15 Things To Do Baby’s First Year

15 Things To Do Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first year is a busy one. While the days may feel long, the first year will be over in what feels like the blink of an eye.


Trust me, I know. I’m staring at a three and a half year old right now that I swear was just learning to crawl yesterday.


You can’t get that first year back but mama you can certainly make the most of it.


Here is a list of things you’ll regret not doing baby’s first year.


15 Things To Do Baby’s First Year


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Baby hand and foot print kit



Get Baby’s Hand And Footprints


You baby’s hands and feet will only be that adorably small for a minute but you’re going to want to remember them forever.


I think the best way to do that is with a baby hand and footprint framing kit.


Take A Monthly Photo


If there is one thing I cherish more than anything it’s the monthly milestone photos I took of my baby each month.


If you can afford a photographer that’s awesome but it’s not hard to DIY baby’s first year photos.


I loved using those monthly stickers I got at my baby shower and moms also love those milestone blankets.


Get A Picture With Santa And The Easter Bunny


Alexa wasn’t even a full month old when my Mom was over and suggested taking us to get her picture with Santa.


I remember just being so tired and overwhelmed from new mom life that I told her no. I so regret not doing it and wish I had that picture.


Luckily my mom was over again when she was 5 months old and we got her picture taken with the Easter bunny.


Don’t miss out on those pictures!


Save With Amazon Family


Did you know most babies will use over 2000 diapers in their first year?


With Amazon Family you get 20% off all diapers plus exclusive coupons and deals.


Sign up for a free 30 day trial here.


Shop Through Rakuten


Babies are expensive so make sure whenever you buy them anything you are getting cash back with Rakuten.


Rakuten offers up to 40% cash back at all your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, Carter’s and more.


So you can save even more on diapers, baby clothes and baby gear!


Sign up HERE.


Start A Savings Account


It’s never two early to start saving money to help your child succeed in the future. Whether it’s for college, a down payment on a house or investment in their crazy business plan.


It’s a lot easier to put away a little a month than to come up with something when they graduate.


Read, Sing, Talk To Baby


People never believed me when I told them how old my daughter was. They always said they thought she was older because of how well spoken she was.


I truly believe she spoke so well because since day one I always read, sang, and talked to her constantly.


Even though your infant can’t understand you, reading, singing, and talking to them does wonders for their speech development.


Get Outside Often


I know it can be difficult getting out of the house with a baby and before they can walk there doesn’t seem like much to do.


But it is very important for the both of you to get some fresh air.


Take baby for a walk in the stroller, pack lunch and have a picnic in the park, anything to get outside.


It great for babies development and for your mental health as well.


Protect Baby’s Photos


Do not be the mom sobbing on the phone to Apple begging them to somehow recover your baby’s photos from the iPhone you lost.


Make sure you have iCloud set up correctly. Periodically print out your favorite photos or save them on a flash card as well as your computer.


But for the love of God whatever you do don’t lose those precious photos.


Speak Your Native Language 


If you’re lucky enough to be bilingual yourself you can easily bless your child with that gift.


Beleive it or not it is easier to teach a child a language in their first five years of life, and it’s actually very simple.


All you have to do if strictly speak to your child in one language while your husband speaks in the other and your child will learn both.


Develop A Consistent Routine


Creating a consistent routine for your baby in their first year will make that first year so much more enjoyable for you and baby.


Babies thrive on structure. When your baby learns your routine and knows what to expect throughout the day they’re less likely to throw tantrums.


You can see my daily schedule for baby here along with baby activities to fill your day.


Go To Playgroups And Sing-a-longs


If you’re spending all day with your baby the day can drag on forever if you don’t find something to do.


Playgroups and sing-a-longs are a great option and are a good way to get baby around other kids.


You can find options for your area on


Get A Jump On Baby Proofing


Don’t wait until baby starts crawling and knocks a T.V. on their head to start baby proofing your house.


Did you know a child dies every ten days due to falling furniture?


If you’re not sure what you need to baby proof in your home or you just want to double check then see our baby proofing guide here.


Write a Letter For Their 18th Birthday


What greater gift can you give your child on their 18th birthday than a letter you wrote to sum up their first year of life?


Include a few funny stories, note their personality traits and your predictions of their future.


Try To Live In The Moment


Baby’s first year really does go by in the blink of an eye.


When you look back on that first year I promise you that you won’t wish you kept a cleaner house. You won’t wish you cooked better dinners or anything like that.


What you will wish is held you baby more. Just held them and soaked in every moment.


You get one shot at baby’s first year so live in the moment. Don’t sweat the little stuff and try to enjoy it as much as you can.


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