50+ Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas

50 Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids

Searching for the best elf on the shelf ideas for kids this Christmas? Believe me, I am right there with you.


I love thinking up funny elf on the shelf ideas for our girls to wake up and find every morning. Theres nothing better than creating magical memories for our kids right?


Buuut I’d be lying if I didn’t admit some nights this scout elf thing is a huge chore. Sometimes when it takes forever to get the kids to bed I just want easy elf on the shelf ideas so I can get to bed too.


Whatever level of Christmas energy you have left, you’ll find cute elf on the shelf ideas for girls and boys that you can pull off in your home. This list has over 50 of the best elf on the shelf ideas and they’re all categorized.


So whether you’re feeling creative and want to go all out, or you’re tired and want quick and easy places to move the elf so you can get to bed, this list is for you.


Below You’ll Find:


  • Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas
  • Funny Elf On the Shelf Ideas
  • Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas
  • Elf On The Shelf Arrival Ideas


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Most Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas


Let’s start with our most creative and impressive elf on the shelf ideas for all you parents out there who have the energy and are looking to wow your kids.


Elf On The Shelf Wrapping Paper Ideas


Elf On The Shelf Wrapping Paper


Here we have Elfie practicing his Christmas wrapping and he’s got a little wrapped up in it.


This one takes a little bit of time and effort to pull off but oh so worth the magic and your child’s giggles in the morning.


Start by wrapping a few parts of your elf’s body. I’ve done the hat, torso, arm, thigh and a foot. Then add some tape. A tiny piece on the nose is a funny touch.


Now add to the magic with some proof your elf did this himself. Make an elf sized roll of wrapping paper by cutting a rectangle and rolling it up and secure with tape. Then set that, the tape and scissors next to your elf and you’re all done.


Elf Makes Toilet Paper Snowman


Scout elves miss their favorite North Pole activities when they’re in your home working. So they may try to recreate these activities with whatever supplies they can find.


Take three toilet paper rolls and stack them. Give it eyes, a nose, and three buttons with marker. Toss in two little twigs if you really want to get creative.


You can put the elf beside his creation or for a funny twist have him stuck in the snowman’s head.



Elf On The Shelf Poker Game



Elf On The Shelf Poker Game


I have to say so far this has been Alexa’s favorite elf on the shelf activity she’s woken up to. Whenever we talk about her elf this is the story she remembers and tells me about the most.


It’s not too hard to pull off either. I’m sure your child has the stuffed animals and you have a pack of cards lying around in a drawer somewhere.


All you need is a bag of chocolate gold coins which, at this time of year, you can find in most stores.


Elf Is A Mechanic


Put the elf under a toy car and leave out a toy or real wrench and your elf on the shelf will look like he’s a mechanic.


Candy Cane Zip-lining Elf


Attach a string from two points in your home and have the elf hold a candy cane on the string like a candy cane zip-line.



Scout elf painting m&ms


Scout Elf Painting M&Ms


Have you ever wondered how Christmas M&Ms are made? Well, scout elf’s paint them of course!


At least your little kiddo will think so when you set up this cute elf on the shelf scene.


You’ll need a few props to pull this off. The M&Ms, two dishes, a plate, red and green paint, and a paint brush.


Elf Climbs Up Christmas Bows


Stick a bunch of Christmas bows to the wall and have your elf be climbing up them.


Elf In A Jar


Is your child ever sad that they can’t touch their elf? Put him in a clear jar with a lid so they can carry them around for the day without him losing his magic!



Elf On The Shelf Toilet Paper Ideas



Elf Makes Snowflakes With Toilet Paper


The little toilet paper cuttings left on the floor really add to the magic and imagination for your child, as proof their elf created this mess.


This won’t take too long either. Fold the toilet paper like you would when making regular paper snowflakes. Cut out triangles and circles and unfold.


Leave the cuttings on the floor. Put the elf up against the wall next to the scissors and you’re done.


Elf Sack Race With Stuffed Animals


Do you have any paper bags? Take a few and put the elf in one and stuffed animals in a few.


Use some tape to make a start and finish line on the kitchen table and it looks like your elf is having a sack race!



Elf Plays With Magna Tiles



Elf Plays With Magna Tiles


Elves don’t just make toys, they love playing with them too!


Magna Tiles are a big hit at our house. Even I love playing with them. Throw together a quick Magna tile tower and put your elf inside holding a piece.


My husband put this one together and I was pretty impressed…and relieved I was off elf duty for the night!


Send Kids On A Candy Cane Hunt


Set the elf on an empty box of candy canes with a note that says can you find them all? This idea takes a little work the night before, having to hid all the candy canes but your kids will love the challenge in the morning.



Elf On The Shelf Barbie Ideas


Elf & Barbie Nail Salon


I don’t know about yours, but in our home Snowflake loves to hang out with Barbie!


Here she’s set up a little nail salon on the sink in our bathroom. 


This is one of our super cute elf on the shelf ideas for girls. All you need to pull this of is a Barbie doll, nail polish, nail file, nail clippers, a cotton ball and some nail polish remover.


