25 Tummy Time Activities For Babies

20 Tummy Time Activities For Babies

What Is Tummy Time?


Tummy time is just the super cute name given to describe the time your baby spends awake on their belly.


While it may sound cute, it’s also very important. Tummy time is crucial for baby’s motor, visual, and sensory development.


Unfortunately a lot of babies aren’t very fond of being on their stomach and this can make it difficult to make sure baby gets enough of this much needed exercise.


How Much Tummy Time Does Baby Need?


So how much of this dreaded tummy time does my baby need anyway?


Well, by three months of age you want to aim for a total of an hour a day.


You can start tummy time as soon as your baby arrives and work up to this goal gradually.


Tips For Babies Who Hate Tummy Time


But like I mentioned above, a lot of babies hate tummy time.


So, I have created this post of tummy time activities to help you keep baby happy during tummy time and reach that one hour a day goal.


But first let’s go over a few tummy time tips.


Do Tummy Time When Baby Is Happy


If your baby is cranky, they are not going to tolerate tummy time. Only attempt to put baby on their tummy when they are well rested and cheerful.


Wait A Half Hour After Meal Time


Just like you wouldn’t want to be on your belly with a full stomach, either would your baby. Wait at least a half hour after feeding baby before trying to do tummy time.


Use A Tummy Time Pillow


Some parents find their babies are more likely to enjoy tummy time if they’re propped up on a pillow. I use a boppy pillow with my baby and it works great.


Break Up The Hour


Your baby doesn’t need to do all their tummy time in one shot.


Try one of the tummy time activities below until baby starts to fuss and then stop. Try again later with different activities throughout the day.


Do this until you reach a total of an hour on their belly altogether. 


Now that we’ve covered our essential tummy time tips let’s dive into these fun tummy time activities for babies. Don’t forget to pin this post to your baby board on Pinterest ♥️


25 Tummy Time Activities For Babies


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Chest To Chest


In the beginning it’s a great idea to place baby on your chest for tummy time.


This is the perfect time to bond with your newborn. Get that beneficial skin to skin time and have baby work on those neck muscles.


But chest to chest tummy time is fine for bigger babies too! Especially those that are clingy and despise tummy time.


Yoga Ball


Lay a blanket on a yoga ball to make it comfortable and then carefully hold baby belly down on top of the ball.


You can gently roll baby back and forth or bounce a little up and down.


A Better View


If your baby doesn’t like being so low on the ground try doing tummy time on the couch with you sitting in front of your baby.


They might like the better view and do tummy time longer.



Tummy time activities



Stack Blocks


Put your baby on a boppy pillow and stack colorful blocks for them to knock down, chew and explore.


Hailee had a lot of fun with this one. I kept re-stacking the blocks as she knocked them over and we did this for about 15 minutes.


Dance Party


Yea I said it! Have a dance party with your baby for tummy time.


Turn on some music, dance and put on a show! Baby will be so distracted they’ll forget they’re even on their belly.


Clapping Rhymes 


I love to do hand clapping rhymes and songs to entertain my baby during tummy time like Open Shut Them and Patty Cake. Learn a few to do with your baby here.



Tummy time activities for babies



Water Bin


This one is a little messy but sooo much fun for baby.


Fill a shallow bin with warm water and toss in a few ball pit balls for baby to try and grab. Such a fun sensory tummy time activity!


*Never leave baby alone with this activity. Babies can drown, even in shallow water*


Puppet Show


Babies love puppets and they always give them the giggle.


Put on a cute little puppet show for baby with these animal puppets and you’ll reach that hour tummy time goal before you know it.


Sensory Bags


Sensory activities are great for babies development and the perfect activity for tummy time. Your baby will be so curious about these new textures and how they react to their touch.


Try making one of these and taping them to the floor during tummy time for your baby.


I seal the bags shut and tape them closed with duct tape and them use masking tape to secure them to the floor.



Tummy time sensory bags



Shaving Cream + Food Coloring


Fill a zip lock bag with shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring. The colors will blend and change as baby plays.


Warm And Cold


Fill one bag with warm water and one with cold. Let baby explore the different temperatures.


Water Beads


Water beads are the ultimate fun sensory play toy. Fill a bag with water beads for a fun sensory bag your baby will not want to stop touching.


Colorful Spaghetti 


Cook some spaghetti and add a little water and food coloring for a fun color sensory play bag.


Aloe Vera Gel + Pom Poms


Fill a bag with some cheap aloe vera gel and craft pom poms.



Tummy time sensory bag



Baby Oil + Food Coloring


My baby and my four year old love playing with this one. Just fill a bag with baby oil, 1/4 cup water and a few drops of food coloring.


Blanket Ride


Lay down a blanket and put a boppy pillow on top of it. Place baby on the boppy pillow and pull baby around the house.


Story Time


Babies love to be read too. Put baby on a boppy pillow for story time/tummy time.


Mirror Time


Babies love to see their reflection. Try one of these tummy time mirrors.


Tummy time activities




No one makes baby smile like grandma right? FaceTime a family member to keep baby happy during tummy time.


Shadow Puppets


Point a flashlight at a wall in a dark room or closet and make shadow animals with your hands.


Mess Free Painting


Squirt some paint on a piece of paper and place the paper in a sealed plastic bag. Let your baby make their own mess free artwork.



Tummy time activities



Bubble Wrap


It doesn’t matter if your 6 months old or 60 years old, popping bubble wrap is fun.


Blow Bubbles


Blow bubbles for your baby during tummy time or use a bubble blower.




Our oldest got one of these roll out keyboards for Christmas and now our baby loves to use it during tummy time too.




Put baby on your feet for a fun airplane ride to get in their daily tummy time. It’s also a great way to get in a little leg workout for you too.


I hope you liked these fun tummy time activities for babies. Don’t forget to pin this post to your baby tips board on Pinterest ♥️


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