Best Baby Registry Items On Amazon

Best baby registry items on Amazon

What is the best baby registry?


I think Amazon is by far the best baby registry for all these reasons you’ll read below.


    • FREE Welcome Box. When you create a baby registry with Amazon they send you a box of gifts for the parents and baby that’s valued at $35 for free.
    • Universal Registry. Using Amazon’s universal registry you aren’t limited only to products sold by Amazon, you can add items from any website.
    • Completion Discount. You receive 10% off any items left on your registry. If you’re a Amazon Prime member that discount increases to 15%.
    • FREE 365-Day Returns. Amazon allows returns on most items for free and gives you an entire year to make those returns.
    • Group Gifting. Your Amazon registry comes with a group gifting feature that allows multiple people to contribute money towards bigger gifts.


Create your Amazon Baby Registry HERE for free.


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Best Baby Registry Items On Amazon


Now that we’ve established that Amazon is the best baby registry I want to show you the best of what Amazon has to offer. These are the best and most popular Amazon baby items to add to your baby registry.


Best Amazon Baby Products: Diapering


Huggies was my favorite brand of diapers when my daughter was a baby. I really loved pampers too but they we more expensive so I ultimately used Huggies.


With Amazon you have the option to subscribe and save 5% on these diapers. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you get 20% off all diaper orders.


Find these Huggies diapers on Amazon HERE.


I’ve used almost every brand of wipes and for me none beat Huggies natural care. These wipes are fragrance free so they’re safe on sensitive skin. My favorite part about them is their texture which I’ve found leads to easier clean ups than any other wipes.


Find these wipes on Amazon HERE.


Desitin diaper rash cream was the best we used. Our daughter didn’t get diaper rashes often but when she did a little coat of Desitin would make the rash disappear overnight like magic.


Find Desitin on Amazon HERE.


The Diaper Genie is a diaper pail that seals in odors and the mess of diapers.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


I thought a wipe warmer sounded like a waste of money at first but that was until I had a baby during winter time. If you don’t think you need one try putting that cold wipe on your downstairs and tell me if you change your mind.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


A baby changing pad isn’t just a soft place to change your baby. It also protects surfaces from the mess of changing a diaper. If a mess is made you just have to take off the cover and toss it in the washer.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


You don’t want to be caught out of the house without a clean place to change your baby. This portable changing pad is washable and folds up to fit perfectly in the diaper bag without taking up too much space.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


Best Amazon Baby Products: Feeding


When it comes to baby bottles I always recommend going with these wider bottles because they are so much easier to pour breast milk or dump baby formula in. I used Advent with my baby and I loved them.


Find them on Amazon HERE.


And don’t forget an Advent bottle warmer to go with your Advent baby bottles. This bottle warmer heats your baby’s bottle in less than half the time it takes using the hot water method. We all know every minute counts when you’re a busy tired mom.


Find it on Amazon HERE.

I used Medela breastmilk storage bags and Lansinoh bags when I was breastfeeding and I would recommend them both. I always chose based on which price was lower at the time.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



These fruit feeder pacifiers are so awesome for introducing food to baby. I like these ones because they’re made with silicone instead of the mesh fabric that just grosses me out.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


I prefer this bottle brush to the brushes with sponges on top because the sponge would always fall off the brush. This bottle brush also pulls apart to reveal a nipple brush inside.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


The Boon squirt spoon is a must have for moms on-the-go. Just fill the handle, attach the spoon head and you have easy one hand feeding.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


Best Amazon Baby Products: Baby Care


The Mosen baby thermometer makes taking baby’s temperature so much easier than a traditional thermometer. Take baby’s temperature from their head or ear and get a result in one second.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


A congested baby is a miserable baby but the NoseFrida makes it easy to drain the snot from baby’s nose.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



I was gifted a Little Remedies Infant Essentials value pack at my baby shower and it really came in handy. It comes with saline spray to relieve baby’s stuffy nose, gripe water to help with stomach discomfort, and gas relief drops to relieve tummy pain from excess gas.



Cradle cap is a pain to get rid of especially when your baby has a lot of hair like mine did. With the DermaFrida three step system you can easily lather, loosen and lift those yucky flakes away.


Find it on Amazon HERE.



As a first time mom I went with a hard plastic infant tub and my baby hated it. Baby’s like the blooming bath better because it cradles them and keeps them soft and snuggled during bath time.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


Best Amazon Baby Products: Baby Gear


A baby car mirror is a must while driving when your baby has to be rear facing. Otherwise there is no way to see baby and know if they’re okay.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


I honestly would not have survived if it weren’t for my Infantino baby carrier. My baby was so clingy and wearing her was the only way I could do house work uninterrupted for more than five minutes. I would say it was my most used baby products. 


Find it on Amazon HERE.




The Owlet baby monitor is an absolute game changer. It not only allows you to see and hear baby but the sock monitor tracks baby’s oxygen level and heart rate and alerts you if something is wrong.


Find it on Amazon HERE.


These best selling Amazon baby products should be on your baby registry checklist. #babyproducts #babyregistry #amazon


For more on must have baby products and what to put on your baby registry check out the posts below.


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