Complete Home Baby Proofing Checklist

Complete Home Baby Proofing Checklist

Baby proofing your home helps keep your children safe from household dangers like getting ahold of sharp knives from kitchen drawers or falling down stairs.

I’ve watched children, nannying or babysitting, in top to bottom baby proofed homes and in homes with no baby proofing whatsoever.

Baby proofed homes aren’t just safer environments for children, but they make taking care of children a thousand times easier.

It is extremely difficult trying to do anything or keep a home clean when babies are crawling around, room to room, emptying cabinets, drawers, etc.

I’ve put together a list of places in your home you should consider baby proofing and the best products needed to do so.

Complete Home Baby Proofing Checklist

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Baby proofing child locks

Cabinet Locks

Babies and toddlers love getting into kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet locks keep them safe from getting into anything dangerous, like cleaners and dishwasher pods under the sink.

I like the magnetic locking systems because they aren’t visible and won’t ruin the look of your kitchen.

Plus they can be turned off for when the kids aren’t around. This is nice because it can be annoying going through baby proofing to get to what you need.

FUN TIP: Leave one cabinet unlocked and fill it with pots, pans, tupperware, and big spoons for your little one to play with while you’re cooking.

Baby proofing oven knob covers

Stove Knob Covers

Stove knob covers are a must if your knobs are on the front of your stove. They are just too tempting for babies and toddlers not to touch.

Baby proofing latches

Trash Can Lid Latch

If your kitchen trash can isn’t hidden you’ll want one with a lid to keep the little ones out. Secure that lid down with a child safety latch.


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Baby proof door knob cover

Door Knob Cover

The bathroom is a dangerous place for little children. Prevent your child from getting in without you, with a door knob cover.

Toilet seat latch

Toilet Seat Lock

The toilet poses a drowning hazard, or at the very least, a gross mess. Lid-Lok will keep your little one out.

Bath Faucet Cover

Slips and falls happen and bath faucets are sharp. This faucet cover not only protects your baby if they bump into it, but it also has a built in thermometer to protect them from burns as well.

Throughout The House

We talked about cabinet locks and door knob covers for the kitchen and bathroom but they can be used throughout your house wherever you feel they’re necessary as well.

Here are a few other things to consider baby proofing throughout your home.

Outlet Covers

Outlet Covers

Monkey see, monkey do.

The first time your baby sees you plug something in they’re going to want pull that plug out.

This makes outlet covers a must have.

The old fashion plug in covers are a pain, I like these self closing outlet covers so much better.


Baby gate

Baby Gates

As soon as your baby can crawl they’re going everywhere and getting in to everything.

Baby gates are essential for keeping your little one out of areas you don’t want them, especially the stairs.

Furniture anchors

Furniture Anchors

On average in the United States, a child is killed by a falling piece of furniture every two weeks

Please, if you do just one thing on this list, anchor down your TV’s, yours dressers, and any other furniture in your home that can be tipped over, with furniture anchor straps.

Edge and corner guards


Edge And Corner Gaurds

Those cute wobbly tots fall quite a bit.

Falling into sharp corners and edges of cabinets and coffee tables can cause cuts and bruises.

Prevent this with stick on edge and corner gaurds.

Did I miss anything? What baby proofing safety measures are you taking in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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Complete Home Baby Proofing Checklist
Complete Home Baby Proofing Checklist
Get the ultimate guide for baby proofing your home. Make your home safe for baby today.
How To Baby Proof Your Home Room By Room Guide To Baby Proofing #babytips
You don’t know when baby will start crawling but when they do make sure your home is ready for baby. This baby proofing checklist takes you room by room to make your home safe. #babytips #parentinghacks
Find out what you need to baby proof your home to make it safe for a crawling baby with this baby proofing checklist. #babytips #babyproofing #parentinghacks
Get your home ready for baby with this room by room baby proofing checklist guide. #babyproofing #babytips #parentinghacks


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