Elf Draws On Eggs


Use a sharpie to draw some funny faces on all the eggs in the fridge. Set the elf next to the egg carton holding the marker for a funny surprise in the morning.



Elf making balloon animals


Elf Plays With Balloons


Kids get pretty excited when their elf brings them an activity to do! This elf made a balloon car and brought some balloons for his kids to try to create something fun.


Here is a balloon kit with easy directions for kids to follow if you’re looking for a good one for your elf to bring your kiddos.



Elf roasting marshmallows



Elf Roasting Marshmallows


We all know how much elves love their sugary treats. This elf helped himself to a midnight snack of roasted gooey marshmallows in our kitchen last year.


All you need is a doll house chair, skewer stick, and mini marshmallows. I used velcro dots on the elf’s hands to get them to hold the stick.


And I actually lit the candle and toasted the marshmallow a little to make it all a little more realistic. Just make sure to blow that candle out, there will be no Christmas magic if you burn your house down.


Looking back now, I wish I had rubbed a little marshmallow goo on the face to make it really look like he had eaten a few.


Stuck In A Spider Web


Create a spiderweb with floss in a corner of a doorway. Wrapped the elf in floss and secure him to the web. If you have a spider man doll you can have him nearby to look like spider man trapped the elf.



Elf snow angel in sprinkles


Elf Makes “Snow Angel” In Sprinkles


Here Elfie is seen on the kitchen table having made a little mess. He must be missing his favorite activities from the North Pole, like making snow angels.


So he spilled some sprinkles and made a “snow angel” on our kitchen table. I think leaving the container of sprinkles tipped over adds to the magic, don’t you?


I’ve seen this done with flour, but omg I am not cleaning up that mess. Also how do you get your elf clean after that? I’ll stick to the sprinkles!


Elf Goes For A Roomba Ride


If you have a robotic vacuum secure your elf to the top. Make sure you have it turned on before your kids wake up. Better yet put it in their room while they’re asleep and turn it on for a fun wake up call.



Elf On The Shelf Tea Party


Elf Has Tea Party With Barbies


Snowflake loves hanging with the girls. Alexa found her having tea and cookies in Barbie’s dream house one morning and loved it.


Elf Helps Hang Christmas Ornaments 


Create a ladder with Popsicle sticks or use a toy fire trucks ladder to put the elf on. Have her hand reaching out and touching an ornament that wasn’t there the day before to make it look like she joined in on the decorating while your kids were asleep.


Elf Drinking From A K-Cup


Set your elf under the Keurig and give him a k-cup with a straw in it. Position the straw to his lips to make it look like he’s drinking from the k-cup.


Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids


Scout elf’s are well known for getting into mischief when exploring your home. And their mischief leads to some big smiles on our little ones face each morning.


If you want all the giggles from your kids in the morning then you need to try these hilarious elf on the shelf ideas for kids.



Funny elf on the shelf freezer wrap



Elf Gets Freezer Wrapped


Santa must not have freezer wrap machines at the North Pole because these scout elf’s messed around and got a little stuck.


This is an easy and quick elf idea that your children will think is super funny. So if you have a freezer wrap machine you just have to try it!


Elf Shaving


This is one of our funny elf on the shelf ideas for boy elves. Rub a little shaving cream on your elf’s face and put your husbands razor in his hands to make him look like he was shaving in the bathroom.



Elf On The Shelf Minion Bananas



Elf On The Shelf Minion Bananas


Yes this one takes a little bit of time and artistic ability, but it is too funny not to do. When my daughter saw Snowflake drew on our bananas I could see that she wanted to laugh but better yet she looked at me like I was going to be mad!


I always act just a little bit annoyed with our elf because my daughter thinks it’s funny.


If you want to do this but can’t pull off three minions you could always do one, or make a simple smiley face instead.


Elf Gets Stuck In The Photo Copier


Stick your elf in the photo copier and scan a picture of him then leave it in the printer tray for your kiddos to find in the morning!



Funny Scout Elf Ideas



Scout Elf Has Elf Pox


Apparently scout elves can get sick too and this poor little guy has the elf pox!


I haven’t tried this one myself so I’m not sure how this mama did it. The spots look like felt and maybe that just sticks to the elf? I wouldn’t use glue.


You could have better luck using these 1/4” yellow stickers and it would look nicer I think.


Elf Stuck In the Dryer


Fill the dryer…just kidding, it’s Christmas time. I already know that things full. Who has time to put clean clothes away right now?


Anyway, put that elf on the clothes so that when you shut him in he’s smushed up against the door and looks like he’s stuck in the dryer.



Elf drinking syrup



Elf Drinking Syrup


It’s no secret that elves LOVE syrup. Snowflake helped herself to our bottle of Aunt Jemima one day and my daughter lost it! She thought it was so funny.


I loved how quick and easy this was. Just screw off the top, slide in a straw and wrap your elf around the bottle. The whole thing took less than two minutes and I was off to bed.


Elf Traps the Grinch


Put this grinch stuffed animal in a clear container and put the lid on. Have the elf sitting on the lid like he’s trapped the grinch inside.


