucket list. Print it out and put it on the fridge so you don’t forget to make the most of every precious summer day.


Grab my free printable Summer Bucket List here.





No Spill Bubbles


Bubbles are so much fun for kids but the fun doesn’t seem to last long before they accidentally dump the bubbles out.


This summer life hack is an easy fix. Just tape the bubble container to a pole outside for no more spills.





Bubble Refill Station


I think the best mom hacks are the ones that mean less work for us and this one does just that.


By filling a container with bubble solution kids can easily refill their own bubbles without needing moms help.


I used a drink dispenser and decorated it with a bubbles label.





Capri Sun Slushies


Capri sun slushies are a delicious refreshing treat for the kids and so easy to make.


Toss the pouches in the freezer in the morning and they should be ready by lunchtime.


Take them out and have the kids give them a little squeeze before you cut the tops off with scissors.


Wet Bag For Suits And Towels


Whenever I go to the beach I always bring a plastic bag, a reusable grocery bag works as well. This way everyone can change out of their swimsuit and those and towels go straight in the bag.


Then when we get home all the wet clothes can go straight in the wash and it really helps limit the mess.


Keep The Car Seat Cool


If your car is parked in the sun those metal car seat parts can get very hot and burn your little ones skin.


To keep those parts from heating up cover the car seat with a white towel whenever your not using the car seat.





Get A Noggle


Keep your kids even cooler this summer with a Noggle. The car air hose extends cool air from your dash to the kiddos in the backseat.


Great for preventing cranky kids on long summer car drives.



Mosquito clips summer life hacks



No More Mosquitos


On top of a really good bug spray you can up your child’s protection from mosquito bites with a mosquito clip.





Keep Ticks Out Of The Yard


We have a lot of ticks in our area and lyme disease is a serious concern of ours. We put this in the yard every spring and we don’t see any ticks for months.





Get A Portable Booster Seat


Summer outings are fun but can be difficult when you have a baby. Make sure you always have a safe place to set baby down like this portable booster seat.


Keep The Kiddie Pool Clean


Kids love kiddie pools but draining the water out to clean them is a big chore. Last summer I got sick of it real quick.


I came up with bunch of tricks to keep the kiddie pool water cleaning longer so you don’t need to replace it. Check them out here.





Always Soft Ice-cream


I don’t know why and I don’t care but if you keep your ice-cream container in a ziplock bag in the freezer did you know it won’t get hard?


 It stays soft enough for easy scooping. Mom hack 😉


I hope these summer life hacks make your summer smoother with the little ones home. Don’t forget to share this on Pinterest ❤️


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Use these summer life hacks to parent like a pro. #parentinghacks

Use these summer hacks for kids to parent like a pro all summer long. #parentinghacks
These parenting hacks for summer are genius. #parentinghacks
Summer tips for moms. These summer tips and tricks for kids are genius.
Parenting hacks for new moms! These are summer hacks for kids. Try these fun things for kids to do this summer.
Summer hacks for parents! Learn these tips and tricks for kids this summer.
Parenting tips for kids this summer. Try these summer life hacks.
Try these summer hacks for kids.


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