15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That’ll Freak You Out

15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life. While beautiful, it can also be full of weird pregnancy symptoms that might just freak you out.


But pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. The same woman may even experience different symptoms from one pregnancy to the next.


In today’s post we’re going to talk about what some of these weird pregnancy symptoms are and why they happen at all.


So read on to find out what might be in store for you.


If you have anything to add to this list we would love to hear from you in the comments below!


15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That’ll Freak You Out


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Extremely Vivid Dreams/Nightmares


I’m talking HD, could bet your life that it was real VIVID DREAMS.


If you don’t experience this weird pregnancy symptom then consider yourself lucky because unfortunately the dreams are often nightmares.


We can thank our changing hormones for this not so fun pregnancy symptom.


Because they change the way your brain processes information and emotions this can lead to these scary and oh so real pregnancy dreams.


Can’t Catch Your Breath


While you may be expecting it to be harder to breathe in your third trimester, I’m actually referring to shortness of breath in your first trimester.


Having a hard time taking a deep breath in your third trimester seems normal considering the lack of space for your lungs to expand.


But why can’t you catch your breath in the first trimester?


It’s all thanks to the rising levels of the hormone called progesterone.


Early in pregnancy while you adjust to these high levels of progesterone you may feel a little winded.


You’ll get a break during that wonderful second trimester until it returns again in your third trimester once your baby is taking up more space.


Annoying Persistent Sneezing


Achoo. Achoo. ACHOO.


If you are sneezing like crazy and wonder if this is somehow related to your pregnancy you are right.


During pregnancy you have increased blood flow to your mucous membranes. This leads to increased congestion resulting in these fun sneezing fits you keep having.


God bless you!


Downright Painful Leg Cramps


Also referred to as the Charlie Horse.


They liked to torment your calves muscles in the middle of the night. As if we already aren’t getting enough sleep as it is.


Doctors don’t know why they happen, just that they seem to be normal as half of all pregnant women report experiencing them during pregnancy.


While we don’t know what causes them, we do have a little trick for relieving the pain fast. Straighten your leg and point your toes up as far as you can get them like you’re trying to make them touch your chin.


This always helped me a lot. You may also need to get up and walk it off as well while chanting “it’s worth it for the baby”.


Terrifying Harmless Bleeding


The truth is, any bleeding during pregnancy is enough to freak a poor mama out.


Bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage and you should report any bleeding to you doctor right away.


Luckily bleeding can be normal. In fact most women who experience first trimester bleeding go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.


Weird Metallic Taste In Your Mouth


Women described it as if they’ve been sucking on a mouth full of pennies. We can thank our hormones again for yet another unpleasant pregnancy symptom.


Feet Getting Bigger


Are your feet starting to look a little bigger?


You’re not going crazy, they really are thanks to the hormone relaxin.


During pregnancy relaxin causes all the ligaments in your body to loosen. This combined with added pressure from weight gain can allow your arch to flatten a little resulting in an increase in foot size.


You can expect to grow up to a half a shoe size during pregnancy. A great excuse for new shoes!


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Strange Cravings


Cravings for spicy food or ice-cream may be expected during pregnancy. But the reason cravings make our list of pregnancy symptoms that’ll freak you out is because they can get down right weird.


When I was pregnant I craved the smell of towels! I would hide in my laundry room and just shove towels fresh from the dryer right into my face like some kind of towel sniffing feen.


Skin Tags Popping Up Everywhere


Unsightly little skin tags may pop up on your neck, in your armpits or in any other folds in your body.


They’re thought to be caused by hormones and weight gain. Fortunately people have had luck removing them with apple cider vinegar or even garlic.


Acne Round Two


If you thought you left your days of waking up to break outs all over your face in your teen years you might be mistaken.


Due to hormones changes (again) you may experience your second wave of acne during your pregnancy.


Drooling Like A Baby


Have you found yourself waking up in a pile of drool? Pregnancy strikes again.


The reasoning behind this one is actually pretty cool though. It’s thought that extra saliva and morning sickness go hand in hand.


Doctors think it’s your bodies natural way of protecting your throat, mouth, and teeth from your stomach acid.


Wooly Mammoth Hair Growth


During pregnancy I can shave my legs in the morning and by bedtime I already feel like a cactus.


While that’s no fun the hair on your head will also grow faster and thicker. It’s about time we get a perk thrown in right?


Linea Nigra What?


Linea Nigra refers to the dark line that appears on a pregnant women’s stomach. Which again is due to pregnancy hormones.


Don’t worry, it’s not here to stay. The dark line on your abdomen will slowly fade and disappear a few months after delivery.


Leaking Breasts 


While milk leaking from your breast for the first time may freak you out, it’s nothing to worry about.


This is just your bodies way of preparing to feed your baby.


Uncontrollable Emotions


Last but not least to top off our list we have the crazy mood swings that come with pregnancy.


You may find yourself getting mad at your husband for what turns out was no reason at all, or crying uncontrollably at commercial on TV.


The nine months of pregnancy can feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Soon you’ll be holding you new little bundle of joy and it will all have been worth it.


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15 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That’ll Freak Your Out

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