Elf Tries To Make Cookies


Set out a bag of flour, a measuring cup and a bowl. Stuff your elf inside a whisk and set it in the bowl to make it look like she got stuck while trying to make cookies.



Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Ideas


Elf Draws On School Picture


This naughty little elf drew a funny face on his kids school picture!


With a dry erase marker you can easily recreate this funny elf on the shelf idea. Get creative! Draw on some funky eye brows, facial hair and pointed ears.


I think it’s extra magical to have the elf holding the marker too.


Elf Wraps The Toilet In Wrapping Paper


I had to add this one to the list because I’ve seen it and think this is such a funny idea for elf on the shelf. I can’t do this in my house because I pee at least twice before my kids get up, but if that’s not a problem for you then do it!


Wrap the toilet in some wrapping paper and put a bow on top and the elf! It’ll be the funniest present your kids ever have to open.



Elf On The Shelf Pranks



Elf TP’s The Christmas Tree


The elf on the shelf thought this Christmas tree needed a little extra decorating and wrapped it up in toilet paper.


I like how quick this is and your kids will think it’s super funny.


Elf Ate Too Many Cookies


You need a few props but this is a hilarious elf on the shelf idea for kids.


Put a plate on your kitchen counter with a cookie and cookie crumbs all over with the elf on top. Put one hand on his belly and the other covering his eyes.


Leave out an empty milk carton tipped over and and empty cup that has a little milk dripping out for added fun.


Quick & Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas


I get it mama! The holidays are fun and magical, but they are without a doubt exhausting. Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered with these super easy and quick elf ideas.



Elf On The Shelf Barbie Ideas


Elf On the Shelf Barbie Ideas


Elfie just loves cruising with Barbie!


All you need is the Barbie car and Barbie. Put the elf and barbie in the car and you’re good to go!


This is enough to excite your kiddo in the morning, but quick and easy so you can get it done and get to bed.


Elf Reads A Christmas Book


If you’ve been searching for elf on the shelf ideas that take seconds, not even minutes, then this is for you.


All you need to do is move the elf to a chair or couch and put a Christmas book open in their lap. Easy, cute, done.


Elf Takes A Nap In Tissue Box


Toss that elf in the tissue box and cover him with a tissue and you’re all done.



Easy Elf On The Shelf Eating Popcorn



Elf Eating Popcorn & Watching A Movie


This elf stole the TV remote and helped himself to a bowl of popcorn and watched a Christmas movie.


All you need is some popcorn, a remote and to put the elf on the couch.


It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Elf Crawling In A Bag Of Marshmallows 


It doesn’t get any easier than throwing a bag of marshmallows on the kitchen counter and putting the elf’s head in to make it look like he’s crawling in to get some.


Elf In A Stocking


Move that elf to your kids stocking and you’re all done for the day.



Elf Takes A Bath In Cotton Balls


Elf Takes A Bath


Snowflake snatched Barbie’s spa tub and filled it with cotton balls. Alexa found her relaxing in the shower this morning!


This elf on the shelf idea takes less than a minute to put together and is super cute. If you don’t have the Barbie spa tub you can use a any bowl.


Elf Gets Stuck In The Blinds


Tangle your elf up in the blinds on your window. It’s enough to make your kids laugh but so easy and doesn’t take much time at all.



Elf brings a gingerbread house


Elf Brings A Gingerbread House Kit


Its a fun Christmas tradition in our home to make a gingerbread house every year so I thought it would be nice to have snowflake deliver it to us straight from the North Pole.


Alexa came to the conclusion, on her own, that it must have been baked by Mrs. Claus in her cookie kitchen. You’ve got to love it!


Elf Colors In Coloring Book


All you need is a coloring book, some crayons and your elf of course!


Scribble on a page then put the book on his lap and crayon in his hands.


Elf Plays The Piano


Stack a few blocks on the piano bench to make a seat for your elf so it can look like he’s playing the piano.


Elf On The Shelf Arrival Ideas



Elf On The Shelf Arrival Ideas



Elf Came In Like A Wrecking Bulb


Last year Elfie arrived sitting on a Christmas tree bulb holding a sign that said “Hi Alexa”.


It was relatively easy to put together. I used red and white paper to make the sign and glued it to a Popsicle stick. Again those Velcro dots came in handy getting Elfie to be able to hold the sign.


Elf Arrives On Paper Airplane


Write “I’m back” on a paper airplane and stick it in the Christmas tree and sit the elf on top or stick the elf in the tree with her legs sticking out like she’s crash landed.


Elf Arrives By Parachute


Attach your elf to a toy parachute and have it caught on a ceiling fan. Give your elf a sign that says “I’m back!” And you’re good to go.


Elf Arrival Marshmallow Message


Set your elf on the counter and spell out “I’m back” in marshmallows!


Do you have any cool or crazy elf on the shelf ideas to add? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below!


Here are 50 funny elf on the shelf ideas you haven’t tried already! If you need easy ideas or quick elf ideas then you need this hilarious list.


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