Yumi Organic Baby Food Review

Yumi Organic Baby Food Review

If you’re looking for an honest Yumi organic baby food review, you’ve found it!


I decided to purchase a Yumi subscription for my baby after reading recent reports about toxic heavy metals in store bought baby foods.


You’re probably here because you’ve read the reports too and you’re wondering what baby food is safe for your baby?


After much research and contemplation I came to the conclusion that store bought baby food was not safe for my baby.


While also admitting to myself that making my own baby food was not something I had time for.


This baby food delivery service was the right choice for our family and we love it!


We are on week three of our Yumi subscription and I couldn’t be happier.


You can read my full Yumi baby food review below.


*Update 5/25/21*


We have been happy Yumi customers for 12 weeks now, until today. Today’s order arrived with the ice packs melted which made me concerned. I opened two of the jars to test their temperature and one was 48.9 degrees and the other was 51.3 degrees.


Food needs to be kept at 40 degrees or colder so I had to throw out my entire order.


I did reach out to Yumi for a refund and they responded quickly and were very apologetic. They issued a full refund for this weeks food.


Hailee really loves her Yumi baby food and I really love the variety of nutrients she gets. We have another order coming next week but unfortunately if this happens again I’ll be canceling our order.


It’s a huge inconvenience that I had to throw that food out and now run out to the grocery store tomorrow to buy baby food for the week.


Well, just wanted to keep you guys updated. What do you think? Would you cancel your subscription or give them another chance? Let me know in the comments below.


*Update 6/22/21*


Disregard the rest of this review. As much as I wanted to continue to love Yumi they just can’t figure out how to keep their food cold enough during shipping in the spring and summer.


We had another order arrive will all ice packs melted and the food was above 50 degrees. I had to throw everything away again.


I was given a refund again and they were apologetic but this time I did cancel my subscription.



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Yumi Baby Food Review



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What is Yumi?


Yumi is a fresh organic food delivery service for babies and toddlers. They offer 8 stages, so each meal is tailored to your babies developmental milestones.


Yumi delivers fresh food weekly that is rich in nutrients for brain development and designed to introduce your baby to the right ingredients at the right time.


All meals are dairy and gluten free. They contain no preservatives, GMOs, or added sugars and are never fortified.


Does Yumi Baby Food Contain Toxic Heavy Metals?


Yumi knows that’s babies body’s and brains are far more sensitive to harmful metals and chemicals.


This is why they partner with trusted USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified farms that follow strict food safety testing. As well as look at federal data on soil contamination to find the best farms.


Yumi avoids using ingredients that are known to have higher levels of heavy metals, like rice.


Certain additives like vitamin mixes can lead to higher levels of heavy metals in baby food. Unlike some store brands, Yumi baby foods are not fortified and contain no artificial additives.


Yumi Meal Plan Options


You can pick from


  • 1 jar a day recommended for babies 5-7 months old
  • 2 jars a day recommended for babies 7-9 month old
  • 3 jars a day recommended for babies 9 months and older


You have the choice of letting Yumi’s dietitians choose your menu each week. They’ll introduce the right vitamins and minerals at the right time. 


Or you can customize your babies menu yourself.


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Yumi Baby Food Review Pro’s And Con’s


So it’s been three weeks and I have to say Hailee is loving her Yumi baby food! I don’t see myself grabbing another shelf stable store bought purée ever again.


Why? Well, here’s what we are loving about Yumi.


Yumi Baby Food Is Safe


This is the number one most important reason right? Yumi does everything in their power to provide us with the healthiest baby food.


You can read more about how here.


The Variety!


Different foods contains different essential vitamins and nutrients our babies need. But it seemed with store bought baby food I was limited to the same 5 or so options.


Since Yumi delivers fresh baby food that’s not shelf stable, they’re able to offer a much wider variety of foods with the essential nutrients that my baby needs.


Hailee just tried a jar of pure spinach yesterday and she loved it! I would have never thought she would, but without Yumi I would have never known.


It’s Real Food


Store bought baby food hardly resembles the foods they say it’s made of. That never sat right with me.


Yumi purées aren’t shelf stable, so they don’t have to go through excessive harsh processing.


The result? Food that looks like real food, because it is.


Convenience And Reliability


As a mom of a four year old and a six month old, I DO NOT like going to the grocery store.


Yumi delivers fresh baby food weekly and shipping is free. For me, this is huge.


I don’t have to worry about running out of baby food, ever. It’s one less thing to worry about and I love it.


I absolutely love Yumi, but there are a few things they could work on. Here’s what I don’t like.


Serving Size


Each jar of Yumi baby food is 4 oz. which I’m sure works for some families, but for Hailee now at 6 months old it’s too much.


Some moms have said the same and they put what they don’t use in an ice cube tray and freeze it for later.


I think it would be great if they offered a 2 oz. size jar option.




At $4.30/jar Yumi is definitely significantly more expensive than store bought baby foods.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s more than worth it for what we are getting. I just know for some families this could be a deal breaker.


Want to try Yumi? Use my link here to get 5 FREE jars!



I want the best for my baby. So I wanted to know what baby foods don’t contain toxic heavy metals. My search led my to Yumi. Read my Yumi organic baby food review here. #yumi #organicbabyfood #babytips

I was concerned about heavy metals in store brand baby foods. This led me to try Yumi, an organic baby food delivery service. Here is my Yumi baby food review. #babyfood #yumi
This is an honest review of Yumi organic baby food. #babyfood #yumi


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